Before writing on this Schedule please read the Examples and Instructions given on the other side of this paper., as well as the headings of the Columns. The entries should be written in Ink. The contents of the Schedule will be treated as confidential. Strict care will be taken that no information is disclosed with regard to individual persons. The returns are not to be used for proof of age, as in connection with Old Age Pensions, or for any other purpose than the preparation of Statistical Tables.

Number of Schedule


(To be filled up by the Enumeratorafter collection.)


RELATIONSHIPto Head ofFamily,or position inInstitution

AGE(last Birthday)and SEX.


PROFESSION OR OCCUPATIONof Persons aged ten years and upwards.

BIRTHPLACEof every person.

NATIONALITYof every personborn in aForeign Country.


of every Person, whether Member ofFamily, Visitor, Boarder or Servantwho

  1. Passed the night of Sunday, April2nd, 1911 in this dwelling andwas alive at midnight, or
  2. arrived in this dwelling;, on themorning of Monday, April 3rd, nothaving been enumerated elsewhere.

No one else must be included.

(For order of entering names see Examples onback of Schedule.)

State whether“Head” or“Wife,” “Son,”“Daughter,” or other Relative,“Visitor,”“Boarder,” or“Servant,”

For Infantsunder one yearstate the agein months as“under one month,”“one month,”etc.

Write“Single,”“Married,”“Widower,”or “Widow,”opposite thenames ofall personsaged 15 yearsand upwards.

State, for each Married Womanentered on this Schedule, thenumber of:–

Personal Occupation.

Industry or Service withwhich worker is connected.

Whether Employer,Worker,or Working onOwn Account.

WhetherWorking atHome.

  • If born in the United King-dom, write the name of theCounty, and Town or Parish.
  • If born in any other part ofthe British Empire- writethe name of the Dependency,Colony, etc., and of theProvince or State.
  • If born in a Foreign Country,write the name of the Country.
  • If born at sea, write “At Sea.”

NOTE.—In the case of personsborn elsewhere than in England orWales- state whether “Resident” or“Visitor” in this Country.

State whether:—

  • British sub-ject by parent-age.”
  • NaturalisedBritish sub-ject,”givingyear of natu-ralisation.
  • If of foreignnationality,state whether“French,”“German,”“Russian,”etc.

If any personincluded in thisSchedule is:—

  • TotallyDeaf,” or “Deafand Dumb”
  • “TotallyBlind,”
  • “Lunatic,”
  • “Imbecile,”or “Feeble-minded,”

state the infirmityopposite that per-son's name, andthe age at whichhe or she becameafflicted.

Com-pletedyears thepresentMarriagehaslasted.If less thanone yearwrite“underone”

Children born alive topresent Marriage.(If no children bornalive write“None” in Column 7).

The reply should show the precise branch ofProfession, Trade, Manufacture, &c.

If engaged in any Trade or Manufacture, theparticular kind of work done, and the Articlemade or Material worked or dealt in shouldbe clearly indicated.

(See Instructions 1 to 8 and exaples on backof Schedule.

This question should gener-ally be answered by statingthe business carried on bythe employer. If this isclearly shown in Col. 10the question need not beanswered here.No entry needed for Domestic Ser-vants in private employment.If employed by a public body(Government, Municipal, etc.)state what body.

(See Instruction 9 and Exam-ples on back of Schedule.)

Write opposite the name of each personengaged in anyTrade or Industry,(1) “Employer”(That is employingpersons other thanDomestic Servants),(2) “Worker” (thatis working for anemployer)- or(3) “Own Account”(that is neitheremploying othersnor working for atrade employer).

Write thewords“At Home”opposite thename of eachpersoncarrying onTrade orIndustry athome.











6 7 8 9








111 1 Printworks Road Harry Walker Head 28 Married 8 6 4 2 Spinner Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Ethel Walker Wife 27 Married At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Alice Ivy Walker Daughter Cheshire Stalybridge
Frank Leslie Walker Son Cheshire Stalybridge
Eric Walker Son 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
Charles Edward Walker Son 7 months Cheshire Stalybridge
Arthur Fallows Boarder 19 Single Labourer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
112 2 Printworks Road John Bowyer Head 43 Married 13 General Labourer Worker Little Leigh Cheshire
Clara Bowyer Wife 36 36 Married 13 1 1 0 Tabley Cheshire
Beatrice Alice Bowyer Daughter 8 Dukinfield Cheshire
Ellen Ryder Boarder 67 Widow Sharston Cheshire
113 3 Printworks Road James Rowles Head 46 Married 20 1 1 0 Unemployed Bolton
Sarah Rowles Wife 46 46 Married Manchester
Claude Rowles Son 19 Single Nil Nil Nil Nil Warehouse Youth Cotton Spinners Worker Manchester
Claude Rowles Brother 52 Married 18 Nil Nil Nil Insurance Agent Pearl Worker Manchester
114 4 Printworks Road John Orme Head 24 Married 3½ years 2 2 Gardener Domestic Gatley Cheshire
Miriam Orme Wife 28 Married 3½ years Thorverton Devon
Ethel Phillips Niece 4 West Didsbury M C
Reggie Orme Son 2 Stalybridge
Olive Orme Daughter 1 Stalybridge
115 5 Printworks Road Joseph Posting Head 50 Married 27 9 General Labourer Trustee to the Earlof Stamford and Warrington Worker Worcestershire Ombersley
Sarah Ellen Posting Wife 46 Married 27 9 4 5 Lancashire Tydesley
Gerard Posting Son 20 Single Cotton Mule Piecer Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Posting Daughter 11 School Cheshire Stalybridge
116 6 Printworks Road Joshua Handel Ollerenshaw Head 29 Married 6 1 1 0 Iron Dresser In Iron Foundry Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizebeth Ollerenshaw Wife 31 31 Married 6 1 1 0 Ring Spinner Cotton Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Alfred Ollerenshaw Son 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Batty Boarder 63 Widow Yorkshire Kirkburton
Fred Batty Boarder 22 Single Labourer for Calico Printer Worker Yorkshire Diggle
Hinchliffe Batty Boarder 19 Single Labourer for Calico Printer Worker Yorkshire Uppermill
117 7 Hartshead Cottages Thomas Sharples Head 65 Married Calico Printing Warehouse Worker Chorley Lanc
Alice Sharples Wife 65 Married 42 9 6 3 Chorley Lanc
Jane Sharples Daughter 32 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Chorley Lanc
Mary Sharples Daughter 29 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Chester
Ann Sharples Daughter 27 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Chester
118 8 Hartshead Cottages George T White Head 51 Married Carter Paper Manufacturer Employed Staly Bridge
Sarah White Wife 52 Married 27 Staly Bridge
Joseph White Son 27 Single 4 4 Carter General Carrier Employed Staly Bridge
Harry White Son 22 Single Cotton Minder Cotton Mill Employed Staly Bridge
James White Son 20 Single Cotton Piecer Cotton Mill Employed Staly Bridge
Fred White Son 11 Single School Boy Staly Bridge
119 9 Hartshead Cottages Samuel Cropper Head 36 Married 9 Leather Belt Maker Worker Saddleworth Yorkshire
Martha Cropper Wife 32 32 Married At Home Saddleworth Yorkshire
Ralph Shutt Visitor 34 Single Cab Driver Worker Saddleworth Yorkshire
120 Heyrod Cottage Samuel Pickering Head 58 Married Postmaster Worker Guilden Modern Cambs
Annie Pickering Wife 36 Married 5 2 1 1 Blackpool Lancs
Dorothy Gladys Pickering Daughter 2 Single Stalybridge Ches
Elizabeth Ann McCarthy Nurse 36 Widow Nurse Chisworth Derbyshire
121 Cottage Adjoining Lewis Birch HeadMarried 36 Married 9 5 4 1 Tramways Conductor Tramways Board Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Elizabeth Ann Birch WifeMarried 34 Married Bolton Lanc
121 Mary Beswick Birch Daughter 6 Stalybridge Cheshire
Henry Birch Son 4 Stalybridge Cheshire
Eileen Birch Daughter 3 Dukinfield Cheshire
Jessie Birch Daughter 5 months Stalybridge Cheshire
122 Heyrod Hall Farm Herbert Tasker Father 46 Married 26 11 10 1 Quarry Man At Home Knottingley Yorkshire
Martha Jane Tasker Mother 44 44 Married 26 At Home Ashton u Lyne Lanc
John Tasker Son 26 Single Carter Quarryman At Home Millbrook Cheshire
Leonard Tasker Son 19 Single Laborer Quarryman At Home Millbrook Cheshire
Amelia Eleanor Daughter 17 Single Back Tenter Cotton Mill At Home Copley Cheshire
Eavylin Victoria Daughter 15 Single Winder Cotton Mill At Home Copley Cheshire
Nelson Son 13 Piecer Cotton Mill At Home Copley Cheshire
Alexandra Daughter 8 School At Home Millbrook Cheshire
Gwendoline Daughter 8 School At Home Millbrook Cheshire
Albert Edward Son 7 School At Home Millbrook Cheshire
Harold Son 6 School At Home Millbrook Cheshire
123 Heyrod Hall Albert Newton Head 49 Married 2 None Cotton Spinner & Manufacturer Employer Oldham Lancashire
Sarah Newton Wife 37 Married 2 None Stalybridge Cheshire
William S Newton Son 23 Single Cashier Worker Oldham Lancashire
Charles Reginald Newton Son 17 Single Clerk Worker Southport Lancashire
Laura Newton Daughter 22 Single Southport Lancashire
Nellie Wright Servant 21 Single Domestic Servant Worker Oswestry Shropshire
Sarah Ann Jones Servant 16 Single Domestic Servant Worker Oswestry Shropshire
124 Cottage Adjoining Tom Brierley Head 42 Married 15 Cotton Lurryman Cotton Manufacturers Worker Stalybridge Chester
Annie Eliza Brierley Wife 32 32 Married 15 4 3 1 Misterton Lincolnshire
John William Brierley Son 14 Iron Planer Iron Foundry Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Mary Elizebth Brierley Daughter 13 Stalybridge Cheshire
Joseph Brierley Son 7 Stalybridge Cheshire Totally Blind5 Years
125 Beechwood Mark Fentem Head 65 Widower Yeast Merchant Employer Stalybridge Cheshire
Clara Annie Fentem Daughter 34 Single Stalybridge Cheshire
Amy Sherwood Servant 24 Single House Maid (Domestic) Worker Oakengates Salop
Edith Barckley Servant 18 Single Cook (Domestic) Worker St Helens Lancashire
Mossley Road Conservative Club
126 3 Mossley Road James Stott Son 29 Married 3 Years None None None Insurance Agent Prudential Worker Rochdale Lancashire
Harriet Ann Stott Wife 27 Married 3 At Home Mossley Lancashire
Emma Stott Head 62 Widow At Home Linthwaite Yorkshire
127 5 Mossley Road Mary Alice Sykes Head 47 WidowMarried 30 12 12 Household Duties Own Acc At Home Lancashire DukinfieldStaly Bridge
Harry Sykes Son 28 Single Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Samuel Sykes Son 26 Single Gray Cloth Stamper Calico Printing Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
James Alfred Sykes Son 23 Single Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Joseph Sykes Son 22 Single Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Priscilla Sykes Daughter 20 Single Cardroom Tenter Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
William Ed Sykes Son 18 Single Repairer Tailor Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Bertha Sykes Daughter 16 Single Cardroom Back–Tenter Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Hannah Sykes Daughter 14 Winder Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Florance Sykes Daughter 12 School Part Time Part Timer CardroomBack Tenter Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
John Sykes Son 10 School Cheshire Staly Bridge
Jane Sykes Daughter 7 School Cheshire Staly Bridge
Frances Norman Sykes Son 6 School Cheshire Staly Bridge
128 7 Mossley Road Robert Walker Head 32 Married 5 Police Constable Stalybridge Police Worker Aberdeen King Edward Resident
Isabella Walker nee Tran Wife 31 Married 5 2 0 0 Berkshire Windsor
Alexander Tran Walker Son 4 Stalybridge Cheshire
Robert Douglas Walker Son 5 months Stalybridge Cheshire
129 9 Mossley Road Charles Hy Sidebottom Head 47 Married 12 None Winder In Cotton Cotton Spinning Worker Chesthire Stalybridge
Amanda Sidebottom Wife 46 Married Cotton Operative Cotton Spinning Worker Chester Stalybridge
Tom Sidebottom Son 25 Single Cotton Operative Cotton Spinning Worker Chis Stalybridge
William Sidebottom Son 22 Single Cotton Operative Cotton Spinning Worker Chis Stalybridge
William Simester Son Step 20 Single Cotton Operative Cotton Spinning Worker Chis Stalybridge
130 11 Mossley Road Thomas Faulkner Head 29 Married “Under one” Drapery Manager Worker Lancashire Ashton–u–Lyne
Helena Faulkner Wife 26 Married “Under one” Cheshire Dukinfield
131 13 Mossley Road Thomas Massey Head 45 Married 24 6 6 Oiler in Cotton Mill Worker Mossley Lancashire
Rebecca Massey Wife 48 Married 24 Mossley Lancashire
Harry Massey Son 23 Single Grocers Assistant Worker Mossley Lancashire
Fred Massey Son 21 Single Piecer Cotton Operative Worker Mossley Lancashire
Wilfrid Massey Son 18 Single Piecer Cotton Operative Worker Mossley Lancashire
Albert Massey Son 15 Single Piecer Cotton Operative Worker Mossley Lancashire
Frank Massey Son 12 Single Doffer Cotton Operative Worker Mossley Lancashire
Walter Massey Son 10 Single Mossley Lancashire
132 15 Mossley Road Robert Wild Head 42 Married 18 7 5 2 Carder Cotton Spinning Worker Bolton Lancs
Elizabeth Wild Wife 42 42 Married 18 7 5 2 Preston Lancs
Edith Wild Daughter 18 Single Cotton Roving Tenter Worker Bolton Lancs
John Wild Son 16 Single Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Bolton Lancs
Robert Wild Son 13 Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Bolton Lancs
Earnest Wild Son 11 School Bolton Lancs
William Henry Wild Son 8 School Bolton Lancs
133 17 Mossley Road John Smith Head 52 Married Cotton Mill Manager Worker Derbyshire Mellor
Ellen Smith Wife 49 49 Married 29 8 4 4 Lancashire Oldham
John Smith Son 24 Single Cotton Operative (Spinner) Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Oldham
Tom Smith Son 17 Single Cotton Operative (Spinner) Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Mossley
Alice Smith Daughter 19 19 Single Lancashire Mossley
Nellie Smith Daughter 14 14 Bobbin Winder Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Mossley
Fanny Smith Sister–in–Law 39 Single Frame Tenter Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Oldham
134 19 Mossley Road William Shaw Head 56 Widower Labourer Lancs Stalybridge
Matty Shaw Sister 54 Single Tenter in Cotton Mill Lancs Stalybridge
William Lees Boarder 35 Single Labourer Lancs Stalybridge
135 4 Regent Street Thomas Thompson Head 34 Married 8 3 3 Calico Printers Labourer Calico Printing Worker Burnley Lanc
Priscilla Thompson Wife 34 Married Stalybridge Lanc
Elizabeth Thompson Daughter 7 Stalybridge Lanc
James Thompson Son 4 Stalybridge Lanc
Leonard Thompson Son 2 Stalybridge Lanc
136 6 Regent Street Lennox Brearley Head 28 Married 6 Months Sugar Boiler Manuf Chemist Worker Ashton u Lyne Lanc
Charlotte Brearley Wife 28 Married 6 Months Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Heyrod Lanc
137 1 Birch Street Sarah Outram Head 58 Widow 1 1 House Wife Staly Bridge
Margaret Ann Aikman Daughter 38 Married 12 3 1 2 Burler Woollen Mill Staly Bridge
Bruce Aikman Son 11 Staly Bridge
138 3 Birch Street James Henry Glover Head 42 Married 21 4 1 3 Gas Stoker Gas Works Borough Council Worker Lanc Ashton u Lyne
Hannah Glover Wife 43 Married Lanc Stalybridge
Nellie Glover Daughter 10 Single Lanc Hurst
5 Birch Street Unoccupied
139 Grapes Inn John Wm Hirst Head 42 Married 17 Inn Keeper Own Account At Home Lancashire Stalybridge
Mossley Road Emmiline Hirst Wife 42 Married 17 Assisting in Business Rotherhithe
140 23 Mossley Road John Uttley Head 57 53 Married 34 5 5 0 Car Cleaner Tramways Board Worker Yorkshire Halifax
Jane Uttley Wife 53 Married Yorkshire Halifax
John Barkwell Boarder 30 Single Tram Guard Tramways Board Worker Ashton u Lyne Irish
Wilfred E Uttley Son 16 Single Tram Guard Tramways Board Worker Yorkshire Halifax
141 25 Mossley Road James Fielding Head 53 Married 33 Cotton Spinner Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Fielding Wife 53 Married 33 7 5 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
Alice Fielding Daughter 13 Ring Spinner Cheshire Stalybridge
Samuel Henry Fielding Son 8 Cheshire Stalybridge
Fred Lockey Son in Law 25 Married Calico Printer Yorkshire Brighouse
Mary Hannah Lockey Daughter 25 Married 3 Cardroom Tenter Cheshire Stalybridge
142 27 Mossley Road Simeon Bradbury Haigh Head 36 Married 3 None Steward Political Club Worker Mossley LAncashire
Florence Haigh Wife 41 Married Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Harry Davies Boarder 32 Single Labourer Brass Founders Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
143 29 Mossley Road Mary Haigh Head 74 Widow 8 6 3 Mossley Lancashire
Mary Ann Haigh Daughter 47 Single Grocer Own Acct At Home Mossley Lancashire
Sophia Haigh Daughter 45 Single Grocer Own Acct At Home Mossley Lancashire
Samuel Haigh Son 40 Single Printworks Labourer Worker Mossley Lancashire
144 31 Mossley Road Arthur Ibberson Head 38 Married 10 2 2 Woolen Weavers Overlooker Kirkburton Yorkshire
Sarah Jane Ibberson Wife 37 37 Married Compstall Derbyshire
Sam Ibberson Son 9 Stalybridge Cheshire
Ernest Ibberson Son 7 Stalybridge Cheshire
145 33 Mossley Road Elizabeth Hallatt Head 54 Widow 4 1 3 Cotton Frame Tenter Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Clara Hallatt Daughter 25 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
146 35 Mossley Road William Crossland Head 33 Single Woollen Finisher Woolen Manufacturing Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Christiana Crossland Sister 32 Single Woollen Burler Woolen Manuf Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Eliza Crossland Niece 22 Single Cardroom Tenter Cotton Manuf Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
147 37 Mossley Road Mark Wood Head 39 Married 10 1 1 0 Farmers Son Working on Farm Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Jane Wood Wife 36 Married Cheshire Mossley
Elizabeth Wood Daughter 9 Single Lancashire Stalyb
James Roberts Hulley Boarder 30 Single Wollen Spinner Worker Cheshire Mossley
148 39 Mossley Road Arthur Hocking Head 42 Married 20 3 3 0 Calendar Man Printworks Printworks Worker Falmouth Cornwall
Martha Hocking Wife 40 40 Married At Home Oldham Lancashire
Bertie Hocking Son 18 Single Printworks Labourer Printworks Worker Mossley Lancashire
John Henry Hocking Son 12 Single School Part Time Grocer's Assistant Worker Mossley Lancashire
Stanley Holt Hocking Son 6 School Red Rock Haigh Parish Lancashire
Annette Eccleston Boarder 1 Wigan Lancashire
149 41 Mossley Road Alice Taylor Head 66 Single Retired School Teacher Luzley Lancashire
The Ferns May Taylor Niece 22 Single House Worker Luzley Lancashire
150 41 Mossley Road John T Rushton Head 49 Widower 6 2 4 Labourer Printworks Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John Rushton Son 23 Single Labourer Printworks Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
45 Mossley Road Lock Up Shop Grocery Store
151 1 John Street Richard Tootell Head 29 Married 4 Secretary Cotton Spinning Mill Lancashire Bolton
Ellen Tootell Wife 29 Married 4 Lancashire Bolton
152 3 John Street William Fielding Head 28 Married 5 1 Fancy Calico Dyer Printworks Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Mary Ellen Fielding Wife 28 28 Married Lanc Mossley
Lizzie Fielding Daughter 4 4 Lanc Stalybridge
153 Vine House Mary Howard Garnett 69 Single Private Means Oldham
Sophia Bowler Lowe 44 Single Woodley
Ellen Anderton 36 Single Servant Broadbottom
154 5 John Street Livewell Thompson Head 34 Married 9 2 2 Locomotive Builder Rly Co Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Ann Thompson Wife 34 Married House Wife Mossley Lancashire
Florence Thompson Daughter 5 Stalybridge Cheshire
Eric Thompson Son 3 Stalybridge Cheshire
155 7 John Street Ann Woolley Head 76 Widow 10 2 8 Ireland Dublin Resident
John William Woolley Son 40 Single Calendar Hand Printworks Worker Lancs Mossley
156 7 John Street Aaron Cartwright Head 31 Married 6 None Cotton Operative Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Margaret Ann Cartwright Wife 34 Married None Cotton Operative Cotton Spinning Worker Lancs Mossley
157 9 John Street James Lawton Head 59 Married 34 3 2 1 Minder Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Annie Wife 56 56 Married Glossop Derby
Hannibal Son 30 Single Dyer Calico Printworks Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Frank Holford Boarder 30 Single Mangler Calico Printworks Worker N K
158 11 John Street John Shepley Head 46 Married 5 Overlooker Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Hartshead
Jane Shepley Wife 31 Married 5 2 2 Lancs Manchester
Lucy Shepley Daughter 17 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Florence Shepley Daughter 3 Lancs Mossley
Jane Shepley Daughter 1 Lancs Stalybridge
159 13 John Street Philip Chell Head 45 Married 25 10 8 2 Calendar Man Calico Printworks Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
E Lizzie Chell Wife 46 Married Shropshire Chirk
Ellen Chell Daughter 22 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
William Chell Son 21 Single Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Chell Daughter 19 Single Slub Tenter Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Chell Daughter 15 Single Frame Tenter's Setter In Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
George Chell Son 13 Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Frank Chell Son 10 Cheshire Stalybridge
Edward Chell Son 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
160 15 John Street Charlotte Winterbottom Head 54 Single Cotton Reeler Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Alice Winterbottom Niece 16 Single Cotton Winder Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
161 17 John Street Alice Ann Thorp Head 30 Widow Woollen Weaver Woollen Works Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Ernest Thorp Son 11 Cheshire Stalybridge
162 19 John Street Ernest Thorp Head 3941 Single Calendar Man Calico Printing Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Samuel Thorp Brother 4139 Single School–Keeper Education Committee Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Ellen Thorp Sister 35 35 Single At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
163 Tame Bank Herbert Hampson Head 48 Married 4 None Clergyman Establshed Church Vicar Lower Broughton Lancs
Alice Marjorie Hampson Daughter 20 Single Teacher Nottingham
Alfred Eric Hampson Son 18 Single Student Technical School Woodhouse Eaves Leics
Cyril Garforth Hampson Son 14 School Manchester Grammar School Groby Leics
Kathleen May Hampson Daughter 7 Newtown Linford Leics
Ada Hunt Servant 27 Cook Domestic Markfield Leics
Bertha Hunt Servant 18 Housemaid Domestic Markfield Leics
164 Tame Bank Emily Ann Schofield Head 68 Widow 42 6 3 3 Private Means Cheshire Mossley
Leonard Schofield Son 35 Single Colorist Calico Printer Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Mary Ann Schofield Daughter 32 Single Lancashire Stalybridge
165 9 Pennine View William Shelmerdine Head 40 Married Secretary of Textile Machine Works Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Shelmerdine Wife 28 Married 5 2 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
Dorothy Shelmerdine Daughter 5 Cheshire Stalybridge
Vera Margaret Shelmerdine Daughter 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
Gwendoline Lane Servant 17 Single General Servant Domestic Worker Denbigh Cefn Mawr
166 8 Pennine View John Benjamin Schofield Head 67 Widower 2 2 Foreman Calico Printing Worker Heyrod
Samuel Schofield Son 34 Single Cashier Iron Works Worker Heyrod
Mary Schofield Daughter 33 Single Mossley
167 7 Pennine View Ralph Edwin Smith Head 40 Married Bookkeeper Jam Manufactory Worker Lancashire Mossley
Annie Smith Wife 39 39 Married 8 None Lancashire Stalybridge
168 6 Pennine View John Chadwick Head 60 Married 7 3 4 Clerk (Lawyer's) Retired Stalybridge Lancs
Mary Hannah Chadwick Wife 58 Married 36 7 3 4 Stalybridge Lancs
Geo Chadwick Son 24 Single Clerk (Railway) Stalybridge Lancs
169 5 Pennine View Robert Mycock Head 48 Married 25 6 5 1 Head Teacher El Sch Boro Council Boro' Council Derbyshire Ludworth
Elizabeth Mycock Wife 48 Married 25 6 5 1 Cheshire Werneth
Albert Mycock Son 23 Single Railway & Shipping Clerk Electrical Engineers Worker Lancashire Mossley
William Mycock Son 21 Single Insurance Agent Royal London Insce Coy Worker Lancashire Mossley
Frank Mycock Son 18 Single None Cheshire Stalybridge Epilepticfrom 6 years of age
Kenneth Mycock Son 13 Single School Boy Cheshire Stalybridge
Beatrice Lucy Mycock Daughter 11 Single School Girl Cheshire Stalybridge
Irene Poyntz Thornley Niece 19 Single Confectioner Pastry Worker Essex Purleigh Malden
170 4 Pennine View William Pollitt Head 63 Married(Widower) 32 4 4 None At Home Lancashire Newton Heath
Annie Pollitt Daughter 27 Single Confectioner Bread &c Worker Lancashire Newton Heath
Harry Pollitt Son 24 24 Single Painter & Paperhanger Worker Lancashire Newton Heath
Nellie Pollitt Daughter 22 Single Burler Cotton Woollen Mill Worker Lancashire Newton Heath
171 3 Pennine View John Henry Wainwright Head 28 Married 2 2 2 Cloth Finisher Calico Printing Worker Carrbrook Stalybridge Chester
Amy Jane Wainwright Wife 30 Married 2 2 2 Mossley Yorkshire
Marion Helena Wainwright Daughter 1 Stalybridge Heyrod Chester
Beatrice May Wainwright Daughter 1 Stalybridge Heyrod Chester
172 2 Pennine View Major Wild Head 53 Married 34 Woollen Loom Overlooker Worker Yorks Halifax
Ellen Wild Wife 53 Married 34 9 7 2 Yorks Halifax
Rufus Harold Wild Son 30 Single Woollen Loom Overlooker Worker Yorks Halifax
Alonzo Clifford Eustace Wild Son 21 Single Tramway Guard Worker Yorks Halifax
Tessa Wild Daughter 18 Single Cotton Winder Worker Yorks Elland
Bartle Karl Athelstan Wild Son 16 Single Student Yorks Halifax
Llewellyn Eric Aubery Wild Son 12 School Yorks Halifax
173 1 Pennine View Eleanor Bean 43 Single Private Means Mossley Lancashire
Frances Annie Bebbeck 42 Single Companion Wilts Swindon
174 1 Higher Heyrod Ben Webster Head 41 Married 19 10 10 Farm Labourer Biggin Derbyshire
Sarah Hannah Webster Wife 35 Married Birchover Derbyshire
Harold Webster Son 17 Single Labourer Birchover Derbyshire
Gregory Webster Son 15 Farm Labourer Birchover Derbyshire
Sarah Hannah Webster Daughter 11 Birchover Derbyshire
Benjamin Webster Son 10 10 Winster Derbyshire
Edith Webster Daughter 8 Winster Derbyshire
Charles Webster Son 7 7 Winster Derbyshire
Martha Webster Daughter 5

Winster Derbyshire
Nellie Webster Daughter 3

Birchover Derbyshire
William Webster Son 11 months

Haddon Derbyshire
Stalybridge Cheshire
175 3 Higher Heyrod Harriet Waterhouse Head 66 Widow 4833 9 8 1 None Batley Carr Yorkshire
Alice Waterhouse Daughter 32 Single Cardroom Operative Cotton Mill Batley Carr Yorkshire
Sarah Eliza Waterhouse Daughter 30 Single Cardroom Operative Cotton Mill Batley Carr Yorkshire
Harry Waterhouse Grandchild Years5 Heyrod Staly Bridge
176 5 Higher Heyrod John Nuttall Head 69 Married 2 None Unemployed Bury Lanchire
Margaret Nuttall Wife 62 Married 2 None N K Irland
177 6 Higher Heyrod Arthur Edward Jackson Head 39 Married General Labourer Printing Trade Worker Saddleworth Yorkshire
Ann Jackson Wife 40 Married 20 1 1 Ashton Lancashire
Florrie Jackson Daughter 19 Single Winder in Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
178 7 Higher Heyrod Sarah Holt Head 73 Widow Retired Cotton Weaver Slaithwaite Yorkshire
179 Higher Croft William Howard Head 41 Married 17 1 1 Fireman Stoker Paper Manufacturer Cheshire Micklehurst
Elizabeth Ann Howard Wife 37 Married Lancashire Stalybridge
Edith Howard Daughter 17 Single Realer Cotton Manuf Lancashire Stalybridge
180 Higher Croft John Edward Allen 53 Married 30 12 9 3 Out of Work Lancashire Mossley
Harriett Allen 48 Married Staffordshire Handley
Albert Allen 26 Cheshire
Alice Ann Allen 22 Single Beam Warper Cotton Mill Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Allen 20 Cheshire
Bertha Allen 19 Cheshire
Ammon Allen 17 Single Labour Wire Works Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Allen 14 Winder Cotton Mill Cheshire Stalybridge
Sidney Allen 12 Cheshire Stalybridge
John Allen 9 Cheshire Stalybridge
Alfred Allen 8 Cheshire Stalybridge
Frank Allen 5 Lancashire Stalybridge
Harry Schofield Waterhouse Son in Law 27 MarriedSon in Law 4 1 1 Labour Wire Works Lancashire Stalybridge
Ada Waterhouse 25 Married 4 1 1 Winder Cotton Mill Cheshire Stalybridge
Jessie Waterhouse 3 Lancashire Stalybridge
181 Moorfield Frederick C Horrocks Head 30 Married 6 1 1 L/Press & Colour Printer Employer Ashton u Lyne
Ethel Horrocks Wife 35 35 Married 6 1 1 Stalybridge
Audrey Horrocks Daughter 5 Stalybridge
Clara Byron Relative 40 Single Stalybridge
Sarah Evans Servant 21 Single General Servant Crewe
182 Moorfield Joseph Briggs Head 49 Married 25 6 4 2 Wholesale Clothier Employed Ashton u Lyne Lancr
Mary Jane Briggs Wife 49 49 Married Ladies & Children Outfitter Employed
Mary Elizebth Briggs Daughter 23 Single Assistant in the Business Employed Ashton u Lyne
Vincent Joseph Briggs Son 20 Single Assistant in the Business Employed Ashton u Lyne
Cathrine Hayes Servant 25 Single Domestic Servant Employed Widnes Lan
183 Off John Street James Redford Head 54 54 Married 13 7 6 1 Stone Mason Builders of Cotton Mills Worker Mellor Derbyshire
Elizabeth Redford Wife 36 Married 13 Millbrook Cheshire
Frank Redford Son 30 30 Single Stone Mason Contractor's Builder Worker Stalybridge Lancs
William Ollerenshaw Son 18 18 Single Butcher's Apprentice Worker Millbrook Cheshire
James Redford Son 11 11 School Millbrook Cheshire
Elsie Redford Daughter 10 School Stalybridge Lancs
Bessie Redford Daughter 5 School Stalybridge Lancs
Thomas Redford Son 3 Stalybridge Lancs
184 32 John Street Sarah Ann Hulley Head 27 Single Cotton Winder Worker Lancs Mossley
Alice Hulley Sister 23 Single Cotton Roving Frame Tenter Worker Lancs Mossley
Martha Hulley Sister 21 Single Cotton Winder Worker Lancs Mossley
185 30 John Street Samuel Outram Head 48 Widower Dyer Calico Printworks Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
186 Off John Street Emma Reynard Head 58 Widow Midwife Own Account Yorkshire Sheffield
187 28 John Street Alice Sykes Head 76 Widow None Flowery Field Hyde
James Sykes Step–Son 41 Married 2 None Timekeeper Textile Machinist Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Mary Ellen Sykes Step Sons's Wife 42 Married 2 None Cotton Cloth Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
188 26 John Street James Hindley Head 54 Married 25 6 5 1 General Labourer Openshaw
Sarah Jane Hindley Wife 48 Married 25 Openshaw
George Stanley Hindley Son 22 Single Cotton Piecer Openshaw
James Hindley Son 18 Single Cotton Piecer Openshaw
Olive Hindley Daughter 15 Single Setter In Cardroom Openshaw
Florence Hindley Daughter 12 Cotton Weaver School Part Time Stalybridge
Sunday School
189 “Rising Sun” Edward Marland Head 32 Married 10 2 2 0 Beerseller Lancashire Mossley
Mary Ann Marland Wife 38 Married Assisting in the Business Yorkshire Bradford
Maggie Marland Daughter 9 Mossley Lanc
James Albert Marland Son 6 Mossley Lanc
190 22 John Street Sarah Wilson Head 50 Married 39 11 10 1 At Home Pontefract Yorkshire
Herbert Wilson Son 21 Single Tram Conductor Tramways Board Worker Halifax Yorkshire
Alfred Wilson Son 20 Single Labourer Dyers & Bleachers Worker Halifax Yorkshire
Wilfred Wilson Son 15 Single Cotton Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Halifax Yorkshire
Harold Wilson Son 14 Cotton Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Halifax Yorkshire
John Fletcher Boarder 25 Single Tram Conductor Royton Lancashire
191 20 John Street Herbert Holden Head 42 Married 16211 Brush Manfr Nearly All Kinds Mostly for Cotton Mill Own Acct Mossley Micklehurst
Ann Elizabeth Holden Wife 42 Married 161012 8 7 1 Ches Stalybridge
Ethel Holden Daughter 16 Single Student Sec School Lanc Stalybridge
Herbert Holden Son 14 11 Student Sec School Ches Stalybridge
Arthur Holden Son 12 Student Sec School Ches Stalybridge
Sydney Holden Son 11 Ches Stalybridge
May Holden Daughter 8 Ches Stalybridge
Wilfrid Holden Son 5 Ches Stalybridge
Maria Holden Daughter 4 Ches Stalybridge
Maria Holden Mother 66 Widow Ches Stalybridge
18 John Street Uninhabited
192 16 John Street Joseph Royle Head 45 Married Printworks Labourer Printworks Worker Lancashire Mossley
Mary Royle Wife 35 Married 11 1 1 Westmorland Kendal
Mary Royle Daughter 5 Single Lancashire Stalybridge
193 14 John Street Samuel Bamford Head 52 Married 29 Warehouseman Cotton Mill Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Sarah Ann Bamford Wife 52 Married 29 1 1 Lancs Failsworth
Tom Bamford Son 29 Married 3 Cashier Wollen Mill Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Bertha Bamford Daughter in Law 27 Married 3 None Beam Warper Cotton Mill Worker France Brit Subby Parentage
William Henry Royle Brother in Law 40 Labourer Printworks Worker Lancs Mossley
194 12 John Street Joseph Woolhouse Head 37 Married 17 Machine Joiner Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Maria Woolhouse Wife 36 36 Married 3 1 2 Weaver Worker Lanc Ashton
Hilda Woolhouse Daughter 15 15 Single Weaver Worker Lanc Stalybridge
195 Off Heyrod Fold Francis Lawton Head 32 Married 10 3 2 1 Minder Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Lawton Wife 30 30 Married Weaver Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Elizabeth Lawton Daughter 5 5 Single Cheshire Stalybridge
Ethel Lawton Daughter 1 1 Single Cheshire Stalybridge
196 Off Heyrod Fold George Cooke Head 49 Married 16 4 1 3 Printworks Labourer C P A Worker Wavendon Bucks
Leah Cooke Wife 42 Married 16 Motram Cheshire
Emma Cooke Daughter 14 Card Room Tenter Card Room Worker Harpurhey Manchester
Lettice Shaw Niece 12 Glossop Deryshire
197 10 Heyrod Fold John Thomas Shaw Head 47 Married Calico Machine Printer Lancs Staleybridge
Harriet Shaw Wife 48 Married 18 2 1 1 Ketley Shropshire
Frank Shaw Son 17 17 Single Piecer in Cotton Mill Lancs Staleybridge
198 8 Heyrod Fold James Hickling Head 36 Married 10 2 2 Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Alice Hickling Wife 36 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
Thomas Hickling Son 8 Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Hickling Daughter 5 Lanc Stalybridge
199 6 Heyrod Fold Hannah Crossland Head 68 Widow 48 11 9 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
Dan Crossland Son 42 Single Winder Cotton Mill Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Edith Crossland Daughter 22 Single Burler Woollin Mill Worker Lanc Stalybridge
200 4 Heyrod Fold Kenyon Birtwistle Head 37 3 2 2 Engraver to Calico Printers Calico Printers Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Clarina Maude Birtwistle Wife 33 Ashton U Lyne Lanc
Maude Birtwistle Daughter 2 Stalybridge Cheshire
Edith Birtwistle Daughter 11 months Stalybridge Cheshire
201 3 Lower Heyrod John Willie Tootill Head 43 Married Cotton Weaver's Overlooker Cotton Weaving Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Matilda Tootill Wife 39 Married 6 3None 3 Greenfield Yorkshire
Mary Jane Tootill Daughter 18 Single Frame Tenter Cardroom Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Albert Tootill Son 15 Single Mule Piecer Cotton Spinning Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Ada Lily Younger Step Daughter 10 At School Salford Lancs
Liberal Club
Hartshead Printworks

End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Stalybridge Old St George

Part of
202 13 Spring Bank Elizabeth Garlick Head 59 Widow 6 4 2 Huddersfield Yorks
Lettice Ann Garlick Daughter 37 Single Card Room Operative Cotton Industry Worker Staly Bridge Lancs
Sarah Garlick Daughter 31 Single Card Room Operative Cotton Industry Worker Staly Bridge Lancs
203 12 Spring Bank William Whitehurst Head 42 Married 11 3 1 2 Musical Profession Curator Political Club Worker Stockport Cheshire
Martha Hannah Whitehurst Wife 39 Married Worker Cotton Operative Worker Stalybridge Lancs
Elsie Whitehurst Daughter 9 Single Stalybridge Lancs
204 14 Spring Bank Mark Jones Head 33 Married Under One Assistant Engineer Cotton Mill Worker Warrington Cheshire
Elizabeth Jones Wife 22 22 Married House Wife Hollingworth Cheshire
15 Spring Bank Uninhabited
205 11 Spring Bank James Henry Holt Head 50 Married 19 Cotton Spinner Worker Heyrod Stalybridge
Maria Holt Wife 46 Married 19 3 3 Cotton Piecer Worker Manchester Lancs
Harrop Holt Son 18 Single Heyrod Stalybridge
Alice Holt Daughter 11 Single Heyrod Stalybridge
Edwin Holt Son 7 Single Heyrod Stalybridge
206 10 Spring Bank Samuel Lawton Head 30 Married 3 years two two Platelayer Railway Company Worker Mossley Lancashire
Lilian Lawton Wife 24 Married 3 years two two Home Ryhill Yorkshire
William Henry Lawton Son 2 Grimethorpe Yorkshire
Eveline Lawton Daughter 1 month Stalybridge Cheshire
207 9 Spring Bank James Jones Head 31 Married 9 2 1 1 Stricker for Blacksmith Calico Print Works Worker Warrington Cheshire
Sarah Jones Wife 31 31 Married 9 2 1 1 Cotton Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Herbert Jones Son 9 1 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Agnes Jones Daughter 1 Stalybridge Cheshire
208 8 Spring Bank James Birtwistle Head 54 Married 25 2 2 0 Woollen Worker Labourer Worker Rawtenstall Lancashire
Elizabeth Birtwistle Wife 50 Married None Stalybridge Cheshire
Ethel Birtwistle Daughter 21 Single Cotton Ring Spinner Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Annie Birtwistle Daughter 15 Single Woolen Worker Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
209 7 Spring Bank Jesse Watson Head 45 Married Curator Band Club Broseley Shropshire
Annie Watson Wife 43 Married 20 2 1 1 Cotton Winder Mossley Lancashire
Fred Watson Son 12 Half Timer Woollen Mill Mossley Lancashire
210 6 Spring Bank Mary Woolley Head 67 Widow None Cotton Frame Tenter Stalybridge Cheshire
211 5 Spring Bank William Duckworth Head 30 Married 4 Years Labourer Calico Print Works Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Jane Duckworth Wife 29 Married 1 1 0 At Home Lanc Newton Heath
Katharine Duckworth Daughter 2 Lanc Stalybridge
212 4 Spring Bank George Andrew Head 42 Married Calenderman Cotton Finishing Works Worker Lancs Manchester
Bertha Andrew Wife 42 Married 16 8 6 2 Lancs Staley Bridge
Fred Andrew Son 14 Piecer Woollen Mill Worker Lancs Pendleton
Ethel Andrew Daughter 10 School Lancs Mossley
Joseph Andrew Son 9 School Lancs Mossley CrippleInfantile Polytis
George Andrew Son 8 School Lancs Mossley
Maud Andrew Daughter 4 School Lancs Pendleton
Mary Elizabeth Andrew Daughter 7months Lancs Stalybridge
213 3 Spring Bank Robert Lucas Hadfield Head 42 Married 5 5 0 Labourer Millbrook Stalybridge
Annie Hadfield Wife 38 Married Saddleworth Yorks
Harold Hadfield Son 14 Piecer Millbrook
Clarice Hadfield Daughter 9 Millbrook
Hannah Hadfield Daughter 7 Heyrod
Ethel Hadfield Daughter 4 Heyrod
2 Spring Bank Uninhabited
214 1 Spring Bank Joseph Watson Head 29 Married 10 years Calico Maker Up Calico Print Works Worker Lancs Middleton
Annie Watson Wife 30 Married 10 years 2 1 1 Lancs Middleton
Kate Emma Watson Daughter 9 Derbyshire Chapel en le Frith
William Ashton Boarder 22 Married 2 years 0 0 0 Labourer Calico Print Works Worker Lancs Heywood
Clara Ashton Boarder 26 Married 2 years 1 1 0 Lancs Middleton
215 Fern Lea Mossley Road Joseph Hyde Head 56 Married 25 one one none Solicitor Employer Lancashire Stalybridge
Alice Maud Hyde Wife 51 Married Housewife Yorkshire Swinfleet
John Bean Hyde Son 22 Single Solicitor's Articled Clerk Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Mary Hannah Bingham Servant 46 46 Single General Servant (Domestic) Worker Derbyshire Bradwell
216 1 Black Rock John Jones Head 23 Married UnderOne Woollen Carder Wool Manufacture Worker At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Edith Jones Wife 23 23 Married UnderOne Ring Spinner Cotton Manufacture Worker At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Ann Jones Boarder 59 Widow Lancs Warrington
William Jones Boarder 21 Single Loom Turner Wool Manufacture Worker At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Herbert Jones Boarder 9 Single School Cheshire Stalybridge
217 2 Black Rock Joe Eastwood Head 67 Married 45 9 5 4 Minder (Cotton) Worker Skelmanthorpe Yorks
Hannah Eastwood Wife 64 Married Slaithwaite Yorks
Ann Eastwood Daughter 43 Single Cotton Speed Tenter Blackrock Stalybridge
Olive Eastwood Daughter 28 Single Woollen Weaver Blackrock Stalybridge
James Eastwood Son 25 25 Single Cotton Minder Blackrock Stalybridge
Edith Hall Granddaughter 18 Single Woollen Weaver Heyrod Stalybridge
Alice Eastwood Granddaughter 8 School Blackrock Stalybridge
Joe Davies Grandson 10 Ashton
218 3 Black Rock Thomas Brunt Head 39 Married 4 2 1 1 Winder On at Printworks Stalybridge Worker Burslem Staff
Elizabeth Brunt Wife 37 Married Preston Lancashire
Mary Brunt Daughter 4 Mths Stalybridge Cheshire
Sarah Ann Oldham Step Daughter 17 Single Can Tenter Cotton Mill Mossley Worker Preston Lancashire
219 4 Black Rock Mary Gulley Head 62 Widow 5 3 1 2 Weaver Woollen Mill Woollen Mill Worker Holmfirth Yorkshire
Fred Gulley Son 35 Married 13 6 5 1 Stoker Cotton Mill Worker Holmfirth Yorkshire
Sarah Ann Gulley Daughter in Law 35 Married Mossley Lancashire
Herbert Gulley Grand Son 12 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Alice Gulley Grand Daughter Dead
Hervey Gulley Grand Son 8 5 YearsFeeble Minded
Fred Gulley Grand Son 6 School Stalybridge
Ivy Gulley Grand Daughter 4 Stalybridge
Lilly Gulley Grand Daughter 2 Stalybridge
220 5 Black Rock James Israel Cooke Head 33 Married Warehouseman Cotton Mill Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
Sarah Cooke Wife 33 Married 4 2 2 none Staly Bridge Cheshire
George Schofield Cooke Son 3 Staly Bridge Cheshire
James Cooke Son 1 Staly Bridge Cheshire
221 6 Black Rock Ada Greenwwod Head 31 Widow Charwoman Yorks Saddleworth
Gladys Greenwwod Daughter 5 4 4 0 Yorks Saddleworth
Tom Greenwwod Son 4 Yorks Saddleworth
Jack Greenwwod Son 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
George Greenwwod Brother In Law 40 Married General Labourer Worker Yorkshire Halifax
222 7 Black Rock Samuel Mills Head 46 Married 24 2 2 No Occupation Saddleworth Yorkshire AlmostBlind
Mary Mills Wife 44 Married Frame Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Saddleworth Yorks
223 8 Black Road Harry Chell Head 24 Married 5 Cotton Spinner Worker Heyrod Stalybridge Cheshire
Hannah E Chell Wife 24 Married 5 2 2 0 Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire
Alice E Chell Daughter 3 Heyrod Stalybridge Cheshire
Auther Chell Son 1 Heyrod Stalybridge Cheshire
224 9 Black Rock George Lindley Head 40 Married 14 2 2 Cotton Operative Spinner Millbrook Cheshire
Mary Ann Lindley Wife 42 Married Garstang Preston
Herbert Lindley Son 13 Woolen Stalybridge Lancashire
Ada Lindley Daughter 12 Cotton Ring Doffer Stalybridge Lancashire
Mary Ann Lindley Mother 72 Widow Woolen Ashton Lancashire
225 10 Black Rock Ernest Jones Head 28 Married 2 years None Railway Signalman L & N W Ry Worker Staley Stalybridge
Sarah Hannah Jones Wife 27 27 Married Stalybridge Lancashire
226 11 Black Rock Samuel Salt Head 76 Married 51 Labourer Borough Council Worker Staffordshire Madeley
Mary Salt Wife 71 71 Married 9 3 6 Staffordshire Madeley
Charles Holford Son in Law 36 32 Married 7 2 1 Labourer Calico Print Works Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Maud Holford Daughter Married Staffordshire Fenton
Lena Holford Granddaughter 7 months Lancashire Stalybridge
227 12 Black Rock Ben Whittlam Head 34 Married 6 1 1 Cotton Spinner Worker Yorks Barnsley
Elizabeth Whittlam Wife 29 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
James Batty Brother In Law 20 Married Cotton Spinning Piecer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Alice Batty Sister in Law 21 Married Cotton Roving Frame Tenter Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
228 13 Black Rock William Ashworth Head 62 Married 20 Cotton Mixer Worker Glossop Derbyshire
Sarah Jane Ashworth Wife 60 Married 20 Holmfirth Yorkshire
Elizabeth Ann Parkinson Boarder 35 Married 15 5 3 2 Cotton Drawing Frame Tenter Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
Matilda Parkinson BoarderDaughter 11 School Staly Bridge Cheshire
229 14 Black Rock Albert Whittlam Head 26 Married 2 2 1 1 Spinner Marsden Yorkshire
Harriet Whittlam Wife 26 Married 2 2 1 1 Winder Greenfield Yorkshire
Raymond Whittlam Son 1 Year 1 1 1 1 Staly Bridge Lancashire

End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Mossley St George

(part of)

©Antony Lambert