Superintendent Registrar's DistrictAshton Under Lyne
Enumeration District, No.1
Registrar's Sub-DistrictKnott Lanes
Name of Enumerator, Mr.Ambrose Harrop


[This description is to be written by the Enumerator from the Copy supplied to him by the Registrar. Any explanatory notes or observations calculated to the make the description cleareror more complete may be made by the Enumerator].

Waterhead Mill, three houses adjoining Mr Mayall's warehouse the houses known
as Dunkirk, the houses on the old road from Waterhead Mill to Nimble Nook. Thomas
Haigh's and Kenworthy's houses. Nimble Nook, Hollins, Birks, Lowerfold,
Cross–Bank, Dove Cote, the Parsonage, Taylor Green, Thorp Lane, end of
Cross Bank Hamlet. The rest in Lees Hamlet.
Hey, Sun Hill, Calico, Hey Lane; all the above are
in the consolidated Chapelry of St John's
Samuel Taylor's house, public house, Devonshire Arms, Winterbottom's houses opposite Taylors house
Shepley Terrace, Benyon Street, the houses on the N Side of the village of Lees from the toll bar
to County End, Chapel St, Providence House, Cooper's shop and the cottages adjoining.
In the Hamlet of Lees and in the Parish Ecclesiastical Parish of Leesfield.

©Antony Lambert