Kelly's Directory of Hurst 1905

Hurst is a populous village and under the Local Government Act 1894 (56 and 57 Vic c 73) was by Local Government Board Order 32242, formed into a civil parish from Ashton Under Lyne; it is about a mile north of the borough of Ashton and was governed by a Local Board of 12 members formed in 1861, but an Urban District Council has been constituted under the above Act of 1894; it is in the Prestwich Division of the County, Ashton Under Lyne Union and County Court District, the rural deanery of Ashton Under Lyne and archdeaconry and diocese of Manchester. The ecclesiastical parish was formed in 1846, the chuch of St John, erected in 1847, at a cost of £ 5000 consecrated in 1849 is a building of stone in the Gothic style, consisting of a chancel nave, aisles, transepts, north vestry, south porch and a tower at the south west angle with spire and containing 8 steel bells: there are several stained windows: the south east angle is a private chapel erected by Oldham Whittaker esq. and fitted with carved oak stalls: the church was enlarged in 1862 by the erection of transepts, private chapel and the tower and in 1890 the vestry was rebuilt and other alterations made at a cost of £ 698: there are 903 sittings, 495 being free, in the churchyard is buried O. Whittaker esq. mentioned above, d 31 Dec 1871 and William Quarmby a local poet, d. 11 Oct 1872. The register dates from the year 1849. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £ 300 with residence in the gift of the Crown and Bishop of Manchester alternately, and held since 1877 by the Rev. Thomas Butterworth M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, and surrogate. The parsonage house was erected in 1855 at an outlay of nearly £ 1,000. There are Methodist New Connexion chapels in Queen Street and Curzon Road and a Primitive Methodist Chapel in Winter Street. The cemetery of 7½ acres in Higher King Street and formed in 1894 was in part consecrated Oct 18th 1902 by the Rt. Rev S Thornton D.D. Assistant Bishop and is controlled by the Urban District Council. At a short distance to the east of Higher Hurst are the Infantry Barracks erected in 1843 at a cost of £ 1,000. Here is the depot of the 63rd Regimental District (Manchester Regiment) also the headquarters of the 6th Royal Lancashire Militia which forms the 5th and 6th batallions of the regiment. See Ashton under Lyne for further particulars. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in the extensive cotton mills in the neighbourhood, also in the adjacent collieries. The area of Hurst civil parish and Urban District Council is 626 acres of land and 12 of water; rateable value £ 25,312; the population in 1901 was 7,145 viz: East ward 3,881; West ward, 3,264; the population of the ecclesiastical parish in 1901 was 6,586.

Hurst Brook, adjoining Ashton is given with that town.

Hartshead is a rural parish, part of the ancient division of that name. The area is 1,002 acres of land and 14 of wate: rateable value, £ 3,135; the population in 1901 was 745, including 318 military and 141 families, servants &c. in Ashton under Lyne Barracks.

Town Sub-Post & M.O.O., S, B & A & I. Office, 169 Lower King Street, Higher Hurst.- Walter Pickstone, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Ashton-under-Lyne: dispatched at 8.30, 9.45 & 11a.m. & 1, 2.15, 4.15, 7.30 and 8.45 p.m. week days only.

Town Sub-Post & M.O.O., S.B. E.D., P.P.& A. & I Office, 165 Whitecare Road.- George Armitage, sub-postmaster. Letters dispatched at 5.30, 8.30, 9.45 & 11 a.m. & 1, 2.15, 4.15, 7.30 & 10 p.m.; 6.30 p.m. Sundays. Telegrams can be handed in only at this office & telegraph money orders are issued, but not paid.

Urban District Council Offices, Lower King Street

Meeting Day, 3rd Thursday in month at 7 p.m.


Chairman, Henry Riley.

East Ward

Retired April Retired April
George Ball 1905 Henry Riley 1906
William Allen Brooksbank 1905 Thomas Harrop 1907
Benjamin Greenwood 1906 Joseph Pleasants 1907

West Ward

Samuel Howard 1905 John Robert Widdop 1906
William Marsden 1905 John Samuel Hilton 1907
Joseph Heys 1906 Isaiah Schofield 1907


Clerk, John Whitworth, 32 Booth Street, Ashton Under Lyne

Treasurer, Fred H. Shaw, Parr's Bank Limited, Ashton Under Lyne

Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Cooke L.C.R.P. Edin. Old Square, Ashton Under Lyne

Surveyor & Inspector of Nuisances, Samuel Shirt, 28 Lower King Street

Collector, Charles Brooke, 136 Lower King Street


Cemetery, John J Green, superintendent

Police Station, Edwin Hewitt, superintedent, 2 sergeants & 6 constables

Gas Works, Joseph Pleasants, secretary

Weights & Measures Office, William Clarke, inspector


St.John's Higher Hurst, built in 1848, at a cost of £ 1,500 & enlarged in 1880-1 for 470 children; average attendance, 320; John Henry Storey, master; Miss Sarah Bishop, infants' mistress

Hurst, Queen Street, built in 1857 by John Whittaker esq. at a cost of £ 2,000 and enlarged in 1885 for 750 children; average attendance 320; Robert Cairns, master; Miss Martha Bishop, mistress


Brierley: Rev. Henry Curate of Christ Church Cranbourne Terrace
Butterworth: Rev Thomas MA St John's Vicarage
Dale; Samuel The Grange, Higher Hurst
Hall; Harry Garforth Rose Hill Cott., Higher Hurst
Harrop, Thos. Logshutts
Hilton; Albert Hurst Hall
Kenworthy, George Henry JP Hurst Hall
Kenworthy, John JP Hurst Hall
Marden, Maj. Arth. Wm. D.S.O. 26 Queen Street
Parry, Rev. William Augustus M.A., L.Th. (The curate of St. John's) 26 Queen Street
Pleasants, Joseph Hurst House
Yoxall, Mrs. Gorsey Lane


Armitage; George & Annie Miss Bakers Heys Street
Baldwin; Jonas Farmer Cocks O'Th'Oak
Ball; William School Attendance Officer Curzon Road
Bardsley; Emanuel Fried Fish Shop 195 Curzon Road
Bardsley; Geo. Shopkpr 263 Queen Street
Barlow; George Farmer Gorsey Lane
Barratt; Margaret Mrs. Shopkeeper 33 Hope Street
Barrowclough; James Bootmaker 4 Carr Street Higher Hurst
Bayley; John Herbalist 41 Queen Street
Bennett; Horation Shopkeeper 2 Old Carrs
Birkby & Herbert Decorators New Lees Street
Boardman; Charles Grocer 1 Nook Lane Higher Hurst
Boardman; Richard Fenton Shopkeeper 11 Nook Lane
Bradshaw; Frank Fied Fish Dealer 50 Lower King Street
Brierley; Mary Alice Miss Confectioner 149 Curzon Road
Brooke; Charles Rate Collector to the UDC 136 Lower King Street
Brooksbank; Clara Miss Costume & Blouse Maker 84 Hope Street
Brooksbank; William Allen Butcher 84 Hope Street & 200 Curzon Road
Buckley; Walter Herb Beer Ma. Diamond Street
Buckley; Wm Fried Fish Dealer 109 Princess Street
Buckright; Joseph Beer Rtlr Hurst Nook
Burgess; Mary Ann Mrs Shopkeeper 131 Queen Street
Burton; John Wm Blacksmith Hurst Nook
Butterfield; Joseph Greengrocer 1 Silas Street
Cairns; Robert School Master 159 Queen Street
Cemetery John J Green Supt.
Chatterton; Emily & Agnes Misses Confectioners 90 Lower King Street
Clarke; William Inspector of Weights & Measures Lower King Street
Clayton; Alfred Grocer 149 Princess Street
Clayton; Louisa Beer Retailer 23 Nook Lane
Clough; Ellis Confectioner 40 King Street
Conservative Club Enos Turner (Secretary) Dartmouth, Lower King Street
Cooke; Samuel Confectioner 185 Lower King Street
Coulshead; John Fried Fish Shop 9 Queen Street
Cranshaw; Christopher Draper & News agt. 201 Higher King Street
Curzon Mill Co Ltd. Cotton Spinners Herbert E Barlow; (Sec)
Davies; John Tripe Dresser 203 Curzon Road
Dobson; James Clogger 175 Lower King Street
Eastwood; John Draper 116 Curzon Road
Edge; Martha Ann (Miss) Confectioner 59 Princess Street
Ellis; John Shopkeeper 127 Queen Street
Faulkner; Thomas 76 Nook Lane
Fish; Wm. Fried Fish Dealer 134 Hope Street
Garth & Schofield Mineral Water Manufacturers Evans Street
Gas Works Joseph Pleasants (Secretary)
Gilroy; Elizabeth (Mrs.) Midwife 13 Queen Street
Gledhill; Daniel Farmer Higher King Street
Goodard; Charles Fried Fish Shop 226 Lower King Street
Goddard; Jn. Butcher 224 Lower King Street
Grundy; Robert Iron & Tin Plate Worker 217 Curzon Road
Hall; Robert Shopkeeper William Street
Hampson; Chas. Beer Retailer 78 Nook Lane
Hampson; Mary Janet (Mrs) Confectioner 9 Lower King Street
Hannam; Eliza (Miss) Confectioner 210 Lower King Street
Hannam; Harriet (Miss) Hare & Hounds PH 228 Lower King Street
Hardy; William Boot Repairer 132 Hope Street
Hargreaves; Thomas Shopkeeper 95 Hope Street
Harris; Frank News agent 47 Queen Street
Henderson; Thomas Greengrocer 35 Hope Street
Hewitt; Edwin Supt. Of Police
Higginbottom; Robert Kenyon Joiner 175 Curzon Road
Higher Hurst Co-operative Society Limited. John Arth.Lees (Sec) Grocers. Drapers, Bootmakers & Butchers 191 & 193 Lower King Street, Russell Street & Whiteacre Road, Ashton Under Lyne
Hill; Fredk. Greengrocer 220 Lower King Street
Hilton; Albert LSA Surgeon Longshuts
Hilton; Edwin Pork Butcher 112 Queen Street
Holt; Deborah (Mrs) Shopkpr 43 Queen Street
Hudson; David Butcher 151 Hope Street
Hurst Liberal; Club Tom King (Sec) 137 Queen Street
Hurst Mills Co. Limited Cotton Spinners & Manufacturers Joseph Pleasants (Sec) Hurst Mills
Hurst Village Reed Band Social Club & Institute Co. Limited John Baker (Sec) Evans Street
Jones; Martha (Mrs) Shopkeeper 1 Kenyon Street Hurst Nook
Kenworthy; Annie (Miss) Confectioner 36 Lower King Street
Kenyon; Caroline (Mrs.) Butcher 267 Queen Street
King; Tom Coal Merchant 29 Heys Street
Kirsley; John Grocer & Beer Retailer 2 Lower King Street
Lee; George Shopkeeper 2 Carr Street
Lee; Hannah (Miss) Draper 187 Curzon Road
Leech; Thomas Harrop Coal Merchant Lower King Street
Lees; Herbert Herb Beer Ma. Hurst Cross
Lees; Isaiah Grocer & Beer Retailer 4 Lower King Street
Lees; John Arthur Secretary to Higher Hurst Co-operative Society Rhydal Mount, Quuen Street
Meadowcroft; Saml. News Agt. 133 Queen Street
Murray; William Butcher Heys Street
Naylor; Richard Shopkpr 55 Lower King Street
Parnell; George Fried Fish Dealer 9 Nook Lane
Pearce; Charles L.R.C.P.& S. Edin. L.F.P.& S. Glas. Surgeon Surgery: Whiteacre Road
Pearce; Herbert Wm. Greengro. 119 Queen Street
Pearson; Alfred Householder Gorsey Lane
Pearson; Hannah (Mrs) Shopkpr 129 Hope Street
Pickstone; Walter News Agent & Post Office 169 Lower King Street, Higher Hurst
Platt; Ernest Draper 265 Queen Street
Pleasants; Joseph Secretary to Hurst Mills Co.Ltd. Hurst House
Prestwich; Amelia (Mrs.) Shopkeeper Lower King Street
Prockter; Geo. Shopkeeper 43 Crompton Street
Richards; Bell Butcher 38 Hope Street
Riley; Henry Grocer 65 Queen Street
Riley; Joseph Shopkeeper 146 Curzon Road
Robinson; Hugh Grocer 31 Queen Street
Robinson; Jn. Fried Fish Dlr. 196 Curzon Road
Schofied; Henry Draper 202 Curzon Road
Sharp; Mary (Mrs.) Confctr. 2 George Street
Shaw; James Radcliffe Clerk Hope Bank
Shaw; Martha ( Mrs.) Drug Stores 1 Queen Street
Shirt; Samuel Surveyor & Sanitory Inspector to UDC 28 Lower King Street
Sidebottom; Jane Eliza (Mrs.) Beer & Wine Retailer Lower King Street
Sparrow; Chas. Fried Fish Dlr. 261 Queen Street
Stamford The Manufacturing Co.(Hurst) Ltd. Cotton Goods Manufacturers
Standring; Jn. Coal Mer. 232 Low. King Street
Sutton; Chris. Church Inn, Lower King Street
Sykes; James Coal & Coke Dust & Moulders' Blacking Manufacturer Higher Hurst
Taylor; Silas Grocer 225 Higher King Street
Tetlow; Joshua Shopkeeper 179 Lower King Street
Thacker. Samuel Farmer Greenhurst
Thomas; Richard James D Insurance Agent 46 William Street
Thompson; Sam Insur. Agent 17 Princess Street
Wallwork; Bethel Grocer 83 Hope Street
Wallwork; Rt. Oddfellows PH Stanley Street
Warburton; Arth. Baker 178 Lower King Street
Ward; Randall Shopkeeper 12 Carr Street Higher Hurst
Wareham; Hannah (Mrs.) Shopkeeper 55 Princess Street
Whitehead; Thomas Shopkeeper 10 Carr Street
Whittakers Ltd. Cotton Spinners & Manufacturers Samuel Milne (Sec) TN 283
Whitworth; Elizabeth & Ellen (Misses) Grocers 24 Carr Street
Williamson; Mark Green Gro. 227 Curzon Road
Woffenden; Hy. Hairdresser 15 Queen Street
Wyatt; Hannah (Mrs.) Shopkeeper 90 New Lees Street

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