Superintendent Registrar's DistrictAshton Under Lyne
Enumeration District, No.12
Registrar's Sub-DistrictHartshead
Name of Enumerator, Mr.Henry Lofthouse


[This description is to be written by the Enumerator from the Copy supplied to him by the Registrar. Any explanatory notes or observations calculated to the make the description cleareror more complete may be made by the Enumerator].

This district consists of all that part of the Parish of Ashton Under Lyne bounded in the north by the
new road leading from Botany to Queen Street. On the east by and including Queen St,
west by an imaginary line to be drawn from the south corner of Prospect Cottage to the Corner of
the shop occupied by James Knowles at the corner of Mossley Road.

In the Ecclesiasttical District of St John's Church Hurst.

In consequence of not having a sufficient supplyan error in the condition of the district we had not enough of schedules I applied to another enumerator
in the district for some. These were already numbered and I had to number them over again, thus causing
some of the schedules to have two numbers on them.

The only contractions used are in the words Power Looms. P being used for Power. L for Loom.

©Antony Lambert