Ashton Under Barracks was later named Ladysmith Barracks following the heroic deeds of the Manchester Regiment in the Boer War.

This is the 1861 Census when it appears that apart from one or two administrators the Barracks was empty.

Parish or Township of Ecclesiastical District of City or Borough of Town of Village of
Ashton Under Lyne

No. ofSchedule

Road, Street &c., and No. or Name ofHouse


Name and Surname of EachPerson

Relationto Head ofFamily


Age of

Rank, Profession, or Occupation

Where Born

WhetherBlind, or Deaf-and-Dumb


Unin-habited(U) orBuilding(B)



144 Barracks 1 Henry Rowland Head Married 58 Supt Barrack Serjeant Great Baddow Essex
Elizabeth Rowland Wife Married 44 House Duties Lancashire Bolton
Teresa Rowland Daughter Married 20 Gosport Hants
Eliza Ann Pickley Niece Married 14 Lancashire Bolton
John Bacon Head Married 49 Chelesea Pensioner (Sutler) Wilts Wilton
Charlotte Bacon Wife Married 43 Essex Plaistow
Charlotte Bacon Daughter Unmarried 16 Middlesex Westminster
Mary Ann Bacon Daughter 14 Middlesex Westminster
John Thos Bacon Son 12 Scholar Middlesex Westminster
Louisa Jane Bacon Daughter 7 Scholar Bengal EI British Subject
James Halby Head Married 34 Librarian Balincae Carlow Ireland
Sarah Halby Wife Married 32 Cumberland Carlisle
Mary Ann Halby Daughter 9 Clare Castle Ireland
Margaret Halby Daughter 3 Maugherd Ireland
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