Registration District Ashton Under Lyne Enumeration District, No. 468 6
Registration Sub District Mossley Name of Enumerator, Mr. Francis A Hartley
[To be copied by the enumerator from his instruction and memorandum book].
Local Sub-Divisions wholly or partly included within the Enumeration District (Write “entire” or “part of” as the case may be, after each name).
4. Wards of Municipal Borough {
... ... 1. Civil Parish or Parishes { Hurst ... ... ... or of Urban District East Ward (part of)
... ... ... ... ... ... 5. Rural District
2. Ecclesiastical Parish, or { Hurst St John the Evangelist 6. Parliamentary Borough or {
... ... ... ... ... ... ... Parishes (part of) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Division Ashton Under Lyne
{ (part of)
3. County Borough, Municipal { ... 7. Town, Village or Hamlet
Borough or Urban District Hurst (part of)
BOUNDARY Of the Enumeration District
On the south side by the centre of Curzon Road, on the west by the centre of Lower King Street from Curzon
Road to (but not including) Queen Street, (Hurst Cross) and on the east by (but not including) Queen Street
and Whiteacre Road
If the enumeration district includes more thanone Civil Parish, Eccl Parish, Parly. Division, orWard, state here the name of each and give itscontents seperately; show separately also anydetatched part or formerly detached part of a CivilParish CONTENTS of Enumeration District
Curzon Road Nos 110 and 202 and Hope Bank. Heys Street 6–16 and 7–41 Evans Street Nos 2–8 William Street 2–8
Bombay Street 2–4, Providence Street 1–11; Pekin Street, Lower King Street Dartmouth House
and 14–246. Board Street 9–1, and including Hall Terrace and Heys Yard, Saxons Yard
(Lower King St) Waterloo Street 4–18 Alger Street, Stanley Street 11–21, Silas Street Hurst
Fold and Lees Yard, Nos 2 and 1–11 and garret, Grey Street Nos 2–26, Albion Street Nos 1–25.
Cross Street 2–8, Sun Alley 2–12, Carr Street No 2–32 and 11–33 and at back 1–3. New Lees Street
Nos 4–14 and 80–90 and 31–35 and 73–87. Prospect Place Nos 5–31 and Swift Street 1–3, 4–14.

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