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A Personal Service not just a Certificate Supplier.

C5D: (Certificates in 5 Days) has been around since 1999 and during that time has established a reputation for being reliable and efficient as well as easy and friendly to deal with. Besides supplying your certificates, I'd be happy to look at any brickwalls that might need knocking down, although I can't promise to do that.

Certificates in 5 Days.
Obviously I can't get them to your letter box in that time, but I can normally scan or transcribe them to the <in box> of your e mail address, so if speed of information appeals to you, then read on !

The Service:

Certificates are obtained and scanned to you.

Certificates are obtained from the ONS unless "original copies" including signatures are usually supplied from the local office.

On receipt by me, they are scanned or a transcription e mailed to you. It's your choice. The default option is a scan.

The entries are then posted by air mail to you. The usual delivery time is about a week or so after the scan.

There are occasional ONS delays which prevent me achieving this and I shall then scan the entries to you on the day of receipt by me. The ONS advertise any delays on their website.

If you would like me to use the local register office, to enable you to obtain entries from the original source, or to enable specifications to be checked, then I can do this for most offices, though not all and there is a supplement of £ 2 for this. If you pay for this option and it is not possible because the offices will not check specifications then I shall refund this supplement of course.

For certificates from other parts of the UK please click on the relevant link:

And for Probates & Administrations:

Other services may appear cheaper, but often exclude fees for postage and packing, and most will not scan the certificates as they come through. If you'd care to compare prices, just click on one of the adverts below.

For Australian genealolgists. I understand the AIGS charge A$30 with a four week delivery time. charge £ 22.95 and take three weeks.

The Costs:

The preferred method of payment is by credit card and if you adopt this method the cost is £ 12.25 plus p & p of £ 1.50. P & P is £ 2.25 if there are 2 or 3 ordered at once and £ 2.75 for between 4 and 6. Bearing in mind that I scan the entries to you, if you would like surface mail to reduce the cost a bit, then postage for one certificate would be £ 1 and for up to 8 certificates £ 1.75. Please specify that you want surface mail with your order. Paypal will not allow you to make this option, so I will refund the difference back to you.

To pay for a certificate, if I already hold your card details, then a simple e mail will suffice. To send me your card details directly, please use the Secure Order Form or alternatively, if you prefer me not to hold your card details, please complete the Order Form which will take you to the Paypal webpage where payment can be made securely. Alternatively, there is a secure shopping cart lower down the page. I am happy to accept a personal cheque in your currency, but I do incur a commission for this. The cost of certificates per cheque is the equivalent of £ 13.25 (please use the exchange rate calculator below) BUT there is a commission of £ 5 per order, not certificate, for these types of orders. A credit card or Paypal is therefore much cheaper. Once I have acknowledged your order, this cannot be cancelled as I pay for the certificates prior to their receipt. Nor is there any refund available for the same reason.

As a guideline, £ 13.25 = Australian $21, Canada $21, Euro E15, NZ $28, US $21.50

These guides are subject to the day to day change in exchange rates and will be affected by any fees which Card Issuing Companies charge for currency conversions. All transactions are processed in sterling at £ 12.25 plus P & P on receipt of your order.

To pay for a certificate by Paypal please click the relevant symbol below:

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To pay by cheque please use this facility to calculate the cost in your currency. Multiply £ 13.95 by the number of certificates you want and add £ 5 for the exchange rate fee.

For cheques from South Africa, these must be approved for payment abroad. Universal Currency Converter ©

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into this type of currency.

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For quotes in any other currency, please contact me.

Large Orders:

Do you want 20 or more? If so, then please look at the web page for my bulk order section: Ninth Field Services

Do you know the parents or spouse?

The ONS have now withdrawn the facility to check specified points and will only issue certificates based on the GRO Reference. Some local offices will continue to provide this service, and I can take advantage of this where it is available. However there will be an additional fee of £ 1, you are likely to get a certificate which is hand written or typed by the today's registrar and it can take up to three weeks to come through. If the entry doesn't match the criteria specified then half of the fee is refunded to you.

Details on Certificates:

Do I need to search for the entry you are seeking?

If you are not sure of the dates of the events, I do have a facility to search the Registers of Births Marriages and Deaths for the event you are seeking.

I will search 1 year either side of the year free of charge. For searches of up to five years the cost is £ 5.00 and for up to ten years it's £ 9.00

Other Services for the Genealogist: