Registration District Ashton Under Lyne Enumeration District, No. 468
Registration Sub District Knott Lanes 1 Name of Enumerator, Mr. James M Buckley
[To be copied by the enumerator from his instruction and memorandum book].
Local Sub-Divisions wholly or partly included within the Enumeration District (Write “entire” or “part of” as the case may be, after each name).
4. Wards of Municipal Borough {
... ... 1. Civil Parish or Parishes { Waterloo (part of) ... ... ... or of Urban District
... ... ... ... ... ... 5. Rural District Limehurst (part of)
2. Ecclesiastical Parish, or { Ashton – under – Lyne Christ Church 6. Parliamentary Borough or { Prestwich Division of
... ... ... ... ... ... ... Parishes (part of) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Division South East Lancashire
3. County Borough, Municipal { ... 7. Town, Village or Hamlet
Borough or Urban District
BOUNDARY Of the Enumeration District
From Newmarket, the South Easterly side of the River Medlock, up to the Wellington Inn. Waterloo and the houses at the top of
Worthington St. Waterloo. Mr Walton's Farm House is the Eastern Boundary with Wilshaw, Wood Lane, and Newmarket Road veering to the
South and South West until a very short ring has been made round the district and by Taunton, Taunton Hall, we reach Newmarket again
If the enumeration district includes more thanone Civil Parish, Eccl Parish, Parly. Division, orWard, state here the name of each and give itscontents seperately; show separately also anydetatched part or formerly detached part of a CivilParish CONTENTS of Enumeration District coming in at the top of Mary St.
Commencing at Newmarket, Mary Street, the Newmarket Road, Mr Mawdsley's residence, Houses and those in old
Lane behind. The Taunton Hall (H Johnson's), Woodcock Inn and all up to Taunton Fold including Messrs Heywood's, Storey's,
and James Leech's old residence opposite. The remaining property in Newmarket Road is in the Hartshead district.
Then take Earnshaw St., Downing St., Paradise St., and Taunton Platting. Follow with Oldham Road from the bottom of Dunkerley St.
Swan St., on the West side all dwellings up to and including the Wellington Inn.
The side streets on this West side include Dunkerley St., Swan St., Johnson's Houses, Williamson St., Anglesea St., Napoleon St., George St., Burton St., Blucher St., Ney St., Brunswick St.,
and Wellington St., Then, the East side, from the River near the Wellington Inn, to the Conservative Club (This does NOT take in the Co–operative Store and shop adjoining
nor the cottages in Store St.) The following streets branch off this side of Oldham Road and are in this district. viz. Wellington St., Hill St., Picton St., Miller St.,
Nos 1, 2 and 3 Courts, then Bishop Street, finishing with John St., close to the Conservative Club from the back of Oldham Road.

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