Research Service


has been around since 1999 and has a reputation for efficiency and for fair dealing with clients. Indeed a great deal of research is provided to clients free of charge.
However, many of my clients have asked to provide a formal research service where they can have research into specific aspects of their family tree looked into. Details of the service are below.

Why use a reasearch service ?

What does it cost ?

How do I order ?

How do I pay ?


Can I have anything researched?

No. I could not for example research John Smith who lived in Manchester in the 1850s. You do need to give me something definite to work with.

Questions ?

E Mail me at e mail address

Please bear in mind that you are not paying for a successful result but for time spent searching. It may be that the record you are searching for does not exist or that the information you have is not correct.

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