County And Parliamentary Division of

Within the limits of the Parliamentary
Boundary of the City or Borough of

Within the Municipal Boundary of

Superintendent Registrar's District

Registrar's District

No. of

South Lancashire ———— The Town ofStalybridge Ashtonunder Lyne Hartshead 1o

Description of Enumeration District

All that part of the Parish of Ashton Under Lyne which comprises
part of the Ecclesiastical District of St John's Church Hurst bounded
on the east by the last mentioned Enumeration District and
consequently including Hurst Knowl, Pot Hill, and that portion of
Hurst Brooks which is bounded on the west and including the
old Highway leading from Ashton to Hurst adjoining Firs Estate (
including all houses adjoining such old Highway on both sides),
on the east by the Hurst Brook and on the south pertly by the
middle of an entry which divides the shop occupied by James
Whitworth from the Ring O' Bells Inn and in other part by an
imaginary line to be drawn from the middle of such entry
to Mr John Holmes' new Factory Chimney at Smallshaw

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