Superintendent Registrar's DistrictAshton Under Lyne
Enumeration District, No.8a
Registrar's Sub-DistrictHartshead
Name of Enumerator, Mr.Edward Wright


[This description is to be written by the Enumerator from the Copy supplied to him by the Registrar. Any explanatory notes or observations calculated to the make the description cleareror more complete may be made by the Enumerator].

All that part of Ashton Parish bounded on the north by the Boundary between Saddleworth
and Mossley, on the East by a new road from Mossley to Mossley Brow called Stamford Road,
on the South by an imaginary line to be drawn from Mossley Cross to a place in Old Mossley Brow
called Vale Side and on the East by the Stockport and Ashton Turnpike Road, and which
includes all houses at Brookbottom in Hartshead District, Waterton, The Parsonage,
all houses on the East side of the said Turnpike Road, between Mossley Cross and the Parsonage, and
including both all the houses in Mossley in the street called Chapel Street, Backsquare,
Wire Street, Arrundale Street, Stamford St, and both sides of Stamford Road as far as
the Mechanics Institution and also Seel Fold, West Cottages and those Cottages at Vale Side
which are on the top or East side of Mossley Brow (George Street and Albion Street)

NB.In all cases where the following terms are inserted under the Head of Rank Profession or Occupation they must be understood
(unless otherwise distinguished) to apply to operations in the Manufacture or preparation of Cotton. Viz:– “Reeler” - “Weaver” - “Power Loom
Weaver”, “Piecer” - “Mule Piecer” - “Spinner” - “Grinder” - “Frame Tenter” - “Speed Tenter” - “Card Room Hand” - “Carder” - “Self Acting (or Actor) Minder”
- “Twiner” - “Cotton Stripper” - “Card Grinder” - Weavers (unless otherwise distinguished) are all Cotton Power Loom Weavers - Woollen Weavers being
principally hand loom weavers. - Labourers not otherwise distinguished being workers in Cotton Mills.–

NB. The above observations Equally apply to the Book “B” No 8 District.

©Antony Lambert