Before writing on this Schedule please read the Examples and Instructions given on the other side of this paper., as well as the headings of the Columns. The entries should be written in Ink. The contents of the Schedule will be treated as confidential. Strict care will be taken that no information is disclosed with regard to individual persons. The returns are not to be used for proof of age, as in connection with Old Age Pensions, or for any other purpose than the preparation of Statistical Tables.

Number of Schedule


(To be filled up by the Enumeratorafter collection.)


RELATIONSHIPto Head ofFamily,or position inInstitution

AGE(last Birthday)and SEX.


PROFESSION OR OCCUPATIONof Persons aged ten years and upwards.

BIRTHPLACEof every person.

NATIONALITYof every personborn in aForeign Country.


of every Person, whether Member ofFamily, Visitor, Boarder or Servantwho

  1. Passed the night of Sunday, April2nd, 1911 in this dwelling andwas alive at midnight, or
  2. arrived in this dwelling;, on themorning of Monday, April 3rd, nothaving been enumerated elsewhere.

No one else must be included.

(For order of entering names see Examples onback of Schedule.)

State whether“Head” or“Wife,” “Son,”“Daughter,” or other Relative,“Visitor,”“Boarder,” or“Servant,”

For Infantsunder one yearstate the agein months as“under one month,”“one month,”etc.

Write“Single,”“Married,”“Widower,”or “Widow,”opposite thenames ofall personsaged 15 yearsand upwards.

State, for each Married Womanentered on this Schedule, thenumber of:–

Personal Occupation.

Industry or Service withwhich worker is connected.

Whether Employer,Worker,or Working onOwn Account.

WhetherWorking atHome.

  • If born in the United King-dom, write the name of theCounty, and Town or Parish.
  • If born in any other part ofthe British Empire- writethe name of the Dependency,Colony, etc., and of theProvince or State.
  • If born in a Foreign Country,write the name of the Country.
  • If born at sea, write “At Sea.”

NOTE.—In the case of personsborn elsewhere than in England orWales- state whether “Resident” or“Visitor” in this Country.

State whether:—

  • British sub-ject by parent-age.”
  • NaturalisedBritish sub-ject,”givingyear of natu-ralisation.
  • If of foreignnationality,state whether“French,”“German,”“Russian,”etc.

If any personincluded in thisSchedule is:—

  • TotallyDeaf,” or “Deafand Dumb”
  • “TotallyBlind,”
  • “Lunatic,”
  • “Imbecile,”or “Feeble-minded,”

state the infirmityopposite that per-son's name, andthe age at whichhe or she becameafflicted.

Com-pletedyears thepresentMarriagehaslasted.If less thanone yearwrite“underone”

Children born alive topresent Marriage.(If no children bornalive write“None” in Column 7).

The reply should show the precise branch ofProfession, Trade, Manufacture, &c.

If engaged in any Trade or Manufacture, theparticular kind of work done, and the Articlemade or Material worked or dealt in shouldbe clearly indicated.

(See Instructions 1 to 8 and exaples on backof Schedule.

This question should gener-ally be answered by statingthe business carried on bythe employer. If this isclearly shown in Col. 10the question need not beanswered here.No entry needed for Domestic Ser-vants in private employment.If employed by a public body(Government, Municipal, etc.)state what body.

(See Instruction 9 and Exam-ples on back of Schedule.)

Write opposite the name of each personengaged in anyTrade or Industry,(1) “Employer”(That is employingpersons other thanDomestic Servants),(2) “Worker” (thatis working for anemployer)- or(3) “Own Account”(that is neitheremploying othersnor working for atrade employer).

Write thewords“At Home”opposite thename of eachpersoncarrying onTrade orIndustry athome.











6 7 8 9








44 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
1 46 Market Street James Mellor Head 43 Married 16 3 1 2 Innkeeper Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Ann Mellor Housekeeper 42 42 Married 16 Housekeeper Cheshire Stalybridge
Elsie Mellor Daughter 11 Cheshire Stalybridge
2 48 Market Street Angel Inn Giles Andrew Head 48 Married 24 Chip & Fish Frier Cheshire Mossley
Jane Andrew Wife 45 Married 2 2 Assisting in Business Cheshire Millbrook
Fred Andrew Son 19 Single Apprentice Pattern Maker Worker Cheshie Mossley
in Textile Machine Shop
50 Market Street Yard
52 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
54 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
56 Market Street Lock Up Shop
58 Market Street Lock Up Shop
3 60 Market Street Thomas Dean Head 42 Married Draper Home Home Kirton in Lindsey
Mary Dean Wife 28 Married 9 None None Chapeltown Leeds
4 2 Stoke's Yard Betty Norton Head 78 Widow 2 2 Private Means At Home Stalybridge
5 62 Market Street Mechanics Arms Josiah Horrocks Head 44 Married 24 3 3 Publican Own Account Home Hindley
Betsy Horrocks Wife 44 Married Mosley Comon
Rosetta Horrocks Daughter 22 Single Chania Deler Chinia Business Mosley Comon
Lily Horrocks Daughter 19 Single Assisant Chinia Business Worker Tyldsley
PercyMilly HorrocksLingard Son 13 13 Worker Tyldsley
Milly Lingard Servant 25 Single General Servant Domestic Yorkshire Bradford
64 Market Street Lock Up Shop
66 Market Street Lock Up Shop
66a Market Street Lock Up Shop
6 68 Market Street Levi Oldham Head 58 Married 28 Shopkeeper Tobacconist Own Account At Lancs Darwen
Mary Jane Oldham Wife 51 Married 28 5 4 1 Lancs Stalybridge
Ethel Oldham Daughter 24 Single Dressmaker Own Acct At Home Lancs Stalybridge
Gladys H Oldham Daughter 19 Single Assistant Tobacconist Lancs Stalybridge
Jessie Oldham Daughter 12 School Lancs Stalybridge
Sarah Oldham Sister in Law 46 Single General Servant Domestic Lancs Stalybridge
70 Market Street Lock Up Shop
7 72 Market Street Walter James Cottom Head 30 Married 8 Photographer & Picture Framer Own Acc Home Tipton Staffs
Mary Jane Cottom Wife 30 Married 1 1 Polesworth Warwick
Florence Mary Cottom Daughter 7 Coventry Warwick
8 74 Market Street Talbot Inn Henry Peel Head 60 Married 34 One One Inn Keeper Own Account At Home Yorkshire Huddersfield
Mary Ann Peel Wife 60 60 Married 34 Yorkshire Lepton
9 76 Market Street Thomas Lynn Fletcher Head 35 Married 6 2 1 1 Clerk at University Manchester Unversity Ashton Under Lyne
Gertrude Fletcher Wife 29 Married Mold Green Huddersfield
Stanley Fletcher Son 5 Stalybridge
78 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
80 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
82 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
10 84 Market Street (Bank) Percy Fielden Tattersall Head 33 Married Bank Manager Worker At Home Lancashire Manchester
Gertrude Annie Tattersall Wife 30 30 Married 5 1 1 0 Lancashire Liverpool
Hilda Doreen Tattersall Daughter 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
Hilda Violet Gladys Buchanan Servant 19 Single Nurse Domestic Antrim Belfast
Florence Susan Haycock Servant 33 Single General Servant Domestic Staffordshire Wolverhampton
11 86 Market Street Kings Arms Robert Broadley Head 41 Married 7 Hotel Manager & Traveller Worker Home Calder Brook Lancs
Ann Margaret Broadley Wife 36 36 Married 7 1 1 Glossop Derbyshire
Edith Wilcox Servant 34 34 Single Domestic Servant Hotel Worker New Knutton Staffs
Sarah Howard Servant 26 Single Domestic Servant Hotel Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
88 Market Street Lock Up Shop
12 90 Market Street William Addy Head 39 Married 15 3 3 0 Hairdresser Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Addy Wife 38 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
Grace Addy Daughter 13 School Part Time Cheshire Stalybridge
Blanche Addy Daughter 11 School Lancs Blackpool
William Addy Son 7 School Lancs Blackpool
William Connell Boarder 27 Married 6 2 2 0 Tram Conductor Joint Board Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Joseph Morrisey Boarder 28 Single Tram Conductor Joint Board Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
13 92 Market Street William Corbitt Head 23 Married 2 1 1 Pawnbroker Employer At Home Oldham Lancashire
Ellen Louisa Corbitt Wife 23 23 Married Hoylanswaine Yorkshire
Violet Corbitt Daughter 4 months 4 Months Single Stalybridge Cheshire
Sarah Dickenson Relative 20 Single Worker Tenter Worker Hoylanswaine Yorkshire
94 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
14 96 Market Street Boars Head Tom Arnold Lightbown Head 24 Yrs Married Two None Licensed Victualler Own Account At Home Huncoat Lancashire
Elizabeth Lightbown Wife 21 Yrs Married Two Two Liverpool Lancashire
James Thomas Lightbown Son 1½ Yrs Liverpool Lancashire
Mary Elsie Lightbown Daughter One Month 1 Month Stalybridge Cheshire
Elizabeth Anne Gregory Servant 28 Single Waitress Hotel Worker Manchester Lanc
Mary Elizabeth Collin Servant 17 Single Nurse Domestic Worker Limerick Cork Resident
Rose Ellen Dunn Servant 20 Single Housemaid Domestic Worker Walkley Sheffield Yorkshire
15 98 Market Street Emma Fuller Head 50 Married 23 4 3 1 Hyde Cheshire
Arthur Fuller Son 15 Stalybridge
Alice Fuller Daughter 5 13 Stalybridge
William Henry Pott Visitor 42 Married 11 2 2 Postal Clerk Post Office Worker Stalybridge
Annie Pott Visitor 37 Married 11 Stalybridge
Jessie Pott Visitor 4 Manchester
Elsie Pott Visitor 4 Manchester
100 Market Street Lock Up Shop
109 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
16 107 Market Street Town Hall Hotel Edwin Micklethʌwaite Head 34 Married 7 Yrs 2 2 Licensed Victualler Own A/c At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Florence Micklethʌwaite Wife 32 Married 7 Yrs 2 2 Stalybridge Cheshire
Tom Micklethʌwaite Son 8 Methuen Mass U S A
Eva Micklethʌwaite Daughter 2 Stalybridge Cheshire
Maria Micklethʌwaite Mother 64 Widow Stalybridge Cheshire
Charles Micklethʌwaite Brother 38 Single No Occupation (Dwarf)
Fred William Griffin Lodger 32 Single Fitter Brass General Engineers Stafford C/o Staffordshire
Clement Dodd Lodger 24 Single Fitter Brass General Engineers Manchester Lanc
17 105 Market Street Richard Roberts Head 65 Married 20 None Carpenter Municipal Stalybridge Corporation Worker Knockin Shropshire
Clara Roberts Wife 50 Married 20 None None Storrs Yorkshire
103 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
101 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
18 99 Market Street S V Holroyd Head 46 Married 20 6 4 2 Tailor Maker Employer At Home Slaithwaite Yorks
Mary Holroyd Wife 44 44 Married Ashton U Lyne
Laura Holroyd Daughter 19 19 Single No Occupation At Home Stalybridge
M E Holroyd Daughter 18 18 Single No Occupation At Home Stalybridge
John Holroyd Boy 15 Single Clerk Law Stalybridge
Jessie Daughter 6 6 Stalybridge
19 97 Market Street William Trelfa Head 38 Married 14 Years 7 7 House Keeper Confectionery Worker Cheshire Middlewich
Mary Trelfa Wife 35 35 Married 14 Years 7 7 To a Confectioner At Home Cheshire Winsford
Jane Trelfa Daughter 13 13 School Cheshire Sandbach
Richard Trelfa Son 11 School Cheshire Sandbach
William Trelfa Son 9 School Cheshire Sandbach
Edith Trelfa Daughter 7 7 School Cheshire Nantwich
Joseph Trelfa Son 5 School Cheshire Nantwich
Frank Trelfa Son 3 Cheshire Nantwich
John Trelfa Son 6 Months Cheshire Stalybridge
Agnes Colister Boarder 22 Single Patrick I O Man
20 95 Market Street James Edwin Knott Head 47 Married 25 Engineers Clerk General Engineering Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Mary Knott Wife 48 Married 25 8 8 Dressmaker Employer At Home Preston Lancashire
Ellen Gertrude Knott Daughter 23 Single Dressmaker Worker At Home Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Florence Knott Daughter 21 Single Milliners Shop Assistant Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Ethel Knott Daughter 19 Single Cotton Beam Warper For Weaving Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Elizabeth Knott Daughter 17 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Annie Knott Daughter 16 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lancs
Harold Knott Son 13 At School Stalybridge Cheshire
Arthur Knott Son 11 At School Stalybridge Cheshire
Marion Knott Daughter 4 Stalybridge Cheshire
21 93 Market Street Robert Felton Head 41 Married 14 3 3 None Grocer Employer At Home Bewdley Worcestershire
Sarah Ann Stopford Felton Wife 39 39 Married 14 3 3 None At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Thomas Arthur Felton Son 13 Stalybridge Cheshire
Robert Felton Son 10 Stalybridge Cheshire
Jack Felton Son 5 Stalybridge Cheshire
Sarah Ann Taylor Motherin Law 63 Widow Stalybridge Cheshire
91 Market Street Warehouse
89 Market Street Lock Up Shop
22 89a Market Street Masonic Club William Bottoms Head 32 Married Steward Masonic Club Worker Lancs Denton
Mahala Bottoms Wife 29 Married 7 None Stewardess Masonic Club Worker Cheshire Middlewich
23 87a Market Street Robert Wilson Head 56 Married Tobacco & Sweets Own Account Stalybridge Cheshire
Jane Ann Wilson Wife 63 17 None Assisting in Business Ashton–U–Lyne Lancs
Hugh Wilson Son 31 Single Clerk Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
24 87 Market Street Thomas Brown Head 48 Single Tripe Dresser & Dealer Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
William Clay Boarder 38 Single Boot Repairer Own Account Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Thatcher Servant 46 Married 26 5 2 3 Servant (Domestic) At Sea
Beatrice Thatcher Daughter 16 Single Setter in in Cotton Mill Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
George Raymond Thatcher Son 9 Single Cheshire Stalybridge
85 Market Street Lock Up Shop
83 Market Street Lock Up Shop
25 81 Market Street Edward Brown Head 56 Widower 6 4 2 Butcher Employer Own Account Stockport
Bertha Brown Daughter 29 29 Single Milliner Employer Own Account Home Staly Bridge
Mary Brown Daughter 26 26 Single Milliner Employer Own Account Home Staly Bridge
26 79 Market Street John Edward Lees Head 50 Married 12 None Drug Stores & Drysalter Own Account At Home Newton Cheshire
Mary Lees Wife 41 Married 12 None Assisting in Business At Home Liverpool
77 Market Street Shop Uninhabited
27 75 Market Street James Pogson Head 43 Married 24 5 4 1 Tripe Dresser Employer Employer At Home Dukinfield
Mary Pogson Wife 45 45 Married Assisting in Business Worker Dukinfield
Sarah Jane Pogson Daughter 21 21 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Dukinfield
Ethel Pogson Daughter 19 19 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Dukinfield
Edith Pogson Daughter 17 17 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Dukinfield
Lizzie Pogson Daughter 13 13 Single School Dukinfield
28 73 Market Street William Thorneycroft Head 50 Married Grocer & Confectioner (Dealer) Employer At Home Lancs Ashton–u–Lyne
Elizabeth Eliza Thorneycroft Wife 47 Married 26 5 2 3 Grocer's Assistant Lancs Ashton–u–Lyne
Alfred Thorneycroft Son 25 Single Grocers Assistant Worker At Home Ches Stalybridge
Annie Thorneycroft Daughter 18 Single Confectioners Assistant Worker At Home Ches Stalybridge
29 71 Market Street Alice Pratt Assistant 20 Single Baker & Confectioner Worker Cheshire Sale
Adeline May Mather Assistant 21 Single Baker & Confectioner Worker Cheshire Nantwich
Elizabeth Maxwell Brown Assistant 24 Single Baker & Confectioner Worker Lancashire Warrington
Mabel Lawson Assistant 24 Single Baker & Confectioner Worker Lancashire Cockerham
30 69 Market Street Isaac Fitton Head 46 Married 2 None Employer Confectioner Employer At Home Lancashire Heywood
Edgar Fitton Son 20 Married Clerk Brewers Worker Lanc Heywood
Harry Fitton Son 16 Single Student Lanc Heywood
John Fitton Son 3 School Cheshire Stalybridge
Sarah McCandlish 49 Single General Servant Domestic Ireland Dublin
67 Market Street Lock Up Shop
67a Market Street Lock Up Shop
65a Market Street Lock Up Shop
65 Market Street Lock Up Shop
31 63 Market Street (Bank) Samuel Stead Head 59 Married 29 None Caretakers to the Worker At Home Elland Yorkshire
Agnes Stead Wife 57 Married 29 None Manchester & County Bank Ltd Worker At Home Elland Yorkshire
32 57 Market Street Sarah Hannah Platt Sister 55 Single Shop Keeper Employer At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Jane Ann Platt Sister 49 Single Shop Keeper Worker At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Nellie Mason Servant 14 Single General Servant Domestic Sandbach Heath Cheshire
55 Market Street Lock Up Shop
53 Market Street Lock Up Shop
33 51 Market Street Hannah Keyes Head 50 Widow None Tobacconist Dealer Employer At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Ernest Mills Brother 35 Single Assisting in the Business Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
49 Market Street Offices
47 Market Street Wine Stores
34 45 Market Street Isabella Hodgson Wife 26 Married 3 1 1 Greengrocer Employer At Home Selkirkshire Galashiels
Walter Earnest Hodgson Son 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
Jane Mallew Sister in Law 23 Single Cotton Weaver Weaver Worker Selkirkshire Galashiels
35 43 Market Street William Crompton Head 47 Married 27 8 7 1 Weavers Overlooker Worker Blackburn
Eliza Crompton Wife 48 48 Married Assisting in Business Worker At Home Tideswell
Esther Ann Crompton Single 26 Weaver Cotton Worker Tintwistle
Wm Arthur Crompton Single 23 Weaver Cotton Worker Tintwistle
Jas Herbert Crompton Single 19 Tripe Dresser Employer At Home Tintwistle
George Crompton Single 16 Weaver Worker Tintwistle
Joe Crompton Single 13 Errand Boy At Home Glossop
Clara Crompton Single 12 At School Glossop
Annie Crompton Single 9 At School Staly Bridge
41 Market Street Lock Up Shop
39 Market Street Lock Up Shop
36 37 Market Street Coffee Tavern Frederick Shakespeare Head 43 Married 22 None None None Temperance Hotel Manager At Home Oldbury Staffordshire
Mary Shakespeare Wife 45 Married Temperance Hotel Manageress At Home Marple Derbyshire
Eliza Shakespeare Mother 67 Widow Assistant At Home Oldbury Staffordshire
Mary Moorhouse Servant 57 Widow General Servant Domestic Oldbury Staffordshire
Mary O'Grady Servant 31 Single General Servant Domestic Allan Co Kildare Ireland
37 8 Half Street Lodging House James Mottram 38 Single Labourer Outside Cheshire Hyde
Mark Schofield 58 Married Excavator Contractors Newcastle Yorks
James Fitzgerald 54 Married Bricklayer Builders Scarboro' Yorks
James Murphy 45 Single General Labourer Ireland Danduck
Edward James Burke 28 Single General Labourer Lanc Widnes
Thomas Jackson 60 Married General Labourer Ches Chapel–en–le–Frith
Robert Poole 57 Married Lime Washer Ches Hyde
Charles W Kinsey 36 Single General Labourer Scotland Killan
John Wilson 46 Single Bricklayers Labourer Builders Ches Hyde
Edward Farrow 53 Widower General Labourer Ches Stalybridge
Andrew Lawley 51 Married Cotton Spinner Ches Stalybridge
John H Goulden 59 Widower Cotton Labourer Derbyshire Hadfield
John W Parkinson 31 Married Carter General Carrier Ches Stalybridge
John Marshall 58 Widower Bricklayer Builders Ches Stalybridge
James Bryne 36 Single Carter Coal Merchant Ches Stalybridge
Francis Burke 23 Single Barman Ches Stalybridge
Ernest Booth 34 Single Stone Mason Builders & Contractor Ches Godley
Patrick Mulhall 33 Single General Labourer Ireland Co Waterford
Joseph Burke 25 Single General Labourer Lanc Widnes
Gilbert Hignall 39 Single Carter Coal Merchant Oxfordshire Oxford
Charles W Coop 41 Married Butcher Lanc Ashton–U–Lyne
Edward Crabtree 46 Married General Labourer Ches Stalybridge
Reuben Murphy 60 Married General Labourer Lancs Ashton–u–Lyne
James Grouse 47 Married General Labourer Ireland Kilkenny
Thomas Cosgrove 42 Single General Labourer Lanc Mossley
Rebecca Rodgers 53 Widower Cotton Spinner Ches Dukinfield
Edward Moss 63 Widower General Labourer Derbyshire Glossop
38 2 Half Street George T Robinson 33 Married UnderOne Land Surveyor Walworth London
Clara Robinson 32 Married None Lodging House Keeper Own Account Stalybridge
Mona Wroe 6 Stalybridge
Kathleen Wroe 4 Stalybridge
4 & 6 Half Street Stables
7·9·11·13 Half Street Printing Works
1·3·5 Half Street Iron Warehouse
18 Old Street Lock Up Shop
39 14 Old Street Emma Garlick Head 57 Widow 14 Cotton Weaver Weaver Worker Cheshire Hyde
40 6 Old Street John Maloney Head 45 Married 24 9 7 2 Navvie Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lanc
Emma Maloney Wife 42 Married At Home Goole Yorkshire
Charles Maloney Son 21 Single Confectioners Drayman Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Emma Maloney Daughter 16 Single Cotton Ring Spinner Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Ada Maloney Daughter 14 Cotton Ring Spinner Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Alice Maloney Daughter 13 Weaver Cotton Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Bertha Maloney Daughter 10 Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Winniefred Maloney Daughter 7 Stalybridge Lanc
Phœbe Maloney Daughter 2 Stalybridge Lanc
1 Old Street Uninhabited
41 3 Old Street James Wright Head 60 Married Greengrocer Employer Lancashire Stalybridge
Betsy Hannah Wright Wife 58 58 Married 33 9 6 3 Assisting in the Business Lancashire Stalybridge
Ann Elizabeth Wright Daughter 30 Single Assisting in the Business At Home Lancashire Stalybridge
Edith Wright Daughter 36 Single Assisting in the Business At Home Lancashire Stalybridge
Albert Wright Son 24 Single Assisting in the Business At Home Lancashire Stalybridge
Walter Wright Son 22 Single Law Clerk Worker Law Clerk Lancashire Stalybridge
Eli Wright Son 20 Single Assisting in the Business At Home Lancashire Stalybridge
Isaac Wright Son 18 Single Accountants Clerk Worker Accountants Clerk Lancashire Stalybridge
42 5a Old Street Martha Wray Head 51 Widower 11 7 4 House Work Hyde Cheshire
George Wray Son 22 Single Labourer Forge Worker Hollinwood Nr Oldham Lanc
Fred Wray Son 20 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Annice Wray Daughter 17 Single Ring Spinner Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Charles Wray Son 15 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Fred Lee Grandson 11 Single Dukinfield Cheshire
Samuel Dean Boarder 39 Single Labourer Water Works Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
43 5 Old Street Lilian Colson Head 40 Widow 5 4 1 3 Elocutionist At Home Stalybridge
Wallace Roberts Colson Son 10 410 Oldham Lancashire
44 7 Old Street John Maloney Head 35 Married 11 4 2 2 Rolling Mill Labourer Bilston Staffordshire
Mary Ellen Maloney Wife 33 Married Home Stalybridge Lanc
William Maloney Son 6 Shotton Wales
Winerfrede Maloney Daughter 3 Married Stalybidge Lancs
1 Trinity Street Workshop
45 9 Old Street Frank Fernyhough Head 31 Married Warehouseman In Corn Mill Worker Cheshire Chester
Florence Fernyhough Wife 28 Married 9 5 2 3 Cheshire Staly Bridge
Joseph Fernyhough Son 7 Cheshire Staly Bridge
Emily Fernyhough Daughter 2 Cheshire Staly Bridge
46 11 Old Street Maria Young Head 80 Widow 57 6 4 2 At Home Eastoft Yorkshire
Mary Postle Daughter 8052 Wife At Home Reedness Yorkshire
Hannah Maria Postle Grand Daughter 28 Daughter Cotton Winder Worker Salford Lancashire
William Postle Great Grand Son 3 Son Stalybridge Lanc
15 Old Street Marine Stores
47 21 Old Street James Cowell Head 52 Roller Man Corn Mill Worker Ches Stalybridge
Edna Elizabeth Cowell Wife 55 55 Stops at Home Ches Gosworth
Samuel Warrington Boarder 49 Coal Porter Gas Works Corporation Worker Derby Hayfield
James Sparkes Boarder 64 Labourer Brick Layer Worker Ches Stalybridge
23·25·27 Old Street Corn Mill
1 Melbourne Street Accounts Office
3 Melbourne Street Lock Up Shop
2·4 Melbourne Street Lock Up Shop
1 King Street Uninhabited
3 King Street Corn Warehouse
Waterloo Road Electricity Sub Station
Waterloo Road Tech School
48 Waterloo Road (Jt Tram Office) Joseph Jones Head 45 Married None Caretaker Tramways Board Worker At Home Cheshire Dukinfield
Martha Ann Jones Wife 43 Married 20 Cheshire Stalybridge
6·8·10 Waterloo Road Stable & W house
12 to 18 Waterloo Road Confecty Works
49 130 Stamford Street & Stamford Arms George Edward Manley Head 45 47 Married Licenced Victualler At Home Stalybridge
Alice Ann Manley Wife 47 Married 24 6 4 2 Licenced Victualler Stalybridge
William Manley Son 22 Single Factory Opperative Cotton Spinner Worker Stalybridge
Tom Manley Son 20 Single Factory Opperative Cotton Spinner Worker Stalybridge
Elizabeth Manley Daughter 13 13 Single Stalybridge
George Manley Son 12 Single Stalybridge
Mary Ann Hatton Servant 21 21 Single Servant Widnes
50 132 Stamford Street James Smith Head 58 Married 36 10 7 3 Cotton Self Act Minder Worker Stalybridge Cheshire Sick
Mary Smith Wife 54 Married Home Home Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Leonard Smith Son 29 Single Cotton Piecer Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John Smith Son 27 Single Iorn Turner Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
May Smith Daughter 25 25 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Maria Band Smith Daughter 21 21 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Eva Smith Daughter 17 17 Single Weaver Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
William Noel Smith Son 15 Single Prentice Blacksmith Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
51 134 Stamford Street Abraham Mills Head 40 Married 18 2 2 0 Foreman Letter Press Printer Worker Lancashire Oldham
Mary Mills Wife 43 Married 18 Cheshire Newton Hyde
Elsie Mills Daughter 17 Single Clerk Tramway Offices Worker Lancashire Ashton–u–Lyne
Mabel Mills Daughter 13 School Lancashire Ashton–u–Lyne
52 136 Stamford Street Frederick John Runham Head 38 Married 8 Insurance Superintendent Worker Worker At Home Dewsbury Yorkshire
Alice Beaumont Runham Wife 35 Married 8 1 1 Elland Yorkshire
Evelyn Runham Daughter 7 Single Marsh Huddersfield
53 138 Stamford Street James Corscadden Head 71 Married 12 Carrick on Shannon Couty Latham
Maria Corscadden Wife 57 Married 12 2 2 1 Retford Notts
Marion Sykes Daughter 27 Single Milliner Milliner Worker Stalybridge
54 140 Stamford Street Saxon Hague Head 71 Married Out of BusinessRetired Machine Maker Lancashire Oldham
Nancy Hague Wife 72 Married 39 2 1 1 Lancashire Oldham
Harry Hague Grandson 21 Single Law Clerk Solicitor Worker Lancashire Oldham
55 142 Stamford Street Fred Williamson Head 50 Married Clerk Works Sewing Machine Works Worker Sandbach Cheshire
Alice Williamson Wife 48 Married 28 3 3 0 Nantwich Cheshire
Frank Williamson Son 26 Single Clerk Law Worker Reading Oxon
Archibald Williamson Son 25 Single Draughtsman Brass Works Worker Reading Oxon
Winifred Williamson Daughter 19 Single Milliner Worker At Home Alderley Cheshire
56 142 Stamford Street Jeffrey Mason Boarder &Part Occupier 28 Single Insurance Broker Employer Yorks Greenfield
Stamford Street (Town Hall)
160 Stamford Street Lock Up Shop
162 Stamford Street Office
162a Stamford Street Warehouse
166 Stamford Street Offices
57 166a Stamford Street William Henry Turner Head 34 Married Engineer's Iron Turner Manufacturers of Textile Machinery Worker Yorkshire Thornhill Leeds
Mary Hannah Turner Wife 34 Married 4 1 1 0 Lancashire Stalybridge
Samuel Hall Turner Son 3 Cheshire Stalybridge
58 168 Stamford Street Charles Marshall Head 69 Single Joiner & Builder Employer Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Jane Marshall Sister 72 Single Housework Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Jane Twigge Niece 34 Single Housework Cheshire Stalybridge
John Marshall Twigge Nephew 32 Single Joiner Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
59 170 Stamford Street Clarence John Smith France Head 68 Married 2 None Publican Own A/c At Home Albrighton Salop
Pheobe France Wife 38 38 Married Assist in the Business Barrow in Furneſs
Lena Holmbery Niece 15 Single Tailoress Worker Liverpool
172 Stamford Street Office
60 174 Stamford Street Thomas Johnson Fielding Head 60 Married 36 6 5 1 Cycle Dealer Cycle Trade At Home Stalybridge
Levina Victoria Fielding Wife 59 59 Married At Home Stalybridge
Eliza Fielding Rushton Daughter 30 30 Married 3 1 1 None Weaver Cotton Manufacture Southport
John Fielding Son 22 Single Cycle Machanic Cycle Trade At Home Southport
Percy Fielding Son 16 Single Grocers Assistant Grocer Stalybridge
Leslie Rushton Granson 1 Single Stalybridge
Florance Fielding Daughter 28 Single Weaver Cotton Manufacture Southport
61 141 Stamford Street Harriett Walker Head 34 Single 1 1 Baker & Confectioner Own Account Home Staly Bridge Cheshire
William Gladstone Walker Son 12 School Staly Bridge Lancashire
62 139 Stamford Street Hare and Hounds Lydia Clegg Head 60 Widow 24 4 2 2 Beerhouse Propietor Employer At Home Cornwall Perranwell Parish
Herbert Clegg Son 22 Single Brewer Beer Worker Worker At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
John Harvey Clegg Son 18 Single Blacksmith's Apprentice Worker Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
63 137 Stamford Street Robert Ernest Hull Head 31 Married Tailoring Making Employer At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Ellen Ellen Hull Wife 27 Married 3 1 1 0 Hollingworth Cheshire
Eric Halford Hull Son 2 Stalybridge Cheshire
Susan Jackson Visitor 57 Widow Stalybridge Cheshire
135 Stamford Street Shop Uninhabited
133 Stamford Street Freemason's Hall
131 Stamford Street Offices
129 Stamford Street Office
64 127 Stamford Street Allwood Simpson Head 61 Married 38 Years 9 8 1 Chemist & Druggist Shopkeeper Employer Chelmorton Derbyshire
Jane Simpson Wife 61 Married 38 Years 9 8 1 Hurst Lancashire
Allwood Simpson Son 30 Single Chemist & Druggist Shop Assistant Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John W Simpson Son 28 Single Clerk Municipal Stalybridge Corporation Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Edith Simpson Daughter 26 Single Teacher School Education Committee Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Isabel Simpson Daughter 24 Single Teacher School Education Committee Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Elsie Simpson Daughter 22 Single At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Jessie Simpson Daughter 20 Single Assistant in Shop Chemist & Druggist Stalybridge Cheshire
65 125 Stamford Street Mary Sleigh Head 72 Widow 49 8 3 5 County Roscommon Ireland
Mary Sleigh Daughter 39 Single Care Taker for Dentist Worker At Home Bolton Lancashire
66 28 Back King Street Benjamin Higson Head 26 Married 5 2 2 Bricklayer Cotton–Spinning Worker Oldham
Margaret Higson Wife 26 Married Welshpool
Charles Higson Son 4 Stalybridge
Jack Higson Son 2 Stalybridge
123 Stamford Street Offices
121 Stamford Street Offices
67 119 Stamford Street George Hotel George Chapman Head 27 Married 5 Hotel Manager Brewery Co Worker At Home Lans Ashton–u–Lyne
Marie Chapman Wife 28 Married 5 1 None 1 Hotel Manageress Brewery Co Worker At Home Lans Failsworth
68 1 Mellor Brow Off King Street William McKeon Head 54 Widower 20 None None None Slater's Labourer Worker Ches Stalybridge
69 2 Mellor Brow Off King Street Fred Skinner Head 42 Married 1 Year None None None Coal Labour Worker England Staly Bridge
Mary Skinner Wife 27 Married 1 Year None None None Charwoman Worker England Staly Bridge
70 23 & 25 Wakefield Road Travellers Call John Morton Head 53 Widower 34 Beer House Keeper Own Account At Home Preston Lanc
Mary H Smith Daughter 32 32 Married 12 3 2 1 Stalybridge
George H Smith Husband 34 Married 12 Weavers Overlooker Worker Millbrook Staley
John Smith Grand Son 11 Stalybridge
Annie Smith Grand Daughter 4 Stalybridge
71 27 Wakefield Road James Harry Sutcliffe Head 51 Married 6 None Calico Printer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Maria Sutcliffe Wife 52 52 Married At Home Derbyshire Waleybridge
Tom Sutcliffe Son 27 Single Grocers Assistant Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
George Sutcliffe Son 23 Single Fitter Pulley Makers Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Ellen Sutcliffe Daughter 18 Single Weaver Cotton Spinners Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Ann Sutcliffe Daughter 14 Single Weaver Cotton Spinners Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Harry Sutcliffe Son 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
72 29 Wakefield Road Joe Harry Kirk Head 39 Married 17 Messenger Loco Dept> Rly Co Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Kirk Wife 41 Married 17 None Shop Keeper Own Account At Home Staffs Cannock
73 31 Wakefield Road Tom Hill Head 32 Married Meat Salesman WorkerOwn Account At Home Lancashire Mossley
Mary Hill Wife 30 30 Married 5 1 1 0 Lancashire Stack Steads
John Hill Son 3 Lancashire Mossley
Edmund Buckley Boarder 25 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Lancashire Mossley
74 33 Wakefield Road John Hampden Cordingley Head 59 Married Labourer Worker Ashton u Lyne
Emily Cordingley Wife 54 Married 31 3 3 Weaver Worker Worker Wakefield
John Cordingley Son 27 Single Stalybridge
Richard Cordingley Son 23 Single Railway Checker Worker Stalybridge
Jane Tonge Daughter 30 Married 7 4 2 2 Stalybridge
Sydney Hyde Tonge Son in Law 30 Married Mechanic Iron Turner Worker Stalybridge
Ida May Tonge Niece 6 Stalybridge
John Tonge Nephew 3 Stalybridge
75 35 Wakefield Road Benjamin Broadbent Head 32 Married 7 1 1 Goods Checker Railway Company Worker Yorks Greenfield
Emma Broadbent Wife 29 Married Calico Weaver Cotton Worker Cheshire Newton
Edward Broadbent Father 59 Married 33 Bobbin Carrier Cotton Spinning Room Worker Yorks Greenfield
Sarah Jane Broadbent Mother 57 Married 33 Cheshire Stalybridge
76 37 Wakefield Road Mary Jane Andrew Head 53 Widow 2 1 1 House Keeper Home Radcliffe
Tom Andrew Son 27 Married 7 2 0 2 Labourer Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Annetta Andrew Sons Wife 28 28 Married 7 2 0 2 Cotton Operative Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Elizebeth Swallow Sister 49 Widow 1 0 1 Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
77 39 Wakefield Road Herbert Harry Brooks Head 38 Married 12 1 1 0 Cotton Operative Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Fanny Brooks Wife 33 Married Cotton Operative Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Joshua Brooks Son 12 School Cheshire Staly Bridge
78 41 Wakefield Road Thomas Lawton Head 36 Married 13 None Mule Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Jane Lawton Wife 39 Married Grocer Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
79 43 Wakefield Road Annie Taylor Wife 47 Married 25 4 3 1 Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Daisy Hill Yorks
Herbert Taylor Son 19 Single Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lanc
John Willie Taylor Son 15 Single Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Elizabeth Taylor Daughter 23 Single Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lanc
80 45 Wakefield Road George Hawkins Head 40 Married Pipe Fitter Engineers Worker Millbrook Ches
Jane Hawkins Wife 35 Married 17 5 3 2 At Home At Home Ashton–U–Lyne Lanc
Harold Hawkins Son 16 Single Grocer Cooperative Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Hilda Hawkins Daughter 15 Single Winder Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Doris Hawkins Daughter 5 Stalybridge Lanc
Ada Battersby Sister in Law 41 Single Servant Stalybridge Ches
81 47 Wakefield Road John Saville Head 47 Married 24 5 5 Tin Worker Corn Milling Machinist Worker Stalybridge
Betty Saville Wife 47 47 Married Domestic Stalybridge
James Saville Son 24 Single Overlooker Worker Stalybridge
Sarah Ann Saville Daughter 22 22 Single Cardroom Worker Stalybridge
Dora Saville Daughter 13 13 Single Weaver Worker Stalybridge
Stanley Saville Son 10 Single None Stalybridge
Lena Saville Daughter 6 6 Single None
82 49 Wakefield Road Elizebth Ann Wood Head 52 Married 28 Years 5 4 1 Ashton Lancashire
James Wood Son 25 Single Piecer Cotton Spinner Worker Hurst Lancashire
Lilian Wood Daughter 23 Single Weaver Worker Hurst Lancashire
Isaiah Wood Son 21 Single Piecer Cotton Spinner Worker Hurst Lancashire
Ada Wood Daughter 18 Single Weaver Worker Hurst Lancashire
Samuel Adams Relative 79 25 Widower 55 Ashton Lancashire
83 51 Wakefield Road John H Burgess Head 29 Married 3 None Newsagent Own Account At Home Stalybridge
Ada Burgess Wife 28 Married 3 Assisting in the Business Stalybridge
John S Burgess Brother 20 Single Unemployed Dukinfield
84 53 Wakefield Road Thomas W Barnett Head 62 Married 38 7 2 5 Joiner in Cotton Mill Worker Bridlington Yorkshire
Mary Barnett Wife 62 Married Stockport Cheshire
85 55 Wakefield Road John James France Head 42 Married 11 3 1 2 Iron Turner Iron Trade Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Mary Elizabeth France Wife 39 Married Weaver Cotton Cotton Trade Worker Lancashire Huyton
Marion France Daughter 5 Lancashire Stalybridge
Squire Ward Boarder 21 Single Piecer Cotton Cotton Trade Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
86 57 Wakefield Road Thomas Smith Head 48 Married 24 5 5 0 Carter Coal Merchant Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Betsy Smith Wife 45 45 Married 24 Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Sarah Alice Smith Daughter 22 22 Single Drawer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Edith Smith Daughter 20 20 Single Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Jane Smith Daughter 17 17 Single Winder Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Edward Smith Son 14 Single Errand Boy Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Smith Daughter 8 8 Single School Cheshire Stalybridge
87 59 Wakefield Road William Brocklehurst Head 33 Married 1 None Engineer Corn Milling Worker Stalybridge
Edith Brocklehurst Wife 38 Married 1 None Bakeress Ow n Account Home Stalybridge
Sarah Marsden Mother 62 Widow Stalybridge
Ethel Marsden Sister 23 Single Drawer Cotton Textile Worker Stalybridge
Wakefield Road Chapel & School
88 61 Wakefield Road Henry Bardsley Head 58 Married Textile Machine Fitter Employee Stalybridge England
Esther E Bardsley Wife 54 Married 38 5 4 1 Stalybridge England
Sarah Ann Bardsley Lodger 27 Widow 1 1 Frame Tenter Cotton Employee Stalybridge England
Joseph Gaunt Lodger 36 Married Loom Fitter Cotton Employee Stalybridge England
Sarah Gaunt Lodger 35 Married 2 2 Stalybridge England
89 63 Wakefield Road Charles Shepley Head 52 Married 31 5 3 2 Gas Fitter Stalybridge Corporation Worker Mossley Lanc
Margaret Vallance Shepley Wife 52 Married West Hartlepool
90 63 Wakefield Road John Marsland Head 28 Married 4 2 2 Draughtsmen Engineers Worker Millbrook
Nellie Marsland Wife 3 28 Married None Hurst Nr Ashton U Lyne
Jack Ronald Marsland Son 2
Margaret Cameron Marsland Daughter 3
91 65 Wakefield Road Matthias Carter Head 42 Single Grocer Own Account At Home Stalybridge
Emily Carter Mother 19 72 Widow 2 2 None No Duty At Home Stalybridge
92 67 Wakefield Road William Schofield Head 60 Married 28 4 3 1 Carter Corn Mills Worker Lees Oldham Lanc
Jemima Schofield Wife 50 Married Hayfield Derbyshire
Emily Schofield Daughter 17 Single Cotton Weavers Worker Staly–Bridge
Elsie Schofield Daughter 14 Single Cotton Weavers Worker Staly–Bridge
93 69 Wakefield Road Elizabeth Clegg Head 63 Widow 34 3 3 0 Housekeeper Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Eliza Jane Clegg Daughter 33 Single Tenter in Mill Cotton Spinners Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Thomas Thompson Clegg Son 18 Single Piecer in Mill Cotton Spinners Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
William Wallace Boarder 33 Single Boot Repairer Worker
Walter Parkin Boarder 31 Married 6 Advertising Agent Animated Picture Coy Worker Yorkshire Wakefield
94 71 Wakefield Road William Davies Head 68 Married 45 7 5 2 No Occupation Ardwick Manchester
Elizabeth Davies Wife 67 Married 45 Stockport
Mary Davies Daughter 35 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge
Sarah Davies Daughter 30 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge
95 73 Wakefield Road John Hallowell Head 25 Single Journalist Worker Lancashire Ashton–Under–Lyne
Edith Hallowell Sister 28 Single Lancashire Alt
96 75 Wakefield Road Ellen Standeven Head 55 Widow 8 6 2 Draper Own Account Stalybridge
Mary Hannah Standeven Daughter 32 Single Assistant Draper Own Account Stalybridge
Sarah Standeven Daughter 28 Single Weaver Worker Stalybridge
Samuel Standeven Son 26 Single Plumber Worker Stalybridge
Margaret Standeven Daughter 24 Single Assistant Draper At Home Stalybridge
John Standeven Son 16 Single Assistant Draper At Home Stalybridge
97 77 Wakefield Road John Platt Head 58 Married 25 House Furnisher Employer Cheshire Stalybridge
Ruth Platt Wife 47 Married 25 4 3 1 At Home Cheshire Hollingworth
Norman Platt Son 21 Single 2nd Assistant {Ashton–U–Lyne, Stalybridge& Dukinfield Dist Water Works} Water Works Joint Committee Lancashire Stalybridge
Elsie Jane Platt Daughter 18 Single Assisting in the Business Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
79 Wakefield Road Uninhabited
98 81 Wakefield Road Edmund Hartley Head 36 Married 14 1 1 Foreman Grinder Textile Machinery Worker Stalybridge
Florence Hartley Wife 36 Married Stalybridge
Wilfrid Hartley Son 11 Single School Stalybridge
Joseph Bird Brother in Law 46 Married 19 Self Acting Cotton Mule Spinner Textile Worker Worker Dukinfield
Annie Bird Sister 40 Married 19 Stalybridge
Richard Francis Bryan Boarder 50 Single Schoolmaster (Head) Borough Council Tunstall Staffs
99 83 Wakefield Road George Roberts Patten Head 46 Married 25 5 4 1 Cotton Waste Dealer Employer Salford Lancashire
Alice Ann Patten Wife 46 Married 25 Whittle–le–Woods Lancashire
Mary Alice Patten Daughter 23 Single Day School Teacher Worker Stockport Cheshire
Rowland Millington Patten Son 19 Single Clerk Leather Works Worker Mossley Lancashire
Edith Winifred Patten Daughter 15 Single School Mossley Lancashire
Alfred Patten Son 13 School Stalybridge Cheshire
100 85 Wakefield Road Joseph Hamer Taylor Head 39 Married 13 Assistant Teacher Ashton–u–Lyne Municipal CouncilEducation Committee Worker Lancashire Hurst Ashton U Lyne
Alice Taylor Wife 40 Married 13 None Cheshire Stalybridge
Robert Stanley Father in Law 82 Widower Glamorganshire Cardiff
Marguerite Stanley Niece 18 Single Pupil Teacher School Part–Time Ashton–u–Lyne Municipal CouncilEducation Committee Worker At Home Lancashire Manchester
101 87 Wakefield Road George Johnstone Glascott Head 29 Married Mechanical Engineer Refrigeration Employer Cheshire New Ferry
Hilda Elizabeth Glascott Wife 29 Married 3 2 2 0 Lancashire Cronton
Isabel Christina Glascott Daughter 2 Cheshire Birkenhead
George Gibson Glascott Son 1 Cheshire Birkenhead
102 89 Wakefield Road Mary Birch Head 69 Widow 24 3 1 2 Private Means Cheshire Stalybridge
103 91 Wakefield Road Eliza Hannah Jones Head 57 Single Private Means Lanc Stalybridge
Mary Ellis Niece 52 Single Housekeeper Worker Lanc Stalybridge
93 Wakefield Road Uninhabited
104 101 Wakefield Road Isabella Charlotte Hall Head 83 Widow 5 3 2 Portarlington Ireland
Thomas Albert Hall Son 48 Single Store Keeper Railway RetiredPrivate Means Stalybridge
Charles Henry Bayley Hall Son 44 Single School Master Old St George's Stalybridge
Maud Millar Servant 26 Single Cook Domestic Ashton on Mersey
Ada Stott Servant 23 Single Housemaid Domestic Bradford Yorks
105 103 Wakefield Road Thomas William Holt Head 30 Married Underone None Commercial Traveller & Engineer Steam & Water Fittings Worker Lancashire Heywood
Elsie May Holt Wife 26 Married Underone None Lancashire Preston
106 105 Wakefield Road George Meggitt Turner Head 36 Married Elementary Assistant Teacher Borough Council Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Turner Wife 26 Married 2 1 1 Lancashire Heywood
Percy Turner Son 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
107 107 Wakefield Road Mary Gertrude Mallalieu Head 30 Single Baker Retail Confectioner Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Gerard Harry Mallalieu Brother 29 Single Iron Turner Engineering Works Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Caroline Agnes Mallalieu Sister 28 Single Stalybridge Cheshire
Ben Mallalieu Brother 25 Single Carpenter Builder & Contractor Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Sam Mallalieu Brother 17 Single Assurance Clerk Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
108 109 Wakefield Road Samuel Hy Schofield Head 43 Married Wholesale Drysalter Employer Stalybridge Cheshire
Lizzie Schofield Wife 43 Married 14 8 5 3 Stalybridge Cheshire
Harold Schofield Son 13 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Marjorie Schofield Daughter 11 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Eric Schofield Son 9 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Frank Schofield Son 6 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Leonard Schofield Son 1 Stalybridge Cheshire
109 111 Wakefield Road Matthew Birkett Head 68 Married 47 3 1 2 Joiner & Builder Worker Lancashire Pemberton
Jane Birkett Wife 69 69 Married 47 3 1 2 Yorkshire Penistone
110 113 Wakefield Road Annie C S Wilkinson Head 39 Single Private Means Cheshire Stalybridge
Hera Nankivell Niece 6 Child Cheshire Stalybridge
Mabel Smith Servant 18 Single General Servant Domestic Ches Stalybridge
111 1 Eagle Street John Ging Head 52 42 Married Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lankshire
Elizabeth Ging Wife 42 Married 4 2 2 Stalybridge Lankshire
Doris Ging Daughter 10 Stalybridge Lankshire
John Ging Son 3 10 Stalybridge Lankshire
Eliza Davies Sister 32 Married 10 2 2 Weaver Cotton Worker Stalybridge Lankshire
Elsie Davies Daughter 9 Stalybridge Lankshire
Florrie Davies Daughter 7 Stalybridge Lankshire
112 2 Eagle Street Catherine Abbott Mother 41 Widow 22 10 4 6 Cotton Operative Wales
James Abbott Son 19 Single Cotton Operative Ashton
Catherine Abbott Daughter 14 Cotton Operative Stalybridge
Mary Abbott Daughter 8 School Stalybridge
113 1 In Yard Off Avon Street John Beaumont Head 30 Married 4 2 2 0 Bricklayer Labourer Worker Mossley
Alice Beaumont Wife 32 Married Stalybridge
Harry Beaumont Step Son 9 Stalybridge
John Beaumont Son 4 Stalybridge
Sarah Jane Beaumont Daughter 1 1 Stalybridge
Emma Monaghan Relative 25 Single Factory Worker Stalybridge
Edward Feeley Boarder 35 33 Single Bricklayer Labourer Worker Stalybridge
114 3 Eagle Street Margaret Niell Head 69 Widow 5 3 2 Co Waterford Port Law
Mary Niell Daughter 37 Single Cotton Winder Worker Co Waterford Port Law
115 115 Wakefield Road Thomas Byrne Head 63 Married 27 7 5 2 Grocer Shop Keeper Own Account At Home Monaghan Ireland
Annie Byrne Wife 65 Married Assistant in Business Shop Keeper At Home Antrim Ireland
Catherine Byrne Daughter 25 Single Cotton Spinning Worker Lans Stalybridge
Frank Byrne Son 24 Single Tram Guard Worker Lans Stalybridge
Thomas Edward Byrne Son 20 Single Cotton Spinning Worker Lans Stalybridge
Gertrude Byrne Daughter 16 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Lans Stalybridge
Augustine Byrne Son 14 At School Lans Stalybridge
117 Wakefield Road Uninhabited
116 119 Wakefield Road William Norris Head 53 Married Cotton Spinner Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Lucy Norris Wife 54 Married 32 6 4 2 Lancs Stalybridge
Ralph Norris Son 25 Single Law Clerk Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Elizabeth Norris Daughter 18 Single Cotton Winder Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Allen Norris Son 13 School Lancs Stalybridge
Robert Wood Brother 56 Single Cotton Spinner Worker At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
117 121 Wakefield Road Robert Smith Head 69 Married 40 10 5 5 At Home At Home Broadbottom
Elizabeth Smith Wife 66 66 Married Romiley
Laura Smith Daughter 30 30 Single Calico Weaver Emploer Stalybridge
Edith Smith Daughter 28 28 Single Calico Weaver Worker Stalybridge
Raamah Smith Son 27 Single Car Conductor Municipal Joint Tramways Worker Stalybridge
Reuben Smith Son 26 Single Bricklayer Builders & Contractors Worker Stalybridge
Evelyn Smith Grand Daughter 5 5 Stalybridge
118 123 Wakefield Road Hannah Maria Saxon Head 57 Widow 26 5 2 3 Housekeeper Own Acct At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Harry Saxon Step–Son 32 Single General Labourer Conttractors Builders Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Gertrude Saxon Daughter 24 Single Weaver Cotton Cotton Manuf Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
John Saxon Son 19 Single Piecer Cotton Cotton Spinning Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
119 125 Wakefield Road Souracre Tavern John Redfern Head 56 Widower Publican Own Account At Home Lanc Bury
Agnes Ried Redfern Niece 26 Single Housekeeper Lanc Bury
120 62 Wakefield Road Walter Clayton Head 26 Married 5 Warehouseman Cotton Cotton Spinning Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Minnie Clayton Wife 25 25 Married 5 Winder Cop Cotton Spinning Worker Staffordshire Bilston
121 64 Wakefield Road Hannah Harrop Head 61 Widow 6 4 2 Lancashire Ashton–u–Lyne
Harold Harrop Son 34 Single Compositor Letterpress Printer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Edith Harrop Daughter 32 Single Drapers Assistant Worker Lancs Hurst Ashton–u–Lyne
Gertrude Harrop Daughter 24 Single Dressmaker Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
122 66 Wakefield Road Walter Shires Head 29 Single Water Inspector A S D & D W W Stalybridge District Worker Yorkshire Wakfield
Ethel Shires Sister 27 Single Staffordshire Biddulph
Lily Shires Sister 25 Single Shop Assistant Fancy Draper Worker Staffordshire Biddulph
Florence Shires Sister 21 Single Baker Confectioners Worker Staffordshire Biddulph
Russell Shires Brother 10 School Yorkshire Wakfield
123 68 Wakefield Road James Stitt Head 48 Married 24 5 5 Sub Inspector of Police Kirkudbright Crossmichael Resident
Margaret Stitt Wife 47 Married Stirling Kilsyth
David Stitt Son 20 Single Clerk in Sewing Machine Works Worker Chester Stalybridge
William Stitt Son 19 Single Gas Engine Fitter Worker Chester Stalybridge
Catherine Stitt Daughter 14 Winder in Cotton Mill Worker Chester Stalybridge
Mary Ellen Stitt Daughter 10 School Chester Stalybridge
124 70 Wakefield Road John Earley Head 47 Married 27 10 9 1 Cotton Grinder Worker Plackrock Dublin
Catherine Earley Wife 47 46 Married Housework Portlaw Waterford
Mary Ann Earley Daughter 25 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
James Francis Earley Son 22 Single Labourer Forge Iron Works Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Agnes Earley Daughter 19 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John Earley Son 18 18 Single Insurance Agent Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Gertrude Earley Daughter 15 15 Single Part School P Work Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Francis Earley Son 12 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Eugenie Earley Daughter 10 Stalybridge Cheshire
Joseph Earley Son 8 Stalybridge Cheshire
125 72 Wakefield Road John Crossman Head 49 Married 24 8 6 2 Bricklayer Worker At Home Chapel–en–le–Frith
Sarah J Crossman Wife 50 Married At Home Stalybridge
Thomas Crossman Son 23 Single Cotton Operative Worker At Home Stalybridge
Sarah E Crossman Daughter 21 Single Cotton Operative Worker At Home Stalybridge
John F Crossman Son 17 Single Cotton Operative Worker At Home Stalybridge
Hilda Crossman Daughter 15 Single Cotton Spinner Worker At Home Stalybridge
Eliza Crossman Daughter 13 Single Cotton Spinner At Home Stalybridge
Harry Crossman Son 11 Single School At Home Stalybridge
126 74 Wakefield Road Mary Collier Head 42 Single Dressmaker Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
127 76 Wakefield Road Pollard Newton Head 31 Married 1 Cotton Operative Worker Stalybridge
Lavinia Newton Wife 29 29 Married Cotton Weaver Worker Manchester
128 78 Wakefield Road Walter Mellor Head 63 Married 40 Overlooker Cotton Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Jane Mellor Wife 61 61 Married 40 6 4 2 Lancashire Heywood
Ethel Mellor Daughter 22 Single Tailoress Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
129 80 Wakefield Road Henry Whiteley Taylor Head 28 Married 5 1 1 Gasworks' Accountant's Clerk Stalybridge Cheshire
Ellen Taylor Wife 29 Married Stalybridge Cheshire
Marion Taylor Daughter 4 Stalybridge Cheshire
130 82 Wakefield Road Frank Buckley Head 56 Married 32 10 3 7 Iron Grinder Iron Works Worker Saddleworth Yorks
M A Buckley Wife 53 53 Married Barkston Lestershire
W Buckley Son 19 Single Iron turner Iron Works Worker Saddleworth Yorks
H Buckley Daughter 14 Saddleworth Yorks
131 84 Wakefield Road Alice Batty Head 47 Widow 4 1 1 Openshaw Manchester
Elsie Knot Daughter 16 None Micklehurst Cheshire
Evelyn Knot Daughter 9 School Godley Cheshire
James Batty Son 1 1 Stalybridge Lancashire
Dan Batty Son 2 2 Piecer Cotton Mill Worker Micklehurst Mossley Cheshire
132 86 Wakefield Road Thomas Parnell Head 73 Widower Retired Grocer On Own AccounWhen in Business Lancashire Stalybridge
Lawton Mary Ellen Daughter 50 Widow Lancashire Stalybridge
133 88 Wakefield Road George Chadwick Head 76 Widower Yeast Traveller Worker Cheshire Tintwistle
William Wood Son–in–Law 32 Married 10 1 1 Town Hall Assistant Porter Municipal Coun Worker Derbyshire Mellor
Ann Wood Daughter 37 Married 10 1 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
Doris Wood Grand Daughter 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
134 The Glent James Bottomley Head 59 Married Cotton Waste Merchant Employer Stalybridge Cheshire
Esther Ellen Bottomley Wife 54 Married 31 1 1 0 Stalybridge Lancashire
Alice Ann Shaw Help 56 Single Mothers Help Rochdale Lancashire
135 The Glent Randal Ridgway Head 49 Married Drysalter Employer Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Annie Ridgway Wife 47 Married 27 5 4 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
Elsie Ridgway Daughter 26 Single None Cheshire Stalybridge
John Ridgway Son 23 Single Clerk Coal Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Gertrude Ridgway Daughter 19 Single None Cheshire Stalybridge
Leslie Randal Ridgway Son 10 Sin School Cheshire Stalybridge
136 The Glent Bramley Buckley Head 47 Married Cotton Spinning Mill Manager Worker Yorkshire Mirfield
Ann Buckley Wife 48 Married 23 7 7 0 Lancashire Mossley
Sarah Ellen Buckley Daughter 22 Single Cotton Tenter Worker Cheshire Stockport
John Ernest Buckley Son 21 Single Carding Worker Lancashire Warrington
May Buckley Daughter 18 Single Lancashire Shaw
Frank Buckley Son 17 Single Bank Clerk Worker Lancashire Shaw
Beatrice Buckley Daughter 16 Single No Occupation Lancashire Ashton–u–Lyne
George Buckley Son 13 School Cheshire Stockport
Boris Bramley Buckley Son 11 School Lancashire Mossley
137 Bar Cottage Heyrod Road James Alfred Morris Head 43 Married Warehouseman Cotton & Cotton Waste Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Kate Morris Wife 40 Married 5 Holywell Flintshire
138 90 Wakefield Road Amantus Wm Chetwynd Head 63 Married 20 None Cotton Carder Cotton Spinning Worker Stalybridge Lancashire
Fanny Chetwynd Wife 54 Married 20 None Manchester Lancashire
Ann Parkes Sister in Law 68 Widow Manchester Lancashire
139 92 Wakefield Road George Britain Head 65 Widower 6 6 Iron Turner Textile Machinery Worker Leeds Yorkshire
George William Britain Son 37 Single House Painter worker Saddleworth Yorkshire
Frank Britain Son 23 Single Plumber Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
140 94 Wakefield Road Thirza Bottoms Head 45 Married 25 4 3 One Cheshire Stalybridge
William Bottoms Son 24 Single Stone Mason Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Bottoms Daughter 22 22 Single Winder in Mill Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Arthur Bottoms Son 13 Single Apprentice Skip Making Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
141 96 Wakefield Road William Taylor Head 59 Married Warehouseman at Nail Works Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Lucy Taylor Wife 56 Married 35 7 5 2 Cotton W Cheshire Stalybridge
Dinah Hannah Sidebotham Daughter 25 Married Under1 Cotton Winder Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Joseph Sidebotham Son in Law 25 Married Under1 Corn Merchant Worker Cheshire Holmes Chapel
George Taylor Son 19 Single Clerk at Hay & Straw Business Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
142 98 Wakefield Road Peter Taylor Head 53 Married 30 6 4 2 Gardener Private Worker Worker Knaresbro C York
Sarah A Taylor Wife 52 52 Married Denton Lanckshire
Sarah A Taylor Daughter 18 Widow Weaver Worker Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
143 100 Wakefield Road Fred Greenwood “Head” 28 Married 5 1 1 Cotton Weaving Manager Worker Hebden Bridge Yorks
Ellen Greenwood “Wife” 32 Married Sowerby Bridge Yorks
Ivy Maude Greenwood “Daughter” 4 Hebden Bridge Yorks
144 102 Wakefield Road Elizebeth Ann Wood Head 54 Widow Cheshire Stalybridge
Samuel Wood Son 29 Single Loom Overlooker Cotton Weaving Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Ethel Wood Daughter 20 Single Weaver Cotton Weaving worker Cheshire Stalybridge
John Wood Son 17 Single Assistant Store Keeper Electric Tramways worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Lucy Wood Daughter 17 Single Cardroom Hand Cotton Manufacture Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Agnes Shanny Boarder 24 Married 4 2 2 Dressmaker Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Ethel Shanny Boarder 2 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
John Shanny Boarder 1 Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
145 104 Wakefield Road Elizabeth Haydock Head 57 Widow 35 8 7 1 Guide Bridge Lanc
Maggie Haydock Daughter 32 Single Cotton Weaver Worker At Blackburn Lanc
Fanny Haydock Daughter 30 Single Cotton Winder Worker Blackburn Lanc
John William Haydock Son 28 28 Single Textile Machine Joiner Worker Blackburn Lanc
Elizabeth Haydock Daughter 25 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Crassington Derbyshire
Katie Florence Haydock Daughter 24 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Crassington Derbyshire
Edwin Collins Haydock Son 22 22 Single Textile Machine Fitter Worker Crassington Derbyshire
146 106 Wakefield Road Edwin Grindrod Head 46 Married 23 Clerk Iron Works Worker Lancashire Mossley
Betsy Ellen Grindrod Wife 44 Married 23 9 9 0 Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Louisa Grindrod Daughter 22 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
David Grindrod Son 20 Single Iron Moulder Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
William Mitchell Grindrod Son 29 Single Brass Finisher Worker New Mills Derbyshire
Fred Grindrod Son 17 Single Brass Finisher Worker Lancashire Manchester
Edith Emma Grindrod Daughter 15 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Harry Grindrod Son 12 Single School Part Time–Cotton Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Milford Edwin Grindrod son 10 Single School Cheshire Stalybridge
Hilda Grindrod Daughter 7 Single School Cheshire Stalybridge
Eric Grindrod Son 3 Single Cheshire Stalybridge
Betsy Pilling Mother in Law 83 Widow 63 Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Hannah Maria Mitchell Sister in Law 48 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
147 108 Wakefield Road William Rowbottom Head 36 Married 7 Police Constable Borough Stalybridge Stalybridge Cheshire
Jane Rowbottom Wife 27 Married 7 1 1 0 Stalybridge Cheshire
James Harrison Rowbottom Son 7 Stalybridge Cheshire
James Harrison Father in Law 62 Widower Retired Marine Store Dealer Ashton U Lyne Lancs
Harold Harrison Brother in Law 24 Single Marine Store Dealer Own Account Stalybridge Cheshire
Elinor Ann France Sister in Law 37 Married None Stalybridge Cheshire
148 110 Wakefield Road Robert Kay Head 47 Married 17 2 2 Cotton Waste Dealer & Employer Heywood Lancashire
Mary Ann Kay Wife 40 Married Bag Maker Housekeeper Heywood Lancashire
Evelyn Doris Kay Daughter 15 Single App to Millinery App to Millinery London Essex
Mabel Kay Daughter 11 Single Scholar School London Essex
149 1 Hydes Terrace Orlando Holmes Head 34 Married 4 Cotton Cloth Weaver Cotton Manufactor Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Sabrina Holmes Wife 33 Married 4 2 2 Lancashire Stalybridge
Nellie Holmes Daughter 13
Elizabeth Holmes Daughter 1 Month
150 3 Hydes Terrace Robert Jashill Dawson Head 27 Married 2 Electic Car Driver Stalybridge Joint Tramway Coy Worker Underbarrow Westmorland
Mary Elizabeth Dawson Wife 26 Married 2 2 2 0 Stalybridge Cheshire
Stanley Dawson Son 1 Stalybridge Cheshire
Joseph Grime Dawson Son UnderOne Month Stalybridge Cheshire
151 5 Hydes Terrace Eliza Sidebottom Head 50 Married 1 None 7 Dawley Herefordshire
James Sidebottom Husband 38 Married Labourer Printworks Worker Stalybridge
Mary Isabel Clayton Daughter 24 Single Weaver Cotton Cotton Worker U S A
Gertrude Clayton Daughter 21 Single Winder Cotton Cotton Worker Sale
Percy Clayton Son 19 Single Cotton Piecer Cotton Worker Sale
Florence Clayton Daughter 17 Single Winder Cotton Cotton Worker Sale
Frank Clayton Son 13 Textile Machinery Stalybridge
Herbert Clayton Son 7 Stalybridge
Martha Ann Sidebottom Daughter 11 Stalybridge
James Willie Sidebottom Son 9 Colliery Laberour Edgeworth
152 7 Hydes Terrace Agnes McGuire Wife 63 Widow 9 5 4 At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Aloyious McGuire Son 19 Single Cotton Piecer Spinning Compy Out of Work Cheshire Stalybridge
Herbert Watkinson Son in Law 28 Married 7 2 1 1 Cab Driver Carriage Compy Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Watkinson Daughter 27 27 Married Cotton Frame Tenter Calico Manufer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Thomas Watkinson Nephew 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
153 9 Hydes Terrace James Swallow Head 47 Married 16 4 4 Clogger Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Elizabeth Swallow Wife 44 Married Card Room Operative Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Swallow Daughter 15 Single Cotton Reeler Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
John Swallow Son 13 Single Machine Joiner Apprentice Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
William Swallow Son 9 Single School Boy Cheshire Stalybridge
James Swallow Son 6 Single School Boy Cheshire Stalybridge
154 11 Hydes Terrace Sarah Elly Head 57 Widow 7 5 2 House Keeper At Home Lancs Staleybridge
Walter Roscoe Son 32 32 Single Brass Worker Engineers Worker Lancs Staleybridge
Jessie Roscoe Daughter 17 Single Winder Cotton Worker Lancs Staleybridge
James Howard Daughter 35 Married Winder Cotton Worker Lancs Staleybridge
Elizabeth Swann Daughter 28 Married Winder Cotton Worker Lancs Staleybridge
Willie Swann Son in Law 26 Married Brass Worker Engineers Worker Lancs Staleybridge
Jack Howard Grandson 4 Lancs Staleybridge
Dorothy Howard Grand Daughter 2 2 Lancs Staleybridge
155 13 Hydes Terrace Horace Pilling Head 23 Married None Operative Spinner Cotton Spinning Worker Lancs Bolton
Mary Ann Pilling Wife 29 Married UnderOne Lancs Bolton
Frank Pilling Brother 21 Single Operative Spinner Cotton Spinning Worker Lancs Bolton
156 15 Hydes Terrace James Hill Head 45 Married 3 2 1 1 Cotton Warehouseman Cotton & Cotton Waste Mill Worker Lancs Staly Bridge
Mary E Hill Wife 39 Married 3 Yorks Saddleworth
Samuel Hill Brother 53 Single Clerk Textile Iron Works Worker Lancs Staly Bridge
Marion Hill Daughter 1 Week Lancs Staly Bridge
157 17 Hydes Terrace Josiah Timpson Head 42 Married 12 Cotten Knotter Worker Lancashire Staly Bridge
Martha Timpson Wife 41 Married Cotten Reeler Worker Lancashire Staly Bridge
Joseph Hill Father in Law 84 Widower Retired Cotton Spinner Worker Lancashire Staly Bridge
158 19 Hydes Terrace Harold Burkinshaw Head 25 Married 3 Railway Clerk Worker Newton Ches
Lily Burkinshaw Wife 25 Married 3 1 1 Manchester
Alice Burkinshaw Daughter 2 Single Stalybridge
Jane Ann George BoarderWife's Mother 62 Widow 7 5 2 Meanwood Yorks
159 Woodfield George Harry Walker Head 47 Married 22 5 5 Contractor for Public Works Employer Cheshire Dukinfield
Elizabeth Walker Wife 46 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
George Harry Walker Jr Son 21 Single Student (Civil Engineering) Cheshire Dukinfield
Ina Annie Walker Daughter 12 Single Cheshire Dukinfield
Nora Jane Walker Daughter 9 Single Cheshire Dukinfield
Ellen Freda Walker Daughter 3 Single Cheshire Dukinfield
Eva Grace Townsend Servant 20 Single Servant Domestic Derbyshire Great Hucklow
Dorothy Marrion Price Servant 18 Single Servant Domestic Radnor Rhayader
Bessie Emily Hughes Servant 25 Single Servant Domestic Denbigh Wrexham
Annie MacKeever Servant 28 Single Servant Domestic Cavan Ireland Cootahill
160 Staveleigh William Hargrave Storrs Head 30 Married 3 1 1 Building Contractor Employer Stalybridge Cheshire
Emily Gertrude Storrs Wife 33 33 Married Dukinfield Cheshire
Florence Margret Storrs Daughter 2 2 Single Stalybridge Cheshire
Winnie Francis Servant 31 Single Children's Nurse Keswick Cumberland
Nellie Savage Servant 24 Single Housekeeper (Domestic) Bradley Green Worcester
161 Brampton Henry Briggs Kelly Head 41 Married Mechanical Engineer Gas Works Plant Employer Mossley Lancashire
Elizabeth Swanton Kelly Wife 36 Married 9 2 2 Poulshot Devizes
Geoffrey James Kelly Son 8 Single Staleybridge
Elizabeth Joan Kelly Daughter Under3 Months Single Staleybridge
John Butler Visitor 30 Single Chartered Accountant Worker Poulshot Devizes
Lucy Ann Frost ServantSingle 22 Single Domestic Servant Cook Devizes Wilts
Blanche Kap Capnerhurst Servant 19 Single Domestic Servant Nurse Derby Derbyshire
162 Rushfield John Ingham Head 66 Widower Cotton Spinner & Manufacturer Employer Taunton Ashton u Lyne
Edith Ingham Daughter 33 Single Ashton U Lyne
Hilda Ingham Daughter 23 single Lancs Ashton u Lyne
Ellen Liptrott Sister in Law 59 Single Housekeeper Cheshire Altrincham
Jane Hirst Domestic 58 Single General Servant Domestic Lancashire Ashton u Lyne
163 8 Souracre Fold John Howard Head 50 Married 24 3 3 0 Farmer Employer Home Taunton Ashton U Lyne
Annie Howard Wife 49 Married Dunford Bridge Yorks
Charles Howard Son 23 Single Farmers Son Working on Farm Worker Green Farm Staley Lancs
Harold Howard Son 19 Single Farmers Son Working on Farm Worker Heyrod Hall Farm Stalybridge
Sarah Elizabeth Howard Daughter 17 Single Farmers Daughter Dairy Work Worker Stalybridge Lancs
Hannah Howard Sister 44 Single Farmers Daughter Dairy Work Worker Ashton U Lyne Lancs
Robert Howard Brother 40 Single Farmers Son Working on Farm Labourer Worker Staley Stalybridge Lancs
Sarah Ann Travis Neice 30 Widow 7 1 1 No Occupation Staley Stalybridge Cheshire
Clara Travis Neice 4 Ashton U Lyne Lancs
164 9 Souracre Fold James Roylance Head 35 Married None Sheet Metal Worker Machinist Textile Worker Staley Borough of Stalybridge
Annie Roylance Wife 47 Married 10 Ardwick Near Manchester
John Gibbons Son 25 Single Spinner in Cotton Mill Worker Carrbook Stalybridge
Agnes Gibbons Daughter 20 Single Cardroom in Cotton Mill Hardframe Tenter Worker Gorton Nr Manchester
Mary Roylance Daughter 13 Worker at Home Mossley Nr Manchester
John Allen Boarder 24 Single Cabinet Maker to Machinists Worker Audenshaw Nr Manchester
165 10 Souracre Fold Richard Taff Head 36 Married 9 Paper Mill Labourer Worker Stalybridge
Nancy Taff Wife 39 Married 8 1 1 0 Buxton
Elizabeth Taff Daughter 6 Single Stalybridge
166 7 Souracre Fold Margaret Goddard Head 64 Widow 1 1 Housekeeper Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Sarah Jane Goddard Daughter 36 Single Cotton Drawing Frame Tenter Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
167 6 Souracre Fold Charles Batty Head 33 Married 8 1 1 Nil Railway Porter Worker At Home Stalybridge Lancs
Jane Batty Wife 33 Married Roving Frame Tenter Worker At Home Mossley Lancs
Alice Batty Daughter 7 Worker Stalybridge Lancs
168 5 Souracre Fold Eliza Lowe Head 26 Single Cotton Jack Frame Tenter Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Mary Cooke Sister 30 Married 4 1 1 Ring Frame Tenter Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Tom Cooke Brother in Law 29 Married Cotton Spinner Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Albert Cooke Nephew 3 Lancs Stalybridge
169 4 Souracre Fold Percy Bayley Head 45 Married Pintworks Labourer Calico Printers Worker Staly Bridge
Elizabeth Bayley Wife 44 Married 19 2 2 Staly Bridge
Harry Bayley Son 17 Single Printworks Labourer Calico Printers Worker Staly Bridge
Annie Bayley Daughter 16 Single Winder Cotton Cotton Manufact Worker Staly Bridge
170 3 Souracre Fold Thomas Adshead Head 73 Married 50 Retired Coachman Lanc Stalybridge
Mary Adshead Wife 70 Married 50 3 2 1 Yorks Methley
Gertrude Adshead Daughter 33 Single Cotton Winder Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Maud Sawyer GrandDaughter 21 Single Cotton Winder Worker Yorks Methley
Ellen Eyre Boarder 26 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Lanc Stalybridge
171 2 Souracre Fold William Brayshaw Head 42 Married Farmer Employer At Home Lanc Stalybridge
Sarah Ann Brayshaw Wife 42 Married 12 1 1 0 Lanc Stalybridge
William Brayshaw Son 8 Sin Lanc Stalybridge
Harry Brayshaw Nephew 22 Single Presser of Cloth Cloth Mill Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Clarence Brayshaw Nephew 13 Weaver Cotton Worker Lanc Stalybridge
172 1 Souracre Fold John Walker Father 59 Married 40 8 6 2 Minder Worker Staly Bridge England
Sarah Walker Mother 60 Married Home Staly Bridge England
Ethel Ivy Walker Daughter 20 Single Confectionery Worker Staly Bridge England
Violet An Walker Grand Daughter 5 Staly Bridge England
Harry Plant Son in Law 33 33 Married 11 Minder Worker Staly Bridge England
Lovino Plant Daughter 36 Wife 11 2 1 1 Home Staly Bridge England
Emeline Plant Grand Daughter 7 months Staly Bridge England
Eli Hitchen Brother 43 43 Single Confectionery Worker Staly Bridge England
173 Acres Bank Lodge John Bird Head 54 Married 6 2 2 Groundsman Golf Links Worker Oldswinford Worc
Bertha Lillie Bird Wife 31 Married Audley Staffs
John Horace Bird Son 6 Stalybridge
Florence Bird Daughter 3 Stalybridge
174 Acres Bank John Bates Head 43 Single Chief Constable of Police Stalybridge
Mary Beatrice Bates Sister 42 42 Single Stalybridge
Hannah Bates Sister 36 36 Single Stalybridge
Elizabeth Byrom Servant 61 61 Single Cook Domestic Worker Northwich
Clara Williams Servant 22 22 Single Housemaid Domestic Worker Leominster
Beatrice Frances Price Servant 20 20 Single Housemaid Domestic Worker Crewe
175 1 Derby Street Annie Dawson Head 44 Widow 22 yrs 4 2 2 Bag Making Worker Crewe Staff
Elsie Walker Daughter 20 Married 1 yr 1 1 Home Worker Home Stalybridge
Nellie Dawson Daughter 15 Single Ring Doffer Worker Stalybridge
Robert Walker Son in Law 20 Married 1 Yr Plasterer Worker Stalybridge
Jessie Walker Grandaughter 3 Months Stalybridge
176 2 Derby Street Thomas Edward Jones Head 34 Married 3 2 2 Glass Blower Worker Newton Lancshire
Harriet Jones Wife 32 Married Weaver Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Edward Jones Son Stalybridge Lancs
Annie M Jones Daughter 10 Mo Stalybridge Lancs
177 3 Derby Street Mr Joseph Beech Head 25 Married 13 Labour Foundry Iron Foundry Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lan
Jane Beech Wife 24 Married Weeks Cardroom Box Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Manchester Lancs
178 4 Derby Street Jane Ann Hall Head 52 Single Stalybridge Cheshire
Ralph Hall Brother 46 Widower Calico Printers Back Tenter Calico Printing Works Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Annie Hall Niece 13 Bobbin Winder Cotton Spinning Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Ena Hall Niece 2 Stalybridge Cheshire
179 5 Derby Street Joseph Sidebottom Head 47 47 Married 24 3 2 1 Out Door Labourer Worker Worker England Stalybridge
Fraincis Sidebottom Wife 49 Married Cardroom Worker Worker At Home England Stalybridge
Joseph Sidebottom Son 16 16 Single Doffer Ring Spinner Worker England Stalybridge
John Sidebottom Son 24 24 Single Printworks Labourer Worker England Stalybridge
180 6 Derby Street Fred Shaw Head 34 Married 11 Labourer Printworks Calico Printer Worker Hollingworth Cheshire
Hannah Shaw Wife 32 Married 2 1 1 Stalybridge Cheshire
Annie Shaw Daughter 7 months Stalybridge Cheshire
181 7 Derby Street Mary Mosley Head 44 Widower 12 4 2 3 Cardroom Worker Worker England Staly Bridge
Lena Mosley Daughter 18 Single Weaver Worker England Staly Bridge
William Mosley Son 16 Single Piecer Worker England Staly Bridge
182 8 Derby Street Tom Burns Head 49 Married Spinner Worker Staleybridge
Jane Ann Burns Wife 45 Married 22 9 4 5 Spinster Worker Mossley
William Burns Son 21 Single Ring Piecer Worker Staleybridge
Mirriam Burns Daughter 18 Single Ring Piecer Worker Staleybridge
183 9 Derby Street James Webb Head 22 Married 4 General Labourer Worker Lancashire Warrington
Katie Webb Wife 21 21 Married 4 1 0 0 Cotton Drawing Tenter Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
184 10 Derby Street John Higgins Head 55 Calico Printworks Labourer Worker Longton Staffordshire
Bridget Higgins Wife 55 55 Married 30 8 6 2 County Sligo Ireland
Sabina Higgins Daughter 21 21 Single Cotton Worker Worker Littleborough Lancashire
Annie Higgins Daughter 15 15 Single Cotton Worker Worker Mossley Lancashire
John Plunkett Brother in Law 64 Single Labourer in Building Trade Worker Cooleavin County Sligo
185 11 Derby Street James Mellor Head 26 Married UnderOne None Soap Boiler in Calico Printworks Worker Warwickshire Atherstone
Bertha Mellor Wife 26 Married Winder in a Cotton Mill Worker Yorkshire Ingbirchworth
186 12 Derby Street Lilly Ann Birkett Head 44 Widow 7 4 3 Yorks Greetland
Matthew Birkett Son 23 Single Bricklayer Worker Queensland Aust
James Birkett Son 19 Single Spinner's Piecer Cotton Spinner Worker Queensland Australia
Harold Reginald Birkett Son 15 Single Spinner's Piecer Cotton Spinner Worker Lanc Blackpool
187 13 Derby Street Rowland Hirst Head 55 52 Married 28 2 2 None Coal Miner Worker Huddersfield Yorks
Harriet Hirst Wife 52 Married Staly Bridge Lancashire
William Hirst Son 19 Single Iron Turner Worker Cock Brook Ashton U Lyne
188 14 Derby Street Luke Mellor Head 57 Married 36 8 7 1 Hatter Cheshire Staly Bridge
Mary Hannah Mellor Wife 59 Married 36 Tenter in a Cotton Mill Lancashire Staly Bridge
Bertha Mellor Daughter 32 Single Ring Spinner in a Cotton Mill Worker Lancashire Staly Bridge
William Mellor Son 28 Single Wringer in Calico Printworks Worker Warwickshire Atherstone
Carrie Mellor Daughter 24 24 Single Winder in Cotton Mill Worker Warwickshire Atherstone
Harriet Mellor Daughter 19 Single Weaver in Cotton Mill Worker Lancashire Staly Bridge
Thomas Newton Mellor Son 21 Single Labourer in Cotton Mill Worker Warwickshire Atherstone
189 2 Carter Street Mary Roebuck Head 81 Widow 51 4 1 3 Flixton Cheshire
Annie Roebuck Daughter 40 Single Cotton Weaver Cotton Weaving Worker Stockport Cheshire
190 4 Carter Street Mrs Wells Head 62 Married 43 9 8 1 Gainsborough
Lizzie Wells Daughter 26 28 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Ashton
Harry Wells Son 26 Single Shop Assistant Worker Ashton
191 6 Carter Street Elizebeth Batley Head 79 Widow 2 5 2 House Keeper Lanc Staly Bridge
Annie Batley Daughter 47 Single 2 Rellier Worker Lanc Staly Bridge
Marry E Batley Daughter 40 Single Weaver Worker Lanc Stalybridge
192 1 Carter Street John William Wells Head 33 Married 10 2 2 0 Coal Merchants Clerk Coal Merchant Worker Lancashire Ashton
Alice Wells Wife 29 Married Weaver Cotton Mill Cotton Spinners Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Norman Wells Son 8 Cheshire Stalybridge
Hilda Wells Daughter 5 Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Seaton Boarder 27 Married 4 1 1 0 Weaver Cotton Mill Cotton Spinners Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Frank Seaton Boarder 3 Cheshire Stalybridge
Lucy Barker Servant 17 Single Domestic Lancashire Ashton
193 3 Carter Street Edwin Batley Head 44 Married 19 3 3 0 Pipe Facer Iron Works Worker Lancs Staly Bridge
Elizebeth Batley Wife 42 Married 19 3 3 0 Lancs Staly Bridge
Harry Batley Son 22 Single Skip Maker Basket Maker Worker Lancs Staly Bridge
Willie Batley Son 17 Single Peicer Cotton Worker Lancs Staly Bridge
Edith Batley Daughter 3 Lancs Staly Bridge
194 5 Carter Street Alfred Edward Byrom Head 31 Married 8 One One Iron Grinder Worker Yorks Dobcross
Lily Byrom Wife 33 Married At Home Yorks Barnsley
Audrey Verona Byrom Daughter 7 Yorks Dobcross
195 Bohemia Mary Alice Booth 51 Widow 26 Weaver Worker Chester Stalybridge
196 Bohemia Robert Hall Head 45 Married 14 Labourer Printworks Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Annie Hall Wife 45 Married 14 4 3 1 Chesher Stalybridge
James Hall Boarder 37 Married Labourer Printworks Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Rachel Hall Daughter 9 Gorton Manchester
Edith May Hall Daughter 8 Gorton Manchester
Bertha Hall Daughter 6 Gorton Manchester
2 Montague Street Uninhabited
197 4 Montague Street John Samuel Baxter Head 32 Married 11 2 2 0 Labourer Paper Mill Worker At Home Mossley
Sarah Ellen Baxter 33 33 Married Weaver Worker At Home Stalybridge
Samuel Baxter Son 5 Single Scholar Stalybridge
Florence Baxter Daughter 11 11 Single Scholar Stalybridge
198 6 Montague Street William Holt Head 38 Married 18 4 2 2 Labourer Hay & Straw Worker Lanc Dukinfield
Alice Holt Wife 37 Married Home Yorks Thurgoland
Emily Holt Daughter 15 Single Home Lanc Stalybridge
Edith Holt Daughter 12 Single Home Lanc Stalybridge
199 1 Howards Yard Thomas Hetherington Head 38 Married 12 0 Firelighter Maker Worker At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Hetherington Wife 38 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
200 2 Howards Yard William Walsh Head 55 Parted 10 None Callico Weaver Ramsbottom
201 3 Howards Yard John Henry Wroe Head 37 Married 14 7 4 3 Forge Labourer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Rachael Wroe Wife 34 34 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
Albert Wroe Son 14 Tin Plate Apprentice Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Thomas Wroe Son 10 School Cheshire Stalybridge
Percy Wroe Son 5 Cheshire Stalybridge
Harold Wroe Son 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
202 2 Church Street George Merlin Swallow Head 44 Married 18 Labourer Worker Stalybridge
Sarah Hannah Swallow Wife 41 Married 18 2 1 1 Weaver Cotton Worker Millbrook Staleybridge
William Swallow Son 17 Single Spinner Cotton Worker Stalybridge
203 4 Church Street Hartley Eastwood Head 66 Married 40 Cotton Spinner Cotton Manufacture Worker Yorks Skelmthorpe
Elizabeth Eastwood Wife 64 Married 40 6 2 4 Lancs Stalybridge
Amy Williams Neice 23 Single Cotton Drawing Frame Tenter Cotton Manufacture Worker Lancs Ashton·U·Lyne
204 6 Church Street Sarah Wilkinson Head 52 No Occupation Cheshire Stalybridge
Amelia Wilkinson Sister 46 Spinster Servant Cheshire Stalybridge
Thomas Wilkinson Brother 42 Spinster Cotton Spinner Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
William Wilkinson Nephew 15 Widower 12 5 5 0 Cotton Piecer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Wilkinson Neice 14 Cotton Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Nellie Wilkinson Neice 11 Cheshire Stalybridge
Doris Wilkinson Neice 9 Cheshire Stalybridge
205 30 George Street Walter Ives Head 34 Married 8 4 3 1 Labourer Cotton Weaving Shed Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Ives Wife 33 Married Cheshire Dukinfield
Charlotte Ives Daughter 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
Doris Ives Daughter 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
Harold Ives Son 2 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
206 28 George Street Moses Walker Head 34 Married 7 3 3 0 Cotton Spinner Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Walker Wife 34 34 Married 7 Cheshire Stalybridge
Nellie Walker Daughter 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
Marion Walker Daughter 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
Sydney Walker Son 3 Cheshire Stalybridge
207 26 George Street John Sidebottom Head 61 Married Labourer Mason Textile Machine Works Unemployed Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Sidebottom Wife 62 Married 39 6 5 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
Joseph Sidebottom Son 32 Single Piecer Cotton Manufacturer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Sidebottom Daughter 30 30 Single Reeler Cotton Manufacturer Unemployed Cheshire Stalybridge
Samuel Sidebottom Son 26 Married Labourer Iron Foundry Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Elizabeth Sidebottom GrandDaughter 18 months Cheshire Stalybridge
208 24 George Street John Hamilton Drummond Head 67 Widower 48 3 1 2 At Home On Own Acc Newton Moor Cheshire
Percy Drummond Son 25 Single Grocers Assistant Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
John Hamilton Drummond Son 13 Single Block Printers Assistant Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
209 22 George Street John Leech Head 25 Married 2 Iron Works Sheet Mills Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Hannah Leech Wife 28 28 Married 1 1 0 Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John Leech Son 9 Months Stalybridge Cheshire
Walter Webb Lodger 553 Married 30 1 1 0 Retired Gentleman Stalybridge Cheshire
210 20 George Street Robert Taylor Head 38 Married 6 Iron Planer General Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Charlotte Taylor Wife 35 35 Married 3 2 1 Lancs Stalybridge
Hartley Taylor Son 4 Lancs Stalybridge
Jack Taylor Son 1 year 10 m Lancs Stalybridge
211 18 George Street David Henry Cuttle Head 46 Married 22 Passenger Lift Attendant Calico Printers Warehouse Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Jane Cuttle Wife 44 Married 22 5 4 5 0 Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Henry Cuttle Son 21 Single Peicer Cotton Spinning Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Fred Cuttle Son 18 Single Peicer Cpttpn Spinning Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Gertrude Cuttle Daughter 13 Cotton Weaver Cotton Manufactory Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Mary Cuttle Daughter 9 School Stalybridge Cheshire
Ralph Cuttle Son 6 School Stalybridge Cheshire
212 16 George Street Dyson Eastwood Head 33 Married 8 1 1 None Cotton Spinner Cotton Spinning Worker Staly Bridge Chester
An Annetta Eastwood Wife 36 36 Married 8 Weaver Cotton Weaving Worker Staly Bridge Chester
Hartley Eastwood Son 5 Staly Bridge Chester
213 14 George Street Elizabeth O'Neil Head 69 Widow 6 5 1 Lancashire Stalybridge
Thomas O'Neil Son 40 Single General Labourer Contractor Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
James O'Neil Son 37 Single Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Arthur O'Neil Son 35 Single General Labourer Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
214 12 George Street William Bowers Head 59 Carter General Carriers Own Account At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Margaret Bowers Wife 56 Married 27 3 3 None Cotton Weaver Worker Ashton U Lyne Lanc
Eliza Annie Bowers Daughter 26 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
215 10 George Street Ada Buckley Head 21 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Janey Buckley Sister 19 Single Cotton Winder Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Nellie Buckley Sister 17 Single Cardroom Hand Cotton Trade Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
216 8 George Street William Fox Head 40 Married 13 1 1 Cotton Opperative Grinder Worker At Home Demesne St
Hannah Fox Wife 39 39 Married Weaver Weaver Worker Mount S Bridge
Harold Fox Son 12 Single 1 1 0 Peacer Peacer Worker Demesne S Bridge
217 6 George Street George Cornett Head 40 Married 17 2 1 1 Sewage Labourer Worker Stalybridge Lan
Sarah Cornett Wife 40 Married 17 Cotton Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lan
John Cornett Son 16 Single Cotton Piecer Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lan
218 4 George Street James Knight Head 34 Married Labourer Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Eliza Ann Knight Wife 32 Married 11 1 1 0 Ring Winder Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Jessie Knight Daughter 8 Stalybridge Cheshire
Nellie Berry Lodger 21 Single Ring Winder Cotton Worker Oswestry Salop
219 2 George Street Albert Duckworth Head 21 Married UnderOne Piecer in Cotton Mill Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Mary Alice Duckworth Wife 21 Married UnderOne None None None Cheshire Stalybridge
Frances Clegg Sister 33 Married 10 Yrs 4 2 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
Louis Clegg Nephew 3 Cheshire Stalybridge
Alice Clegg Niece 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
220 1 Blandford Street Alfred Williamson Head 33 Married 11 Iron Grinder Worker Stalybridge
Margaret Ann Williamson Wife 34 Married 11 6 4 2 Bradford Yorkshire
Jessie Williamson Daughter 9 Hyde
Alfred Williamson Son 4 4 Stalybridge
Margaret Williamson Daughter 2 Stalybridge
Charlotte Williamson Daughter 3 Months Stalybridge
Mary Isa Bella Clegg Mother in Law 74 Widow Gate House Scotland
221 2 Blandford Street Henry Collings Head 55 Married 37 Blacksmith Heating Engineer Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Mary Collings Wife 55 Married 37 7 6 1
Eliza Jane Collings Daughter 24 Single Dressmaker At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
Edgar Collings Son 20 Single Electric Engineer Generating Station Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Elsie Collings Daughter 17 Single Cotton Winder Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
3 Blandford Street Hartley Works
222 2 Smiths Buildings William Cheetham Head 41 Married 18 3 1 Machine Joiner Spinning Mule Worker Home Hyde Cheshire
Clara Cheetham Wife 38 Married Weaver Cotton Cotton Worker Home Hollingworth Cheshire
Frank Cheetham Son 9 Stalybridge Lancs
223 1 Smiths Buildings James Hinchliffe Head 44 Married 18 Years Two One One Plate Layer Railway Rail Way Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Ann Hinchliffe Wife 43 Married 18 Years Two One One At Home Derbyshire Staveley
Edith Hinchliffe Daughter 16 Single Winder in Cotton Mill Cheshire Staly Bridge
224 Ivy Cottage Nellie Powell Head 36 Single Housekeeper At Home Cheadle Cheshire
225 3 Smiths Buildings Martha Sterndale Head 49 Widow One One Elementary School Assistant Teacher Elementary AssistantSchool Teacher Cheshire Stalybridge
Jessie S Sterndale Daughter 19 Single Elementary School Assistant Teacher Elementary AssistantSchool Teacher Cheshire Dukinfield
226 1 Cocker Hill Star Inn Charles William Sharples Head 40 Married 13 None None None Inn Keeper Own Account At Home Stalybridge Lancashire
Sarah Sharples Wife 37 Married 13 None None None Inn Keeper Own Account At Home Stalybridge Lancashire
3 Cocker Hill Uninhabited Davenport Wife 53 Married Labourer in Saw Mill Worker Stalybridge Lancashire
227 5 Cocker Hill Edward Reid Head 56 Married 28 5 3 2 Cotton Piecer Worker Ches Stalybridge
Sarah Ann Reid Wife 55 Married At Home Ches Dukinfield
Eliza Gorman Wife 26 Married Under1 Cotton Ring Spinner Worker Ches Stalybridge
John Gorman Husband 24 Married None Cotton Mill Labourer Worker Ches Stalybridge
228 7 Cocker Hill Mrs Norah Hogan Head ofFamily 44 Married 20 6 5 1 Cotton Copp Winder Worker Portlaw Co Waterford Ireland
Joseph Hogan Son to Headof Family 17 Not Married Mule Room Cotton Piecer Worker Portlaw Co Waterford Ireland
Bridie Hogan Daughter to HeadOf Family 14 Not Married Cotton Ring Frame Doffer Worker Portlaw Co Waterford Ireland
Mary Hogan Daughter to HeadOf Family 7 Not Married Going to School Portlaw Co Waterford Ireland
229 9 Cocker Hill Peter Mosley Head 35 Married 11 1 1 Out Door Road Labourer Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Jane Mosley Wife 35 35 Cheshire Stalybridge
William Mosley Son 10 Cheshire Stalybridge
230 11 Cocker Hill Cathaʌrine Neagle Head 60 Widow None County of the Preir Clonmell Ireland
Off Cocker Hill Workshop
231 13 Cocker Hill Albert Newton Head 35 Married 3 Hair Dresser Worker Newcastle Staffordshire
Elizabeth Newton Wife 22 Married 2 2 0 Newcastle Staffordshire
Arthur William Newton Son 3 Newcastle Staffordshire
Albert Henry Newton Daughter 1 Silverdale Staffordshire
232 15 Cocker Hill Elizabeth Davies Head 52 Widow 2 1 1 Charwoman Worker Caergwrle NearWrexham
Harriett Ann Chadwick Daughter 24 Single None Ashton under Lyne Lanc Totally BlindFrom Birth
233 17 Cocker Hill James Brown Husband 51 Married 29 8Years 5 Labourer in Forge Worker Millbrook Staley Cheshire
Lavina Brown Wife 50 50 Married 8Years 8 House Wife Worker Copley Staley Cheshire
Elizabeth Brown Daughter 24 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Millbrook Staley Cheshire
James Brown Son 22 22 Single Piecer Cotton Mill Worker Millbrook Staley Cheshire
John Brown Son 20 Single Piecer Cotton Mill Worker Millbrook Staley Cheshire
Hannah Brown Daughter 16 Ring Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Millbrook Staley Cheshire
George Brown Son 14 Scavenger Cotton Mill Worker Staleybridge Cheshire
Staleybridge Cheshire
234 19 Cocker Hill William Doherty Head 35 Single House Painter Worker Lancashire Wigan
Hannah Doyle Servant 38 Married 14 2 2 General Servant Domestic At Home New Mills Derby
235 21 Cocker Hill James Cook Head 66 Married 42 12 10 2 Retired Engineer Stalybridge Chester
Eliza Ann Cook Wife 60 60 Married No Business Hollingworth Chester
Jane Cook Daughter 36 Single Cotton Mill Worker Cardroom Worker At Home Stalybridge Chester
Harold Cook Son 19 Single Cotton Mill Worker Cardroom Worker Stalybridge Chester
Hilda Cook Grandaughter 6 None Worker Stalybridge Chester
236 21Cocker Hill Ada Saward Visitor 40 Single Deaconess Worker Clerkenwell London
Ho Maggie Halcro Visitor 28 Single Artificial Flower Maker Worker Orkney Islands Scotland Born Blind
Cecilia Alice Partridge Visitor 23 Single Artificial Flower Maker Worker Herts Bushey
Annie Eliza Harvey Visitor 21 Single Artificial Flower Maker Worker Lancs Liverpool
Ellen Binfield Visitor 19 Single Artificial Flower Maker Worker Islington London
From the John Groom's Crippleage London
237 23 Cocker Hill John Kenworthy Gartside Son 29 Single Yarn Salesman Yarn Merchant Worker Stalybridge Lancs
George Edward Gartside Son 24 Single Engineers Draughtsman Gas Engine Makers Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
238 25 Cocker Hill Robert Whitworth Saxon Head 50 Married 20 1 1 Property Owner No Occupation Own Account Stalybridge
Mary Saxon Wife 51 Married At Home Ashton
Harriet Saxon Daughter 17 Single Tailoress Worker Stalybridge
239 27 Cocker Hill John Dunford Oswald Head 39 Married Chemists Shop Assistant Worker Northumberland Blaydon
Margaret Watkin Oswald Wife 37 Married 17 1 1 Durham Darlington
Reginald Oswald Son 16 Single Joiners Apprentice Worker Durham Stockton on Tees
240 29 Cocker Hill Mary H H Lindop Head 28 Single Woolen Warper Woolen Manuf Worker Hulme Staff
Jennie Lindop Sister 26 Single Insurance Agent Worker Hulme Staff
241 31 Cocker Hill William Langton Head 58 Married 34 8 7 1 Out of Work Publishers Traveller Dunlee Ireland
Mabel Langton Daughter 28 28 Single Cotton Weaver Worker W Bromwich
Lillian Langton Daughter 27 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Birmingham Staff
Elsie Langton Daughter 20 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Oldham Lanc
242 33 Cocker Hill Joseph Richardson Leather Head 36 Married Maker–Up Calico Calico Print Works Worker Lancashire Salford
Alice May Richardson Leather Wife 35 Married 6 1 1 Lancashire Salford
Eric Richardson Leather Son 5 Lancashire Salford
243 35 Cocker Hill Thomas Stazicker Holden Head 46 Married 19 3 3 Printers Traveller Own Account At Home Croston Lancashire
Sarah Jane Holden Wife 44 44 Married Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
Minnie Holden DaughterSingle 19 Single Winder Cotton Cotton Mill Worker Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
Jennie Holden Daughter 8 Single Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
Lizzie Holden Daughter 70 Single Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire
244 37 Cocker Hill Henry James Stevens Head 54 Married Machinists Labourer Worker Leicestershire Barkstone
Jane Stevens Wife 61 Married 22 2 2 0 Glo'shire Cheltenham
Ethel Ann Stevens Daughter 21 Single Weaver Worker Yorkshire Saddlworth
John Henry Stevens Son 16 Single Butcher's Apprentice Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
245 39 Cocker Hill Thomas Heath Head 49 Married 30 9 5 4 Police Pensioner Own Account At Home Leigh Bank Staff
Harriet Ann Heath Wife 50 50 Married 30 Housekeeper Own Account At Home Lancs Stalybridge
Ethel Heath Daughter 19 19 Single Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Bertha Heath Daughter 15 15 Single Weaver Cotton Mill Worker Lancs Stalybridge
George Heath Son 6 School School Lancs Stalybridge
246 39 Cocker Hill W G N Heath Son 29 Widower One 1 1 Check Weighman Globe Wks Ironworks Worker Lancs Stalybridge
247 North Bank Cocker Hill Samuel Brooks Head 34 Married 12 Commercial Traveller Wholesale Provisions Worker Lancashire Kearsley
Mary Eliza Brooks Wife 33 Married 12 1 1 Cheshire Hyde
Dorothy May Brooks Daughter 10 School Cheshire Stalybridge
248 41 Cocker Hill Amanda Lees Wife 57 Married 37 11 10 One Housewife Ashton Lancashire
Edmund Lees Head 59 Married Cotton Spinner Minder Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John Lees Son 27 Single Iron Worker in Sheet Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Edith Lees Daughter 23 23 Single Winder in Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Edmund Lees Son 21 Single Clerk G C Rly Accounts Dept Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Alice Lees Daughter 17 17 Single Winder in Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Ethel Lees Daughter 12 12 Still Attending School Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
John Fletcher Boarder 24 Single Black Dyer of Cloth Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
249 43 Cocker Hill Walter Sykes Head 49 Married Ironmonger Secretary Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Alice Sykes Wife 47 Married 24 None Cheshire Stalybridge
250 45 Cocker Hill Arthur Johnson Head 48 Married 25 Boot Salesman Boot Warehouse Worker Macclesfield Cheshire
Emily Johnson Wife 46 Married 25 5 5 0 Household Duties Home Kidsgrove Staffordshire
Hilda Johnson Daughter 20 Single Boot Saleswoman Boot Warehouse Worker Congleton Cheshire
Sidney Johnson Son 16 Single Machanic Apprentice Worker Seedley Manchester
Arthur Johnson Son 14 Single Grocers Apprentice Worker Atherton Lancashire
Gwendoline Johnson Daughter 8 School Stalybridge Cheshire
251 47 Cocker Hill William Cooke Head 60 Married 36 6 4 2 Chapel Care Taker Chapelkeeper Worker Staly Bridge
Betty Cooke Wife 61 Married Staly Bridge
Joseph Cooke Son 33 Single Cotton Operative Worker Staly Bridge
Mary Cooke Daughter 31 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Staly Bridge
252 49 Cocker Hill Eli Carter Head 45 Married 15 2 2 0 Cut Looker Worker Staly Bridge
Sarah Ann Carter Wife 42 42 Married House Duty Guide Bridge
Vera Carter Daughter 13 13 Card Room Cotton Carder Worker Staly Bridge
Herbert Carter Son 12 School Staly Bridge
253 51 Cocker Hill Walter Taylor Head 32 Married Machine Tool Grinder Nailworks Worker Cheshire Staly Bridge
Florence Taylor Wife 31 Married 6 1 1 0 Cheshire Staly Bridge
Evelyn Taylor Daughter 2 Cheshire Staly Bridge
254 53 Cocker Hill Amelia Shaw Head 43 Single Private Means Lancashire Stalybridge
Ada Shaw Sister 39 Single Elementary School Teacher Church School Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Ada Hadfield Visitor 36 Single Elementary School Teacher Church School Worker Manchester
255 Prospect House Cocker Hill Hezekiah Sykes Head 57 Married 31 Retired Grocer Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Ann Amelia Sykes Wife 57 Married 31 6 6 None At Home Durham Langley
Clara Sykes Daughter 29 Single School Teacher Municipal Worker Lancashire Mossley
Ellen Sykes Daughter 25 Single Assists in Housework Dukinfield At Home Lancashire Mossley
Mary Sykes Daughter 22 Single School Teacher Mossley Council Worker Lancashire Mossley
Joseph Sykes Son 17 Single Woollen Warper Worker Lancashire Mossley
Arthur Butland AdoptedSon 17 Single Clerk Accounts Worker Lancashire Mossley
Mary Ellen Griffiths Servant 20 Single Domestic Servant Worker Shropshire Longden
256 10 Cocker Hill John William Cropper Head 37 Married 11 None Cotton Loom Overlooker Cotton Manufacture Worker Stalybridge Lanck
Hannah Cropper Wife 35 Married 11 None Hyde Cheshire
257 8 Cocker Hill Taylor Betsy Head 50 Single At Home Staly Bridge Cheshire
Taylor Frank Brother 38 Single Clerk With Railway Carting Agent Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
Wilson Harriet Sister 43 Married 16 3 1 2 Clerk Railway Carting Agent Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
Old St Georges Church
258 6 Cocker Hill Rachel Maden Head 67 Widow 25 7 5 2 Shopkeeper Dealer in Groceries Own Account At Home Cheshire Stalybridge
Herbert Maden Son 32 Married UnderOne 1 1 0 Assurance Agent Wesley & GeneralAssurance Society Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Sarah Hannah Maden Daughter in Law 21 Married UnderOne 1 1 0 Cheshire Stalybridge
Mabel Maden Grand Daughter FourMonths Cheshire Stalybridge
259 2 Cocker Hill Sarah Parkinson Wife 61 Widow 40 7 6 1 Stalybridge
Robert Parkinson Son 35 35 Married Labourer Worker Worker Chestshire Dukinfield
John William Parkinson Son 24 Married C Cotton Stalybridge
Martha Ann Parkinson Daughter 21 Married Card Room Spinning Stalybridge
Mary Jane Parkinson Daughter 24 Single Ring Spinner Worker Worker Stalybridge
Berther Parkinson Daughter 21 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Worker Stalybridge
James Parkinson Son 18 Single No Occupation Cripple from Infancy At Home Stalybridge
Margaret Parkinson Gran Daughter 8 At Home At School Manchester
260 4 Cocker Hill William Henry Bell Head 44 Married 23 3 3 Labour Forge Worker India
Elizabeth Bell Wife 46 Married 23 Housewife Tyldesley Lanc
Jessie Bell Daughter 23 Single Winders Cotton Worker Staly Bridge
Elsie Bell Daughter 18 Single Winders Cotton Worker Staly Bridge
Thomas Richard Bell Son 8 Single School Atherton Lanc
261 1 Heaps Tce Cocker Hill Hannah Buckley Head 44 Married 19 2 1 1 “At Home”Housekeeper Stalybridge
Percy Buckley Son 18 Single Apprentice to Mechanic Textile Machine Fitter Worker Stalybridge
262 2 Heaps Tce Cocker Hill Jeannie Rigg Wife 21 Married 3 1 1 Cotton Operative Worker Lancashire Ashton U Lyne
Hera Rigg Daughter 2 Lancashire Stalybridge
263 2a Heaps Tce Cocker Hill Benjamin F Beard Head 51 Married 16 Architects Draughtsman Worker Lancashire Oldham
Grace W Beard Wife 63 63 Married 16 None None None Housekeeper Kirkinner Wigtownshire
Mary Hall Lodger 56 Widow 3 1 2 Cotton Operative Winder Worker Denbigh Chirk
264 3 Heaps Tce Cocker Hill Susannah Charnly Head 44 44 Married 20 3 2 1 Reeler Worker Cheshire Dukinfield
Robert J Charnly Son 19 19 Mule Room Worker Mill Cockerhill Stalybridge
Edwin E Charnly Son 16 16 Mule Room Worker Mill Cockerhill Stalybridge
265 1 Adshead Street Edward Maloney Head 31 Married 12 5 2 3 Sheet Mill Shearer Worker Bilston Staffordshire
Annie Maloney Wife 29 Married At Home Stalybridge Lancashire
William Maloney Son 7 Stalybridge Lancashire
Edward Maloney Son 6 Stalybridge Lancashire
266 3 Adshead Street Richard Jackson Head 31 Married Iron Miller Engineering General Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Jackson Wife 31 Married 5 1 1 Weaver Cotton Cotton Manuf Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Clara Jackson Daughter 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
267 5 Adshead Street John Manton Head 28 Married 1 1 1 Police Constable Stalybridge Force Worker Leicestershire Loughborough
Mary Ellen Manton Wife 31 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
Constance Mary Manton Daughter 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
Hugh Wagstaff Marsland Father in Law 64 Widower Cheshire Stalybridge
268 7 Adshead Street James Currie Head 48 Married 9 1 1 Assistant Carder Cotton Mill Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lancashire
Clara Currie Wife 32 Married 9 Intermediate Tenter Ashton U Lyne Lancashire
Edna Currie Daughter 23 Single Intermediate Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lancashire
James Jobson Currie Son 17 Single Piecer Cotton Mill Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lancashire
Arthur Stanley Currie Son 6 Stalybridge Lancashire
269 9 Adshead Street Sarah Wightman Head 77 Widow Saddleworth Parish Yorkshire
Thomas Smethurst Boarder 44 Single Police Constable Municipal Service Worker Walkden Lancashire
270 11 Adshead Street George Rigg Head 38 Married Bottler Mineral Water Manf Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Gertrude Mary Rigg Wife 33 Married 7 3 2 1 Frame Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Staffs Stowbridge
Kenneth Rigg Son 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
Gertrude Rigg Daughter 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
271 13 Adshead Street Alexander Wells Head 40 Married 17 3 3 Sergeant of Police Municipal Failsworth Lancashire
Betsy Wells Wife 40 Married 17 At Home Stalybridge Cheshire
John Wells Son 17 Single Clerk to Calico Printers Ass Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Fred Wells Son 15 Clerk for Coal Merchant Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
Margaret Wells Daughter 12 School Stalybridge Cheshire
272 15 Adshead Street Stephen Drury Head 29 Married 8 4 4 Butcher Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Ethel Drury Wife 27 Married Lanc Micklehurst
Eveline Drury Daughter 6 Lanc Stalybridge
Edith Drury Daughter 4 Lanc Stalybridge
Annie Drury Daughter 2 Lanc Stalybridge
William Drury Son 5 Months Lanc Stalybridge
Sarah Drury Mother 65 Widow Lanc Oldham
273 17 Adshead Street Edwin Jones Head 30 Married One None Cotton Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge
Lillie Jones Wife 25 Married One Small Speed Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge
274 19 Adshead Street Hannah Harrop Head 54 54 Widow Cheshire Stalybridge
Lydia Harrop Daughter 27 27 Single Calico Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Harry Harrop Son 25 Single Goods Porter Rly Coy Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Alice Harrop Daughter 21 21 Single Calico Weaver Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
275 6 Heap Street Martin O Brien Head 38 Married 2 6 6 Farm Labourer Worker Mayo Swinford
Mary O Brien Wife 34 TwiceMarried Lancashire Stalybridge
John Flint Son 12 Single School Lancashire Stalybridge
Walter Flint Son 10 Sin School Lancashire Stalybridge
Edwin Flint Son 8 School Lancashire Stalybridge
Frederick Flint Son 5 School Lancashire Stalybridge
Agnes O Brien Daughter 1 Lancashire Stalybridge
James O Brien Son 11 Months Lancashire Stalybridge
Anne Darby Mother in Law 73 Widow Tipperary Clonmell
276 4 Heap Street Ann Lomas Wife 70 Widow 50 y 5 2 3 Grocery &c Mix Business Own Account At Home New Mills Derbyshire Deaf From Birth
277 2 Heap Street George Bennett Head 41 Married 1 None Horseman on Farm Worker Cheshire N K
Martha Bennett Wife 43 Married 1 None Macclesfield Cheshire
Thomas Bennett Son 18 Single Labourer Printworks Worker Castleton Derbyshire
Robert Bennett Son 16 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Castleton Derbyshire
Wilfred Edmund Bennett Son 14 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Ludworth Derbyshire
Hesse Ollerenshaw Bennett Daughter 11 Single School Ludworth Derbyshire
Sarah Elizabeth Bennett Daughter 7 Single School Mossley Lancashire
Frederick Ernest Snow Step Son 12 Single School Birmingham
278 1 Heap Street James Heywood Head 41 Married 18 Millers Corn Mills Worker Stalybridge
Mary Heywood Wife 39 39 Married 18 2 1 1 New Mills Derbyshire
Eva Heywood Daughter 1 West Gorton Manchester
279 3 Heap Street Tom Morris Head 50 Widower 19 9 6 3 Operative Cotton Spinner Cotton Mill Worker Huddersfield Yorks
Maud Morris Daughter 16 Single Back Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lankishire
Gladys Morris Daughter 16 Single Back Tenter Cotton Mill Worker Stalybridge Lankishire
William Morris Son 9 School Full Time Stalybridge Lankishire
Louisa Wilson Housekeeper 50 Single Housekeeper Worker Home Yorks Middlesborough
280 5 Heap Street Joseph Gorman Head 56 Married 10 Years None 3 6 Cotton Grinder Worker Ashton–Under‐Lyne
Elizabeth Gorman Wife 50 Married 10 Years None Stalybridge
William Johnson Son in Law 22 Married Under None Print Work Labourer Worker Stalybridge
Nancy Johnson Daughter 18 Married Under None Card Room Hand Worker Stalybridge
Daniel Lindley Son 15 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Stalybridge
Nellie Gorman Daughter 13 Single School Stalybridge
281 7 Heap Street Michael Darby Head 34 Married 8 Months None Iron Dresser Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Harriet Ann Darby Wife 30 Married Cotton Drawing Tenter Worker Lancashire Rochdale
282 9 Heap Street Samuel Anker Head 46 Married Cotton Spinner Worker Cheshire Birkenhead
Catherine Anker Wife 47 Married 16 4 3 1 Clonmell Co Tipperary
Cecilia Brett Daughter 20 Single Calico Weaver Worker Londonderry Ireland
William Anker Son 15 Single Cotton Cutroom Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Leonard Anker Son 13 Single Cotton Cutroom Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
283 2 Hall Street George Thorp Head 28 Married 8 5 4 1 Blacksmith's Striker Textile Works Worker Cheshire Dukinfield
Charlotte Ann Thorp Wife 27 Married Own Account Cheshire Stalybridge
Annie Thorp Daughter 5 Cheshire Stalybridge
John Thorp Son 2 Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Thorp Daughter 1 Cheshire Stalybridge
284 4 Hall Street James Hirst Head 33 33 Married 9 Years 4 3 1 Carter Coal Coal Merchants Worker Staly Bridge
Margaretta Hirst Wife 28 28 Married 9 Years Card Room Hand Worker Staly Bridge
Elizabeth Hirst Daughter 6 6 Single Staly Bridge
James Hirst Son 5 5 Single Staly Bridge
John Hirst Son 2 2 Single Staly Bridge
Benjamin Thomas Boarder 29 29 Married 10 Years 0 0 0 Cotton Spinner Worker Staly Bridge
6 Hall Street Uninhabited
285 8 Hall Street Stanley Dale Head 28 36 Single Groom Private Worker Llanviangle on Melon Radnorshire
Ann Dale Widow 36 36 Single Weaver Worker Worker Tideswell Derbyshire
Elizabeth Mary Dale Child 8 8 Single OneNone One School Dukinfield Cheshire
286 10 Hall Street Phillis Hobson Head 45 Single 1 1 Card Room Worker Cotton Mill Worker Mottram Lonendale Cheshire
Harry Hobson Son 20 Spinner Cotton Worker Stalybridge Cheshire
287 12 Hall Street George Wrigley Head 29 Married 7 3 2 1 Carter Corn Mills Worker At Home Stalybridge Chesire None
Elizebeth Wrigley Wife 29 Married Wife at Home Stalybridge Chesire
Nora Wrigley Daughter 7 Stalybridge Chesire
Polly Wrigley Daughter 2 Stalybridge Chesire
288 22 Back Avon St Mary Jane Reddeyoff Wife 56 Widow 26 4 3 1 At Home Mossley Stalybridge
Esther Ann Reddeyoff Daughter 30 Married 9 1 1 Mossley Hurst
Bertha Reddeyoff Daughter 22 Married 2 Stalybridge Manchester
Mary Ann Reddeyoff Daughter 18 Single Worker Ring Spinner Worker Stalybridge
289 25 Back Avon St Walter George Stones Head 33 Single Cotton Waste Warehouseman Cotton Waste Worker Shropshire Little Drayton
Amanda Houseley Housekeeper 38 38 Widow 7 7 0 Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Houseley Daughter 15 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Operative Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Albert Houseley Son 13 13 Errand Boy Potato Merchant Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Harold Houseley Son 10 Cheshire Stalybridge
John Frederick Houseley Son 6 Cheshire Stalybridge
Nelly Houseley Daughter 4 4 Cheshire Stalybridge
Ivy Houseley Daughter 3 3 Cheshire Stalybridge
William George Houseley Son Under9 Months Cheshire Stalybridge
Alice Etchells Visitor 67 Cheshire Stalybridge
Thomas Alfred Etchells Visitor 4 Stalybridge Cheshire
290 23 Back Avon St Hannah Mitchell Head 43 Married 7 2 1 1 Dressmaker Own Account At Home Ches Hyde
Ethel Mitchell Daughter 19 Single Laundress Worker Worker Lanc Salford
Florence Mitchell Daughter 15 Single Laundress Worker Worker Lanc Salford
Alice Heywood Lodger 18 Single Setter In Worker Lanc Stalybridge
Arthur Mitchell Son 10 Lanc Stalybridge
21 Back Avon St Uninhabited
291 19 Back Avon St Fred Hall Head 49 Married 20 4 4 Woolen Weaver Worker Worker Cheshire Mill Brook
Sarah Jane Hall Wife 40 Married Lanc Manchester
James Hall Son 18 Single Cotton Piecer Worker Lanc Mossley
Annie Hall Daughter 15 Single Woolen Weaver Worker Lanc Mossley
Frank Hall Son 8 Lanc Mossley
Florrie Hall Daughter 1 Lanc Mossley
292 17 Back Avon St Albert Ormerod Head 30 Married 6 3 3 Iron Workers Labourer Worker Dukinfield Ches
Elizabeth Ormerod Wife 26 26 Married Cotton Mill Hand Worker Stalybridge Ches
Florence Ormerod Daughter 5 Dukinfield Ches
William Ormerod Son 3 Dukinfield Ches
Albert Ormerod Son 11 Months Stalybridge Ches
293 15 Back Avon St C Wm Bailey Head 33 Married 10 Years 6 5 1 Fish Dealer Worker Manchester
Sarah Ann Bailey Wife 31 Married 10 Years Assisting in Business Worker At Home Sprink Bank Staleybridge
Harriet Bailey Daughter 10 Millbrook Staley
Rhoda Bailey Daughter 8 Millbrook Staley
Fred Bailey Son 7 Millbrook Staley
Sidonie Bailey Daughter 5 Millbrook Staley
Mary Ann Bailey Daughter 2 Staleybridge
James Longley Brother in Law 20 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Black Rock
294 13 Back Avon St David Bowe Son 34 Single Labourer Forge Worker Irland
Catherine Bowe Mother 61 Widow 33 7 4 3 Cotton Operative Stalybridge
Mary Bowe Sister 36 Single Cotton Frame Tenter Worker Stalybridge
Catherine Bowe Neice 10 Scool Stalybridge
Mary Lynskey Aunt 66 Single Irland
295 11 Back Avon St William Morrison Head 26 Married 5 Years 2 2 0 Carter Corn Factor Worker Lancashire Dukinfield
Mary Hannah Morrison Wife 25 25 Married Lancashire Ashton
Pheobe Morrison Daughter 4 Cheshire Dukinfield
Alice Morrison Daughter 3 Cheshire Dukinfield
Boarder Joe Cook Boarder 40 Carter Corn Factor Worker Cheshire Dukinfield
Sam Potts Brother in Law 20 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Lancashire Ashton
296 9 Back Avon St John Henry Baxter Father 70 Widower 32 4 3 1 Old Age Pensioner Jack Staly Bridge Lancashire
Mary Hannah Marsh Daughter 35 35 Married 14 4 3 1 Weaver Cotton Leech Staly Bridge Cheshire
Percy Marsh Gran Son 14 Ring Framer Mill Brook Sp Co Staly Bridge Cheshire
Alice Marsh Grand Daughter 12 12 School Part Saint Pauls Staly Bridge Lancashire
Harry Marsh Grand Son 9 School Saint Pauls Staly Bridge Cheshire
297 7 Back Avon St James Booth Head 40 Married 17 9 4 5 Close and Healing Furnessman Globe Ironworks Worker Lancs Stalybridge
Bertha Booth Wife 37 Married Warehouse Worker Waste Dealer Worker Lancs Stalybridge
William Booth Son 17 Single Labourer Forge Globe Ironworks Worker Lancs Stalybridge
George Harry Booth Son 10 Lancs Stalybridge
Alfred Booth Son 7 Lancs Stalybridge
Dorris Booth Daughter 4 Lancs Stalybridge
George Harry Etchells Boader 33 Single 1 1 Labourer Forge Worker Lancs Stalybridge
298 5 Back Avon St Robert Lee Head 30 Single Bricklayer Worker Stalybridge
Herbert Brother 16 Single Little Piecer Worker Stalybridge
Mary Ann Moores Housekeeper 29 29 Single At Home At Home Oldham
299 3 Back Avon St Robert Howarth Head 47 Married 21 4 3 1 Out of Work Rochdale
Mary Howarth Wife 40 Married Ring Spinner Worker Ireland Waterford
James Howarth Son 19 Single Iron Sheet Worker Globe Iron Works Worker Cheshire Millbrook
Robert Howarth Son 16 Single Cotton Spinner Worker Cheshire Millbrook
Sylvester John Howarth Son 10 School Cheshire Millbrook
William Beard Boarder 44 Married 23 Cotton Spinner Worker Cheshire Millbrook
300 1 Back Avon St Samuel Bell Smith Head 22 Married One None Forgeman In Sheets Worker Mossley Yorks
Ethel Bell Smith Wife 19 19 Married Jack Frame Tenter Cotton Worker Millbrook
301 2 Back Avon St Joseph Hodgkinson Head 50 Married 22 2 Club Steward Freemason Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Fanny Hodgkinson Wife 43 Married 22 2 1 1 Club Stewardess Freemason Worker Lancashire Ashton Under Lyne
Frank Hodgkinson Son 17 Single Law Clerk Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
302 4 Back Avon St Harry Wood Head 29 Married 5 2 2 0 Carter Worker Lancs Staly Bridge
Beatrice Wood Wife 25 Married Devon Exeter
Harry Wood Son 4 Single Devon Exeter
Violet Wood Daughter 2 Single Lancs Staly Bridge
Philip James Lovell Boarder 48 Widower Carter Worker Devon Ilfracombe
William Jame Burnett Boarder 28 Married Carter Worker Devon Exeter
303 6 Back Avon St Godley Hopwood Father 65 Married 25 11 3 8 Brick Setters Labourer Stalybridge Lancashire
Sarah Jane Hopwood Mother 49 Married 25 Home Stalybridge Lancashire
Jane Hopwood Daughter 22 Single Cotton Weaver Riverside Mill Stalybridge Lancashire
Tom Hopwood Son 14 14 Single Cotton Piecer Egmont Stalybridge Lancashire
Edwin Hopwood Son 10 10 Single School Old St Georges Stalybridge Lancashire
George Sellers Boarder 32 32 Single Labourer Printworks Buckton Vale Stalybridge Lancashire
304 8 Back Avon St Ann True Head 35 Widow 8 4 4 Frame Tenter Worker Stalybridge
Harry True Son 10 Single School Stalybridge
Elizabeth True Daughter 6 Single School Stalybridge
Edith True Daughter 3 Single Infant Stalybridge
305 1 Robson Buildings George Holden Head 54 Married 11 3 1 2 Labourer Stalybridge Lancashire
Lettice Ann Holden Wife 49 49 Married Home Work 1 Stalybridge Lancashire
Florence Holden Daughter 15 15 Single Weaver Stalybridge Lancashire
306 2 Robson Buildings Maria Kendall Head 73 Widow 52 4 2 Retired Old Age Pension At Home Stalybridge Lan
307 3 Robson Buildings Frederick C Parsons Head 27 Married 9 3 3 0 Carter Corn Miller Worker Exeter Devon
Alice Maud Parsons Wife 27 Married Exeter Devon
Betty Alice Parsons Daughter 8 Single Exeter Devon
Lizzie Lucy Parsons Daughter 4 Single Exeter Devon
Charles Frederick Parsons Son 1 1 Stalybridge
308 4 Robsons Buildings Harry Fielding Son 24 Single Carter Corn Mill Worker Souracre Cheshire
Mary Jane Fielding Mother 49 49 Married 2 1 1 Reeler Worker Souracre Cheshire
Wright Hadfield Boarder 42 Single Carter Worker Manchester City
309 10 Back Avon Street Fred Bettsworth Head 22 21 Married 1 Year 1 1 Machine Man Nail Shop Worker Stalybridge
Margret Bettsworth Wife 21 21 Married Card Room Hand Bennett Finch Stalybridge
Florence Bettsworth Baby 1 m 1 m Stalybridge
310 1 Avon Street Shop Uninhabited
310 3 Avon Street Uninhabited
310 4 Avon Street James Boal Head 47 Married 20 9 9 Engraver Worker Glasgow Scot
Sarah Boal Wife 38 38 Married Domestic Manchester
James Boal Son 19 Single Iron Worker Worker Glasgow
Gerty Boal Daughter 18 18 Single Cotton Operative Worker Manchester
John Boal Son 17 Single Labourer Worker Ireland Belfast
Fred Boal Son 16 Single Labourer Worker Manchester
Tomas Boal Son 14 Single School Glasgow
Joseph Boal Son 9 Single School Mancter
Katie Boal Daughter 7 7 Single School Mancter
Mary Jane Boal Daughter 2 2 Single Stalybridge
Eveline Boal Daughter 9 Months 9 Months Single Stalybridge
311 2 Avon Street George Osbaldeston Head 32 Married 5 Nil Plate Moulder Preston
Mary Kate Osbaldeston Wife 30 Married 5 Nil Cotton Operative Stalybridge
Elizabeth Osbaldeston Boarder 36 Single Cotton Operative Ireland Belfast
312 5 Avon Street Thomas Bettsworth Head 37 Married 16 Yrs 9 4 5 Cab Driver Worker Yorkshire
Elizabeth Ann Bettsworth Wife 35 Married Washer Woman Worker Ashton Lan
Mary Elizabeth Bettsworth Daughter 16 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Manuf Worker Bury
Margaret Bettsworth Daughter 12 Single School Stalybridge Ches
Mary Bettsworth Daughter 5 Single School Stalybridge Ches
Gladys Bettsworth Daughter 3 Single School Stalybridge Ches
7 Avon Street Uninhabited
313 6 Avon Street John Robinson Head 47 Married 23 4 2 2 Labourer Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Jane A Robinson Wife 44 Married Frame Tenter Worker Dukinfield Ches
William Robinson Son 17 45 Single Iron Worker Worker Stalybridge Lanc
Harry Robinson Son 11 38 School Stalybridge Lanc
314 8 Avon Street Allen Eastwood Head 34 Married 14 5 5 None Cotton Spinner Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
Annie E Eastwood Wife 35 Married Bradford York
Lena Eastwood Daughter 13 Ring Spinner Worker Staly Bridge Cheshire
Sarah Ann Eastwood Daughter 11 School Staly Bridge Cheshire
Sam Eastwood Son 8 Staly Bridge Cheshire
Hannah Daughter 7 Staly Bridge Cheshire
Frank Son 4 Staly Bridge Cheshire
Minnie Daughter 1 Staly Bridge Cheshire
315 10 Avon Street William Jefferson Head 29 Married “Under General Labourer Worker Lanc Warrington
Harriet Ann Jefferson Wife 28 Married One” “None” Lanc Stalybridge
316 12 Avon Street Alfred Briggs Head 45 Married 19 Years 6 4 2 Stone Mason Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Mary Briggs Wife 38 Married 19 Years Ring Spinner Cotton Manuf Worker Holloway Shropshire
Sarah Briggs Daughter 18 Single Ring Spinner Cotton Manuf Worker Ashton–U–Lyne Lan
James Alfred Briggs Son 16 16 Single Printers Labourer Calico Printing Worker Dukinfield Cheshire
Florence Briggs Daughter 8 Single School School Dukinfield Cheshire
Charles Edwin Briggs Son 6 6 Single School School Ashton–U–Lyne Lan
Arthur Travis Boarder 18 Single Cotton Spinner Cotton Manufacturing Worker Ashton–U–Lyne Lan
317 14 Avon Street John Nield Head 48 Married Under None Striker Millwrights Worker Portlaw Co Waterford Resident
Jane Nield Wife 48 Married One Montgomery Garthbelio
John Duckworth Stepson 17 Single Assistant Cut Looker Calico Weaving Warehouse Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Harold Duckworth Step–Son 15 Single Piecer Cotton Cotton Spinning Mill Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
Evan Duckworth Step–Son 11 School Cheshire Stalybridge
Ada Duckworth Step–Daughter 9 Lancs Stalybridge
Tom Duckworth Step–Son 6 Lancs Stalybridge
John William Nield Son 14 Piecer Cotton Cotton Spinning Mill Worker Cheshire Stalybridge
318 16 Avon Street Edward Harben Head 53 Married General Labourer Worker Cambridgeshire Tadlow
Elizabeth Harben Wife 52 Married 28 9 7 2 Lincolnshire Leasingham
Osborne Harben Son 19 Single Calico Printers Labourer Worker Yorkshire Denholme
John Harben Son 17 Single Calico Printers Labourer Worker Yorkshire Golcar
Martha Harben Daughter 16 Single Yorkshire Marsden
Nora Harben Daughter 14 Ring Spinning Doffer Worker Cheshire Mossley
Elizabeth Harben Daughter 10 School Cheshire Mossley
319 13 Avon Street Miss Reed Head 39 39 Single Frame Tenter Cotton Master Worker Stalybridge
Miss Reed Aunt 54 Single Working at Home Own Account Home Stalybridge
Master Harold Reed Son 6 School Stalybridge
320 15 Avon Street George Hy Gill Head 39 Married 21 12 4 8 Joinery Gas Engine Works Worker No Stalybridge
Elizabeth Gill Wife 40 40 Married Hazle Grove
John Gill Son 19 Single Labourer Gas Worker No Stalybridge
Edwin Gill Son 11 Single Stalybridge
Harry Gill Son 9 Single Stalybridge
321 18 Avon Street Annie Byrom Head 40 Married 20 4 No Occupation Stalybridge
Albert Byrom Son 16 Single Carbrook Printworks Worker Stalybridge
William Byrom Son 12 Scholar Stalybridge
John Byrom Son 7 Scholar Stalybridge
Thomas Byrom Son 5 Stalybridge
322 20 Avon Street Ellen Young Head 58 5858 Widow 20 14 9 5 Ireland Dublin
Henry Young Son 17 17 Single Brass Finishers Worker Chester Stalybridge
Edith Young Daughter 16 Single Cotton Weaver Worker Chester Stalybridge
323 1 Lees Street George Swift Head 43 Married 22 5 5 Gas Engineers Manufacturers Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Mary Swift Wife 47 47 Married Goole Yorkshire
Fred Swift Son 21 Single Peicer Cotton Manufacturers Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
James Swift Son 18 Single Warehouseman Cotton Manufacturers Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Hilda Swift Daughter 15 Single Weaver Cotton Manufacturers Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
George Swift Son 13 Single Peicer Cotton Manufacturers Worker Lancashire Stalybridge
Janey Swift Daughter 8 Single School Lancashire Stalybridge
324 1 Ayton Street Thomas Barlow Head 47 Married 15 2 2 Letter Carrier Post Office Worker Haughton Denton Lancs None
Elizabeth Hodgson Visitor 36 Married 14 Nil No Occupation Colne Lancashire None
Margaret Ann Thompson Visitor 54 Married 14 Nil No Occupation Colne Lancashire None
325 3 Ayton Street John Edward Burgess Head 33 Married 8 3 3 0 Builders Labourer Contractor Worker New Mills Derbyshire
Mrs J Burgess Wife 29 Married Stalybridge Cheshire
Walter Burgess Son 7 Single School Stalybridge Cheshire
Fred Burgess Son 4 Single Stalybridge Cheshire
Jack Burgess Son 1 Single Stalybridge Cheshire
326 5 Ayton Street Thomas Garlick Head 75 Married 30 8 5 3 Derbyshire Whalley Bridge
Mary Ann Garlick Wife 50 Married Piureen Cornwall
Wm Thos Garlick Son 28 28 Single Paviour Worker Lanc Hurst
Mary Garlick Daughter 18 Single Cotton Ring Spinner Worker Chester Stalybridge
327 7 Ayton Street James Troy Head 35 Married Stocktaker Ironworks Globe Iron Works Worker Stalybridge
Rachel Ann Troy Wife 30 30 Married Years 5 4 1 Stalybridge Millbrook
Annie Troy Daughter 7 7 Stalybridge
Elizabeth Troy Daughter 4 4 Stalybridge
Florence Troy Daughter 3 3 Stalybridge
Mary Troy Daughter 9 Months Stalybridge
328 9 Ayton Street John Wilkinson Head 50 Married Railway Carter Railway Stalybridge
Betty Wilkinson Wife 46 46 Married 21 5 5 Ashton–U–Lyne
Robert Wilkinson Son 20 Single Printworks Labourer Printworks Stalybridge
Joseph Wilkinson Son 18 Single Cotton Piecer Cotton Mill Hurst Ashton
Harry Wilkinson Son 15 Single Cotton Piecer Cotton Mill Millbrook Stayley
Jane Wilkinson Daughter 13 13 At Home Millbrook Stayley
Phyllys Wilkinson Daughter 8 8 School Stalybridge
329 11 Ayton Street Joseph Henry Backhouse Head 26 Married 4 2 2 0 Labourer Cotton Cotton Mill Worker Cheshire Waterloo
Louisa Backhouse Wife 24 Married Cheshire Stalybridge
Mary Backhouse Daughter 3 Single Cheshire Dukinfield
Joseph Henry Backhouse Son 1 Single Cheshire Dukinfield
330 13 Ayton Street John Wood Head 50 Married 34 1 1 0 Builders Labourer Contractor Worker Lanc Ashton u Lyne
Sarah Wood Wife 54 Married 34 1 1 0 Cheshire Stalybridge
John Wood Grand Child 10 Single School Cheshire Stalybridge
Sarah Wood Grand Child 7 7 Single School Cheshire Stalybridge
Albert Lofthouse Boarder 48 Married 28 2 2 0 Stripper & Grinder Cotton Mill Worker Derbyshire Hadfield
331 18 Back Avon Street Joseph Wood Head 53 Married 30 7 4 3 Painters Labourer Worker Staly Bridge Lancashire
Marina Grayson Wood Wife 53 Married Staly Bridge Lancashire
Arthur Wood Son 19 Single Printworks Labourer Worker Staly Bridge Lancashire
William Wood Son 14 Ring Frame Doffer Worker Staly Bridge Lancashire
Annie Wood Daughter 11 Scholar Staly Bridge Lancashire
Rhoda Wood Daughter 6 Scholar Staly Bridge Lancashire
Joseph Monaghan Boarder 26 Married 5 3 2 1 Carter Corn Miller Worker Staly Bridge Lancashire
Maud Monaghan Wife 26 Married Staly Bridge Lancashire
Doris Monaghan Daughter 4 Staly Bridge Lancashire
Jack Monaghan Son 2 Staly Bridge Lancashire
332 16 Back Avon Street Harry Bredbury Head 36 Single Coal Carter Coal Merchant Worker Stalybridge
Jemima Hall Boarder 32 32 Single Winder Cotton Cotton Mill Worker Chirk
333 C/o 168 Stamford StHouse in Yard James Breen Head 76 Married 30 None Nil Chester Stalybridge
Elizabeth Breen Wife 74 74 Married 30 None Nil Chester Stalybridge
334 2 Water Street Albert Sidebottom Head 32 Married 8 2 1 1 Hairdresser Own Account At Home Lanc Town N K
Agnes Sidebottom 31 Married Lanc Town N K
Water Street Warehouses 2
Water Street Office
Stamford Street Old St Georges Day School
Old Street Stable
Tame Side Paper Mills
River Side & River Meadow Cotton Mills
End of Ecclesiastical Parish of Old St George (Part of)

©Antony Lambert