Registration District Ashton – Under – Lyne Enumeration District, No. 4
Registration Sub District Knott Lanes Name of Enumerator, Mr. John Edward Mellor
[To be copied by the enumerator from his instruction and memorandum book].
Local Sub-Divisions wholly or partly included within the Enumeration District (Write “entire” or “part of” as the case may be, after each name).
4. Wards of Municipal Borough {
... ... 1. Civil Parish or Parishes { Lees (part of) ... ... ... or of Urban District
... ... ... ... ... ... 5. Rural District
2. Ecclesiastical Parish, or { Leesfield St Thomas (part of) 6. Parliamentary Borough or { Boro of Oldham (part of)
... ... ... ... ... ... ... Parishes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Division
{ Prestwich Division South East Lancashire (part of)
3. County Borough, Municipal { Lees Urban District part of ... 7. Town, Village or Hamlet
Borough or Urban District
BOUNDARY Of the Enumeration District
On the North by High St (LeesUrban) and Hurst Field (SpringheadUrban) Eastern by the adjoining Rural Parish of Alt. Thomas St Running down the
Centre of the Village from Lees Square is the boundary line. On the Westerly, while the Medlock River at Holts is a pronounced Southern
Division. This District embraces the North Easterly part of the Leesfield Estate owned by Messrs Lees & Whitehead.
If the enumeration district includes more thanone Civil Parish, Eccl Parish, Parly. Division, orWard, state here the name of each and give itscontents seperately; show separately also anydetatched part or formerly detached part of a CivilParish CONTENTS of Enumeration District
Hartshead St. South side from No 2 Kenyons to William Smiths Grocers Shop No 60 On the North Side onlyby 4 Houses, Honey Hill
Parliamentary Boro then Milking Green Square, Cottages behind Brown House Green, Willows, Wellfield House, & Lodge, Tumbling Bank, Burn Fold, Hugh
of Oldham Fold, Fultons Court, Greaves Buildings, Nicholson Place, and Sevilles Place, Andrew St, Bracewell St, Church St and Bardsley St
Stamford St “Police Station” Albert St, Gibsons Place, Lees Square and the Cottages behind Ike Halls the Fishmongers. Thomas St, both sides
with the following connections, Livingstone St, Philimore St, Atherton St, Stanley St, Nether Lees, Sunny Bank Row, Melville St, Belmont St
The Old Houses in the forst. Then to Damfield, Hopkin Mill Farm Block finishing at the Old Cottages at Holts near the river.
Prestwich Division of South Birch House & Lodge, Rhodes Hill House, Schofields two Houses. Residences Back and front of the Cottages
East Lancashire at the South Side or bottom of Rhodes Hill Brow, Rachel Barnes & others as Tenants down to the river

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