County of Lancaster Parliamentary Division
Hundred, Wapentake, Soke, or Liberty Salford
Parish of Ashton Under Lyne
Township of AudenshawTown District (Part of)
City, or Borough, or Town or County Corporate of
Within the Limits of the Parliamentary Boundary of the City or Borough of
Within the Municipal Boundary of
Superintendent Registrar's District Ashton & Oldham
Registrar's District Audenshaw and Droylsden
No. of Enumeration District 1
Description of Ditto All that part of of the Division
of Audenshaw called Hooley hill
commencing at John Mills Denton
Lane embracing both sides of the
Ashton Turnpike Road terminating
on the East side of Print Street
at Thomas Prings and on the west
side at the Wesleyan School.
Little Lane and New Road to
Shepley Bridge inclusive.

©Antony Lambert