Registration District Ashton Under Lyne Enumeration District, No. 468 17
Registration Sub District Mossley Name of Enumerator, Mr Fred Mellor
[To be copied by the enumerator from his instruction and memorandum book].
Local Sub-Divisions wholly or partly included within the Enumeration District (Write “entire” or “part of” as the case may be, after each name).
4. Wards of Municipal Borough {
... ... 1. Civil Parish or Parishes { Mossley (part of) ... ... ... or of Urban District Cheshire (part off)
... ... ... ... ... ... 5. Rural District
2. Ecclesiastical Parish or { Millbrook St James (part of) 6. Parliamentary Borough or { Hyde Division of Cheshire
... ... ... ... ... ... ... Parishes Roughtown St John the Baptist (part of) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Division (part of)
3. County Borough, Municipal { Mossley (part of) ... 7. Town, Village or Hamlet
Borough or Urban District
BOUNDARY Of the Enumeration District
Huddersfield Road and all houses above from Stalybridge boundary to Saddleworth boundary
and Manchester Road to the river
If the enumeration district includes more thanone Civil Parish, Eccl Parish, Parly. Division, orWard, state here the name of each and give itscontents seperately; show separately also anydetatched part or formerly detached part of a CivilParish CONTENTS of Enumeration District
Brushes (Edward Davenport) Brook Houses, Warmhole, Carr, The Villas, Beaconsfield Terrace,
Eccl Parish Millbrook Iron Houses Nos 1 – 33, Carr Mills, Bucton, Brun, Intake, Clough Mill, Clough Cottages, Huddersfield
St James (part of) Road Nos 3 – 31, including Shepherd's Home and all houses near, houses at back of Huddersfield Road
Nos 2 – 22 and Buckley Buildings and Richmond House and Lodge; Green Top, Pleasant View, Haigh Farm,
Top 'oth Green, Howards, The Moorlands and Cote.
Eccl Parish Roughtown DilapidatedUpper Hey, Lower Hey, (tenants Robert Gibson and Joseph Lawton) Holehouse, (Robert E Buckley) Huddersfield Road
St John the Baptist (part of) (tenants Watts Winterbottom and Harold Clayton), Dysart Arms, Holehouse Farm and Cottage (J & J W Slater) Clay Bank
Nos 1 – 23, and 2 – 12, and Manchester Road (Roaches) Nos 357 – 425 and 116 – 204 and Campden Street.

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