Superintendent Registrar's DistrictAshton Under Lyne
Enumeration District, No.10
Registrar's Sub-DistrictHartshead
Name of Enumerator, Mr.James Newton Oulton


[This description is to be written by the Enumerator from the Copy supplied to him by the Registrar. Any explanatory notes or observations calculated to the make the description cleareror more complete may be made by the Enumerator].

All that part of the Parish of Ashton Under Lyne commencing at but not inluding the shop
at Hurst Cross occupied by Thomas Andrew and taking all Homes on the North East side of the Old Highway leading
from Ashton through Hurst Cross to Hazlehurst as far as the Road End turning down to Nook then both
sides of that road to but not including the Thatched House Beerhouse and the one behind it but including
every house at Nook and also every house at Top oth' Hill also the two houses occupied by John
Kershaw and John Charlesworth then including every house down the old highway from Ashton to
Hazlehurst;– All homes at Hazlehurst, Highfield Cottage, Moss de lee, Dry Roads and all homes (if any)
on the Northwest side of the Stockport and Ashton Turnpike Road between Hazlehurst and Hurst New
Road. All houses (if any)on the East side of Hurst New Road between the Stockport and Ashton
Turnpike Road and Hurst Cross and also including all the homes in King Street and Rose Hill,

©Antony Lambert