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It has to be said that when it comes to Parish Records, they don't always prove to be the most enlightening documents in the quest for one's ancestral roots. However they may give one that vital clue clue which might not be available from any other source. A witness at a wedding maybe or a baptism stating that William was the fourth son of .......

On the other hand it may be that you would like to acquire a copy for the thoroughness factor. I have several copies in my own family tree which have confirmed that whilst they were all pretty much basic Ag Labs, there were those who could write and those who couldn't. It really was nice to see that my ancestor who was born in 1788 could sign his name, albeit somewhat basically, whereas none of his descendants appeared to be able to do so until my grandfather in 1904 ! Did writing go out of fashion?

However whatever reason you choose for deciding to purchase them, they can be pretty elusive for overseas folk to obtain. Many records offices have a minimum charge. At Leicestershire for example it's £ 7. Then there is the cost of cheque in Pounds to add on too.

If you can tell me what church the event took place at, I shall obtain a photocopy of the entry on your behalf. The cost including air mail postage is detailed below.


I do not offer a search facility for Parish Register Entries as the work has to be done locally. Many Record Offices will offer a research service, and the quotes tend to be in the region of £ 20 (US$37) per hour. I can arrange this for anyone, but it does seem to be an expensive way of spotting your man/woman. Before making any payment for this option please contact me as I should need to get a quote.

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