County And Parliamentary Division of

Within the limits of the Parliamentary
Boundary of the City or Borough of

Within the Municipal Boundary of

Superintendent Registrar's District

Registrar's District

No. of

South Lancashire ———— ———— Ashtonunder Lyne Hartshead 1j

Description of Enumeration District

All that part of the parish of Ashton under Lyne which comprises part
of the proposed Ecclesiastical District of St George's Chapel Moſsley
commencing at and including the White Hart Inn Moſsley and all
Stockport and Ashton Turnpike Road until Lancashire joins Yorkshire
and also Moſsley Cross, the Top, the Smithy, Dingle, Bankside,
Smeath Meadow, Waterton, Bank Cottage, Lime Field, Stansfield,
Willow Cottage, Brown Edge, Top o'th Heights, Luzley, Luzley Smithy,
and all houses on the west of Luzley bewteen and Hazlehurst including
the two houses on the easterly side of the Turnpike road at Hazlehurst
and also including Three Corner Nook, Latham Hall Tongue Bottom
and Dirt Farm but not any of the houses at Junction in Hazlehurst
or the westerly side of the Stockport and Ashton Turnpike Road.

©Antony Lambert