Before writing on this Schedule please read the Examples and Instructions given on the other side of this paper., as well as the headings of the Columns. The entries should be written in Ink. The contents of the Schedule will be treated as confidential. Strict care will be taken that no information is disclosed with regard to individual persons. The returns are not to be used for proof of age, as in connection with Old Age Pensions, or for any other purpose than the preparation of Statistical Tables.

Number of Schedule


(To be filled up by the Enumeratorafter collection.)


RELATIONSHIPto Head ofFamily,or position inInstitution

AGE(last Birthday)and SEX.


PROFESSION OR OCCUPATIONof Persons aged ten years and upwards.

BIRTHPLACEof every person.

NATIONALITYof every personborn in aForeign Country.


of every Person, whether Member ofFamily, Visitor, Boarder or Servantwho

  1. Passed the night of Sunday, April2nd, 1911 in this dwelling andwas alive at midnight, or
  2. arrived in this dwelling;, on themorning of Monday, April 3rd, nothaving been enumerated elsewhere.

No one else must be included.

(For order of entering names see Examples onback of Schedule.)

State whether“Head” or“Wife,” “Son,”“Daughter,” or other Relative,“Visitor,”“Boarder,” or“Servant,”

For Infantsunder one yearstate the agein months as“under one month,”“one month,”etc.

Write“Single,”“Married,”“Widower,”or “Widow,”opposite thenames ofall personsaged 15 yearsand upwards.

State, for each Married Womanentered on this Schedule, thenumber of:–

Personal Occupation.

Industry or Service withwhich worker is connected.

Whether Employer,Worker,or Working onOwn Account.

WhetherWorking atHome.

  • If born in the United King-dom, write the name of theCounty, and Town or Parish.
  • If born in any other part ofthe British Empire- writethe name of the Dependency,Colony, etc., and of theProvince or State.
  • If born in a Foreign Country,write the name of the Country.
  • If born at sea, write “At Sea.”

NOTE.—In the case of personsborn elsewhere than in England orWales- state whether “Resident” or“Visitor” in this Country.

State whether:—

  • British sub-ject by parent-age.”
  • NaturalisedBritish sub-ject,”givingyear of natu-ralisation.
  • If of foreignnationality,state whether“French,”“German,”“Russian,”etc.

If any personincluded in thisSchedule is:—

  • TotallyDeaf,” or “Deafand Dumb”
  • “TotallyBlind,”
  • “Lunatic,”
  • “Imbecile,”or “Feeble-minded,”

state the infirmityopposite that per-son's name, andthe age at whichhe or she becameafflicted.

Com-pletedyears thepresentMarriagehaslasted.If less thanone yearwrite“underone”

Children born alive topresent Marriage.(If no children bornalive write“None” in Column 7).

The reply should show the precise branch ofProfession, Trade, Manufacture, &c.

If engaged in any Trade or Manufacture, theparticular kind of work done, and the Articlemade or Material worked or dealt in shouldbe clearly indicated.

(See Instructions 1 to 8 and exaples on backof Schedule.

This question should gener-ally be answered by statingthe business carried on bythe employer. If this isclearly shown in Col. 10the question need not beanswered here.No entry needed for Domestic Ser-vants in private employment.If employed by a public body(Government, Municipal, etc.)state what body.

(See Instruction 9 and Exam-ples on back of Schedule.)

Write opposite the name of each personengaged in anyTrade or Industry,(1) “Employer”(That is employingpersons other thanDomestic Servants),(2) “Worker” (thatis working for anemployer)- or(3) “Own Account”(that is neitheremploying othersnor working for atrade employer).

Write thewords“At Home”opposite thename of eachpersoncarrying onTrade orIndustry athome.











6 7 8 9








1 Cock Bank Farm Elizabeth Wilson Head 66 Widow 4 3 1 Farmer Own A/c Home Derbyshire Bamford
Martha Louisa Wilson Daughter 41 Single Dairy Maid Home Derbyshire Thornhill
Albert Wilson Son 33 Single Work on the Farm Home Lankashire Ashton U Lyne
Nellie Morly Servent 17 Single General Servent London
2 Lees Road John Siddall Head 80 Widower Inn Keeper Employer At Home Lancs Ashton
Hartshead Inn Public Ho. Sarah Jane Ward Daughter 46 Married 24Married 4 3 1 House Keeper Worker At Home Lancs Hartshead
Arthur Leonard Ward Grandson 20 Single Property Agent Worker At Home Lancs Lees
George Siddall Ward Grandson 16 Single Railway Clerk Worker Away Lancs Lees
3 Lilley Lanes James Kenyon Head 78 Married 55 1 1 Retired Gamekeper Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Fanny Kenyon Wife 68 Married 55 1 1 Lancs Horwich
Mary Marsden Wife's Sister 56 Single Lancs Horwich
4 Lilley Lanes Farm Joseph Ogden Head 56 Married Farmer Own A/c Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Clara Ogden Wife 55 Married 30 6 6 Cheshire Hollingworth
James Ogden Son 28 Single Working on Farm Own A/c Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Elizabeth Ogden Daughter 26 Single Dairy Work Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Harry Ogden Son 21 Single Working on Farm Own A/c Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Eva Ogden Daughter 13 Dairy Work Lancs Hartshead
5 Lilley Lanes Enos Hulley Head 55 Married 30 11 7 4 Leather Lace Cutter Employer Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Ann Hulley Wife 53 Married At Home Own Account At Home Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Hannah Hulley Daughter 29 Single Calico Weaver Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Thomas Hulley Son 27 27 Single House Painter Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Sarah Ann Hulley Daughter 24 Single Winder Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Ethel Hulley Daughter 20 Single At Home Own Account Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Dorothy Hulley Daughter 12 School Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Norman Hulley Son 9 School Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
6 Lilley Lanes Farm Henry Spear Head 51 Married Dairy Farmer Milk Dealer Employer Suffolk Rickinghamm
Mary Ann Spear Wife 33 Married 2 None Cheshire Compstall
Edith Spear Daughter 9 School Lancashire Hartshead
7 Twarl Hill Farm John Price Head 69 Widower Farmer Employer Home Shropshire Kinnersley
Charles Edwin Price Son 35 Married Farmer's Son Working on Farm Worker Cheshire Timperley
Jessie Catherine Price Daughter in Law 35 35 Married 8 4 4 0 Northants Paulersperry
Nellie Calvert Price Granddaughter 7 7 School Lancs Hartshead
Hilda Mary Price Grandaughter 6 School Lancs Hartshead
John Edwin Price Grandson 4 4 Lancs Hartshead
Fannie Price Grandaughter 2 Lancs Hartshead
8 Knott Hill Farm Robert Travis Head 4 65 2 Married 40 4 1 1 Farmer Own Account Home Duckinfield Cheshire
Harriet Travis Wife 4 2 63 Married 40 7 5 2 House Wife Own Account Home Romiley Cheshire
Thomas Travis Son 35 Single Farm Servant Hurst Lancashire
Alice Travis Daughter 25 Single Farm Servant Hurst Lancashire
9 Hazelhurst Samson Frederick Howard Head 66 Widower Tack Manufacturer Employer Mossley Lancashire
Mary Howard Daughter 41 41 Single Hazlehurst
Frank Howard Son 33 Single Foreman Nailworks Worker Hazlehurst
Wilfred Howard Son 22 Single Nailmaker Worker Hazlehurst
10 Hazelhurst Samuel Marchington Head 45 Married 16 Cowman Worker Chapel en le Frith
Mary Ann Marchington Wife 39 Married 16 10 7 3 Manchester
Francies Marchington Daughter 17 Single Weaver Worker Buxton
Ruth A Marchington Daughter 17 Single Weaver Worker Buxton
Stanley Marchington Son 16 1 Single Weaver Worker Chapel en le Frith
Cecil George Marchington Son 1 Manchester
Harold S Marchington Son 8 School Chapel en le Frith
Elsie Marchington Daughter 1 Chapel en le Frith
Edith Marchington Daughter 5 Chapel en le Frith
John W Marchington Son 4 Hazelhurst Ashton
Hilda Marchington Daughter 2 Hazelhurst Ashton
Cyril Marchington Son 1 Hazelhurst Ashton
11 Old Road Hazelhurst Henry Delaney Head 36 Married 15 10 8 2 Farm Labourer Worker Colchester Essex
Julia Delaney Wife 37 Married 15 10 8 2 Presbury Staffshire
George Delaney Son 15 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Mossley Lancashire
Charles Delaney Son 11 Single School Hazelhurst Lancashire
Fredrick Delaney Son 10 Single School Mossley Lancashire
Florence Delaney Daughter 7 Single School Hazelhurst Lancashire
Annie Delaney Daughter 6 Single School Hazelhurst Lancashire
Jessie Delaney Daughter 4 Single Hazelhurst Lancashire
William Delaney Son 2 Single Hazelhurst Lancashire
Ernest Delaney Son 4months Hazelhurst Lancashire
12 Hazelhurst James Chatburn Head 45 Married Overlooker Cotton Weaving Worker Blackburn Lanc
Jane Chatburn Wife 43 Married 21 8 6 2 Glasgow Maryhill
Alberta Victoria Chatburn Daughter 17 Single Weaver Cotton Manchester Longsight
James William Chatburn Son 14 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Lanc Clitheroe
Rowland Chatburn Son 12 Single Tack Maker SchoolPart Time Worker Lanc Clitheroe
Percy Cleminson Chatburn Son 8 School Lanc Clitheroe
Gladys Chatburn Daughter 6 School Lanc Clitheroe
Sibyl Chatburn Daughter 1 Lanc Ashton U Lyne
13 Hazelhurst Hannah Platt Head 71 Widow Private Means Lancs Ashton Under Lyne
Mission Room
14 Hazelhurst William Hurst Head 52 Married Cotton Machinery Repairs Employer Lancs Ashton Under Lyne
Jane Hurst Wife 54 Married 32 3 3 0 Lancs Ashton Under Lyne
John Hurst Son 28 Single Iron Turner Worker Lancs Ashton Under Lyne
15 Green Farm Hazelhurst Daniel Gledhill Head 25 Married 6 2 1 1 Farmers Bailiff Worker At Home Yorkshire Ripponden
Selina Gledhill Wife 25 Married 6 2 1 1 At Home Lancashire Hurst
Helena Gledhill Daughter 5 Lancashire Hurst
16 Hazelhurst David Gartside Head 78 Widower Formerly Farm Labourer Cheshire Dukinfield
Ruth Goldthorpe Sister in Law 49 Single Yorks Hazelhead
17 Gorsey Lane Hazelhurst Elias Oldfield Head 30 Married Two Two Two None Tailor (Foreman) Worker Gorton Manchester
Lena Oldfield Wife 27 Married Two Two Two Adlington Cheshire
Elias Oldfield Son 1 Ashton U Lyne Lancs
Eric Oldfield Son 2 months Hazelhurst A U L Lancs
Dorothy Webster Servant 13 General Servant (Domestic) Brinhover Derbyshire
18 Gorsey Lane Hazelhurst James Moss Head 34 Married 11 2 1 1 Insurance Agent Royal London Insurance Co Worker Ashton U Lyne Lancs
Maud Moss Wife 33 Married 11 2 1 1 Ashton U Lyne Lancs
James Moss Son 3 Ashton U Lyne Lancs
19 Hazelhurst George Henry Hall Head 45 Married 18 7 5 2 Iron Dresser Worker Boston Lincolnshire
Rachel Hall Wife 41 Married 18 Hill Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire
John Hall Son 12 12 School Sheffield Yourkshire
Harry Hall Son 10 School Heeley Sheffield Yorkshire
May Hall Daughter 8 Heeley Sheffield Yorkshire
Frank Hall Son 4 Hazlehurst Ashton U Lyne
Alice Hall Daughter 7 months Hazlehurst Ashton U Lyne
20 Gorsey Lane Hazelhurst Jos Suttle Head 35 Married 6 Warehouseman Cotton Mill Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Hannah Suttle Wife 34 34 Married 3 3 0 Cheshire Denton
Edith Suttle Daughter 5 5 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Annie Suttle Daughter 3 3 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Joseph Suttle Son Under1 month Lancashire Hazelhurst
21 Highfield Farm Hazelhurst Fred Naylor Head 30 Married 6 Farmer Own Acc Employer Yorks Lightcliffe
Millicent Naylor Wife 29 Married 2 2 0 Yorks Lightcliffe
Harold Naylor Son 6 Yorks Halifax
Ronald Naylor Son 2 Lancs Hartshead
22 Highfield Cottage Hazelhurst Samuel Rushton Father 67 Married 46 14 7 7 Retired Gardener Cheshire Hazlegrove
Martha Rushton Mother 67 67 Married 46 14 7 7 Holmes Chapel Cheshire
George A Rushton Son 35 Single None Commercial Traveller Own Account At Home George St Dukinfield
Annie Buxton Daughter 31 Married 9 1 1 None Weaver Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Beatrice Rushton Daughter 28 Single None Weaver Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Harry Rushton Son 27 Married 1 None Green Grocer Own Account At Home Dukinfield Cheshire
Ethel Rushton Daughter in Law 19 Married 1 None House Work Stalybridge Cheshire
Ethel Rushton Grandaughter 8 Single None Scholar Hazlehurst Lancashire
23 12 Boyds Buildings David William MacKenzie Head 41 Married 18 9 5 4 Commercial Traveller Wine & Spirits Worker Invernessshire Daviot Resident
Annie Louisa MacKenzie Wife 39 Married Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Doris MacKenzie Daughter 16 Single Tenter in Card Room Worker Lancs Ashton U Lyne
John MacKenzie Son 13 School Lancs Ashton U Lyne
David MacKenzie Son 10 School Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Fred MacKenzie Son 8 School Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Mary MacKenzie Daughter 2 Lancs Ashton U Lyne
24 Boyds Buildings John Hunt Head 72 Married 29 None Iron Molder Retired Lans Manchester
Sarah Hunt Wife 58 58 Married House Work Lans Manchester
Job Eccleston Father in Law 85 Widdower Old Age Pentioner Lans Manchester
25 Boyds Buildings John William Coleman Head 27 Married Mule Cotton Spinner Worker Worker Lanca Bolton
Bertha Coleman Wife 26 Married 7 2 2 Lancs Hurst
Frances Amelia Coleman Daughter 6 Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Betsy Coleman Daughter 5 Lancs Hazelhurst
Boyds Buildings Unoccupied
26 8 Boyds Buildings Walter McCartney Head 43 Married 22 8 Striper & Grinder Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Harriet McCartney Wife 47 47 Married 4 4 Hadfield Derbyshire
Robert McCartney Son 19 Single Blowing Room Worker Hadfield Derbyshire
Walter McCartney Son 11 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Ethel McCartney Daughter 13 13 School Hadfield Derbyshire
Ellen McCartney Daughter 5 5 Ashton U Lyne Lancashire
Elsie McCartney Daughter 2 2 Ashton U Lyne Lancashire
27 Boyds Buildings Michael William Madden Head 35 Married 13 5 5 None Worker Painter & Paper Hanger Worker Manchester Lancashire
Sarah Elizabeth Wife 34 Married Manchester Lancashire
Annie Daughter 12 Part School Part TimeReacher In Manchester Lancashire
Elizabeth Daughter 10 School Manchester Lancashire
Florrie Daughter 8 Hazelhurst Ashton U Lyne
Lily Daughter 3 Hazelhurst Ashton U Lyne
Mary Daughter 1 Hazelhurst Ashton U Lyne
28 Boyds Buildings Alice Drummond Head 50 Married 31 1 1 Laundry maid Worker Park Square Ashton U Lyne
Elizabeth Hannah Drummond Daughter 17 Ring Spinner Worker Union Street Ashton U Lyne
29 Boyds Buildings Elias Handley Head 66 Married 4 Retired Farmer Ashbourne Derbyshire
Sarah Ellen Handley Wife 49 49 Married 4 Silsden Yorkshire
30 Boyds Buildings James Hague Head 78 Widower None Old Age Pensioner Werneth Cheshire
31 4 Boyds Buildings William Rimmer Head 24 Married Brass Finisher Employer Ryecroft Ashton U Lyne
Ruby Rimmer Wife 24 24 Married 8 2 2 0 Ashton U Lyne
Elizabeth Rimmer Daughter 7 Ashton U Lyne
Cyril Rimmer Son 1Year Ashton U Lyne
32 Boyds Buildings Eliza Ann Lees Head 63 Widow Private Means Mossley Yorkshire
Edgar Dalton Grandson 7 Mossley Cheshire
33 Boyds Buildings James Griffin Head 50 Married 24 4 2 2 Agents to Refuge Assurance Co Worker Droylsden Lancs
Shop Sarah Ellen Griffin Wife 49 Married 24 4 2 2 Shop Helper Business and General Grocery &c Own A/c At Home Tideswell Derbyshire
Florance Griffin Daughter 21 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Hurst Ashton U Lyne
End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St John the Evangelist
34 Waterman John Travis Head 38 Married 13 1 1 Waterman Municpal Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Knott Hill Waterworks Elizabeth Jane Travis Wife 40 Married Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Joseph Travis Son 12 School Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
35 Port Mahon Farm Thomas Cliffe Head 70 Married 45 11 11 0 Farmer At Home Kermincham Co Chester
Charlotte Cliffe Wife 67 67 Married Marton County Chester
Alice Cliffe Daughter 33 33 Single Farmer's Daughter At Home Hartshead Co Lancaster
George Cliffe Son 32 Single Coach Builder Hartshead Co Lancaster
Ellis Cliffe Son 30 Single Farmer's Son working on farm At Home Hartshead Co Lancaster
Sarah Jane Cliffe Daughter 28 28 Single Weaver Hartshead Co Lancaster
Bertha Annie Cliffe Daughter 25 25 Single Weaver Hartshead Co Lancaster
36 Yarn Croft Farm Thos Robertson Head 50 Married 9 3 Game Keeper by ProfessionSmall Poultry Farmer Disengaged Own Account Shrewsbury Shropshire
Annie Thomas Robertson Wife 42 Married Towyn Merionethshire
Ethel Mary Thomas Robertson Daughter 9 9 Ashton U Lyne Lancashire
William Thomas Robertson Son 8 Ashton U Lyne Lancashire
Annie Thomas Robertson Daughter 6 6 2 Ashton U Lyne Lancashire
37 Hartshead Green Farm James Travis Head 49 Married Iron Works & Farmer Employer Lancashire Hurst
Sarah Ellen Travis Wife 48 48 Married 25 3 3 0 Lancashire Hurst
Thomas Travis Son 25 Single Farmer's Son working on farm Worker Lancashire Hartshead
Ann Travis Daughter 21 21 Single Farmer's Daughter Dairy Work Worker Lancashire Hartshead
38 Hartshead Green Jesse Lowe Head 40 Married 15 Market Inspector Lancs Ince
Ellen Lowe Wife 39 Married 15 6 4 2 Cheshire Stockport
Charles Lowe Son 11 School Lancs Gorton
Arthur Lowe Son 10 School Lancs Gorton
Elizabeth Ann Lowe Daughter 7 Lancs Ashton U L
Nellie Lowe Daughter 2 Lancs Ashton U Lyne
Hartshead Green Unoccupied
39 Hartshead Green George Clough Head 27 Married UnderOne None Farmer Worker Failsworth
Jeremeys Farm Florence Clough Wife 25 25 Married UnderOne Farmer's Wife Hollinswood
Brittain Naggington Boarder 31 Single Farm Labourer Worker Shropshire Cheswardine
40 Hartshead Green Thomas Booth Head 46 Married Textile Roller Turner Cotton SpinningMachinery Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Priscilla Booth Wife 40 Married 19 4 4 0 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Marion Booth Daughter 17 Single Tenter in Card Room Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Donald Booth Son 15 Single Apprentice to Fitting Engineering Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Jessie Booth Daughter 9 Single School Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
41 Hartshead Green Joseph Mounsey Thornton Head 55 Married None Farmer & Carrier Own A/c Openshaw Lancashire
Mary Ann Thornton Wife 49 Married 10 Dacre Cumberland
Crossleys Farm Unoccupied
42 Smallpox Hospital Dagmar Wilks Matron 33 Single Hospital Matron Municipal HospitalSmallpox Staffs Wednesbury
Afeely Farah Nurse 26 Single Trained Hospital Nurse Municipal HospitalSmallpox Morocco British SubjectBy Parentage Resident
Annie Hands Servant 28 Single General Servant Hospital Municipal HospitalSmallpox Lans Warrington
William Glaister Caretaker 38 Married Caretaker Hospital Municipal HospitalSmallpox Lancs Audenshaw
Hannah Elizabeth Glaister Caretaker 38 Married 15 None Caretaker Hospital Municipal HospitalSmallpox London Hammersmith
Sydney Froggatt Patient 15 Single Engineer's Apprentice Mechanical Engineers Works Worker Leicester Wigstone
43 Broadcarr Farm Henry Beech Wood Head 39 Married 1 Farmer Employer Cheshire Holmes Chapel
Bertha Wood Wife 35 Married 1 Cheshire Macclesfield
44 Broadcarr Marina Houlston Head 72 Widow Hawker Not Known
45 Broadcarr Mary Mullaney Head 56 Married 29 10 8 2 Ireland Resident Resident
Julia Mullaney Daughter 27 Single Domestic Servant Hartshead
Patrick Mullaney Son 25 25 Married Coal Carter Brown Edge
Thomas Mullaney Son 24 24 Single Coal Carter Brown Edge
K Catherine Mullaney Daughter 23 Single Drawing Frame Tenter Worker Brown Edge
Margaret Mullaney Daughter 21 Single Little Tenter Worker Brown Edge
Mary Mullaney Daughter 16 Single Little Tenter Worker Brown Edge
Agnes Mullaney Daughter 14 Single Little Tenter Worker Brown Edge
John Mullaney Son 10 10 Single School Broad Carr
46 Broadcarr Vincent Green 43 Years Head 43 Married 19 7 1 6 Farm Labourer Newton Moor Hyde
Betty Green Wife 51 Married Albert Place Mossley
Fred Green Son 18 Single Cotton Piecer Stanfield Broad Carr Road Mossley
John Mullaney Boarder 57 Married 29 10 8 2 Labour Farm Ireland N K Resident
47 Colliers Arms Broadcarr Thomas Carr Berry Head 37 Married 18 4 1 3 Publican Own Account At Home Stacksteads Lancaster
Public House Cicely Berry Wife 42 Married 18 4 1 3 At Home Bacup Lancaster
John Thomas Berry Son 12 Single Stacksteads Lancaster
48 Top O'th'Heights Farm James Ford Head Head 41 Married 14 8 8 General Labourer Machine Shop Employed Shrewsbury
Sarah Ford Wife Wife 40 Married 14 6 6 Cotton Opperative Cotton Spinning Co Employed Home Manchester
Joseph Connilly Son 22 Single Away Butcher Private Person Employed Ashton
William Connilly Son 19 Single Cotton Opperative Cotton Spinning Co Employed Ashton
Ethel Ford Daughter 14 Single Cotton Opperative Private Person Person Stalybridge
Ellen Ford Daughter 13 Single School Dukinfield
James Ford Son 10 Single School Hurst
Albert Ford Son 7 9 Single School Hartshead
Olive Ford Daughter 6 5 Single School Hartshead
Jessie Ford Daughter 2 Single School Mossley
49 Brown Edge Hannah Cottrell Daughter 52 Single House Keeper Worker At Home Brownedge
Fanny Cottrell 29 Single Winder Worker Brownedge
Wright Marland Boarder 60 Single Retired Quarryman Brownedge
50 Brown Edge Richard Barlow Head 43 Married 14 1 1 0 Quarryman Worker Lancs Newton Heath
Mary Jane Barlow Wife 43 43 Married 14 Lancs Mossley
Fred Barlow Son 14 Single Assisting in Quarry Worker Lancs Mossley
51 Tonge Bottom Farm John William Wrigley Head 58 Married 36 6 6 0 Farmer Own Account At Home Yorkshire Saddleworth
Edward Ewart Wrigley Wife 24 Single Working on Farm Worker At Home Yorkshire Saddleworth
Gilbert Wrigley Son 20 Single Working on Farm Worker At Home Lancashire Mossley
52 Dirt Farm James Marland Head 29 Married 4 Farm Labourer Worker Lancs Ashton
Esther Marland Wife 27 Married Lancs Ashton
Hazelhurst Workshop Unoccupied
53 Junction Inn Hazelhurst Robert Hawkyard Head 56 Married 34 7 4 3 Publican Own A/c At Home Mossley
Betty Hawkyard Wife 55 55 Married Assisting in Business Mossley
Alice Hawkyard Daughter 26 26 Single Assisting in Business Worker Mossley
John Hawkyard Son 20 Single Cotton Operative Worker Mossley
Harry Hawkyard Son 15 Single Cotton Operative Worker Mossley
54 1 Dale Street Sam Thompson Head 46 Married 20 Warehouseman Worker N K
55 3 Junction Michael Cahill Head 49 Single Iron Roller Turner Worker Lancs Ashton U Lyne
56 5 Dale Street John Cockburn Head 41 Married 2 2 2 Waiter Hotel Worker Lancashire Burnley
Elizabeth Cockburn Wife 32 Married Winder Bobbin Worker Cheshire Chester
Agnes Maud Cockburn Daughter 2 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Emma Ann Cockburn Daughter 8 months Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
57 2 Junction Betty Ibbotson Head 42 Widow Lanc Stalybridge
John Ibbotson Son 20 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Yorks Lindley Moor
George Ibbotson Son 18 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Yorks Lindley Moor
James Ibbotson Son 14 Cotton Spinner Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Frederick Ibbotson Son 12 School Cheshire Hyde
Annie Ibbotson Daughter 8 School Cheshire Stalybridge
58 4 Dale Street Charles Haswell Head 34 Married Soldier LCS Sergeant Worker Londonderry Glendermott (Resident
Mary Ann Haswell Wife 38 Married 10 3 3 0 Fermanagh Enniskillen (Resident)
Gladys Mary Haswell Daughter 9 Fermanagh Enniskillen (Resident)
Charles Haswell Son 5 Fermanagh Enniskillen (Resident)
Eileen Haswell Daughter 1 Hampshire Portsmouth (Resident)
59 6 Dale Street Samuel Hague Head 37 46 Married 1 None General Labourer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Ann Wife 45 Married Cop Winder Worker Lancashire Mossley
60 8 Dale Street Annie Barker Head 50 Married 16 2 2 0 Cheshire Mottram
Alice Barker Daughter 15 Single Card Room Hand (Cotton Factory) Worker Cheshire Mottram
Mary Barker Daughter 13 School Cheshire Mottram
Gorsey Lane Unoccupied
Gorsey Lane Unoccupied
61 Junction Shop John Allison Head 40 Married 11 1 1 Grocer Own A/c At Home Garsdale
Elizabeth Allison Wife 34 Married 11 1 1 Tyldesley
James Allison Son 4 Oldham
62 Junction Hazelhurst Ben Roberts Head 26 Married 4 Cotton Spinning Piecer Worker Stalybridge
Mary Ann Roberts Wife 25 25 Married Cotton Operative Tenter Worker Oldham
Sarah Ann Stott Grandmother 81 81 Single Oldham
63 Cote Hill Farm Samuel Roylance Head 35 Married Grinder in Cotton Mill Worker Luzley Ashton U Lyne
Lucy Roylance Wife 33 Married 12 1 0 1 At Home Lancs Mossley
Edith Hollingworth LodgerAdopted Child 9 Ashton U Lyne
64 Sott Hole William Hallas Head 34 Married Carter Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Hannah Hallas Wife 34 Married 15 6 5 1 Lancashire Mossley
Herbert Hallas Son 11 School Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Edith Hallas Daughter 6 School Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Wilfred Hallas Son 3 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Mary Elizabeth Hallas Daughter 4 m Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
65 Sott Hole Hugh Hallas Head 58 Married 36 9 8 1 Cotton Grinder Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Cote Hill Cottages Betty Hallas Wife 57 Married 36 Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Emma Hallas Daughter 32 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Susannah Hallas Daughter 20 Single Cotton Frame Tenter Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Sarah Hallas Daughter 25 Single Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Jhon Lees Hallas Son 27 Married 6 1 1 Cotton Minder Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Martha Ann Hallas Daughter 20 Single Cotton Frame Tenter Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Mary Hallas Daughter 13 Single School Part Time Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
William Hallas Gr Son 5 Single Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
St Augustine's Church Unoccupied
End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Mossley St George
66 Dukes Platting Charles Dawson Head 40 Married 8 Licenced Victualler Worker At Home Leeds Yorkshire
Heroes of Waterloo Inn Florence Dawson Wife 28 28 Married 8 Assistant Worker At Home Wrexham Wales
Florence Bayliss Servant 21 Single 3 Domestic Worker At Home Bombay India (Resident)
67 2 Dukes Platting Ethel Gilligan Wife 20 Married 1 1 1 None Chatham Gillingham
Robert Gilligan Son 1 Ashton U Lyne Lancs
68 Dukes Platting Henry Thompson Head 24 Married 4 2 1 1 Waggoner in Coal Mine Worker Lancashire Manchester
Florence Thompson Wife 21 Married 4 Lancashire Collyhurst
George Thompson Son 2 Lancashire Collyhurst
69 4 Dukes Platting Robert Russell Head 53 Married Army PensionerDoorman Antrim Antrim (Resident)
Mary Jane Russell Wife 52 52 Married 13 None None None Lancas Wigan
End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Stalybridge New St George
70 Handforth House Charles S Collinge Head 28 Married 7 2 2 0 House Painter Worker Ashton U Lyne
Gambrel Bank Ellen Collinge Wife 26 26 Married Stavley Derby
John Collinge Son 6 Ashton U Lyne
James Collinge Son 1 Oldham
71 Handforth Cottage Frank E Day Head 35 Married 10 yrs 2 2 Cowman Worker Littlemoss Lancs
Gambrel Bank Mary Ellen Day Wife 33 Married Ardwick Manchester
William Henry Day Son 9 Ashton U Lyne Lancs
Mary Elizabeth Day Daughter 7 Ashton U Lyne Lancs

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