The information on this web page has been taken from the book "A History of Hurst" written by the Reverend Augustus Parry at Christmas 1908, and whilst the order of entries might appear somewhat unique, this is the way they are laid out in the book.The following men were all members of the Manchester Regiment who took part in the Boer War between 1899 and 1902. The web page details those who died in action, those who died from disease and illness, and also has details of those awarded medals or mentioned in despatches.

A Hurst lad who was in the Hampshire Regiment also got a report in the Ashton Reporter. See HERE

The men below lost their lives on 6th January 1900 at Caeser's Camp, and a stome obelisk on top of the nearby hill commemorates their sacrifice.Privates: Butterworth, Jackson, McCabe, Abbott, Brownhill, Bibby, Ashley, Bird, Bradshaw, Bostock, Bartley, Cluer, Parker, Cheetham, Gee, Hartley, Green, Lindsay, J Broadwater, T Davenport, T Kelly, G Farmer, A Mitton, W H Poole, T Hanley, A Longbottom, J Murphy, J Loftus, J Gutterby.

Col- Sergeant Johnson. Sergeants: O'Connor, Williams, Wood. Lance-Sergeant Walsh. Lance Corporals: Leigh, Grainger, P Butterworth. Lance Corporal S Whitehead & Private Frampton died on 9th November 1899 also at Caeser's Camp and their memorial is an Iron Cross with their names on a stone obelisk.The thirteen men named below lost their lives at Elandsgate, Battle Ridge on 21st Oct 1899 and are commemorated by an Iron Cross with the inscription: " here rest thirteen brave soldiers of the Manchester Regiment, killed in action".Privates: Harper, Taylor, Dewhurst, Heath, Williams, Stevenson, Murphy, Mayer, Butle, Newton, Rollinson,Lance Corporals: Delaney, Poyser

Private J Butterworth was killed on 13th November 1899 and is remembered by an Iron Cross at Ladysmith The table below has details of those killed and their burial places

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Date Rank Name Buried At Comments
11th May 1900 Private J Johnson Brestler's Flats
7th Jan 1901 Private T Jones Pretoria
1st Dec 1901 Private J Knight Lyndenburg
4th Oct 1901 Private J Lewis Witklip
29th Nov 1901 Private J Makin Schonman's Kloof
14th Dec 1901 Private J Martin Lyndenburg
1st Jan 1902 Private T Martin Eland's Spruit
20th June 1901 Private W Mills Springbokfontein
14th Jan 1902 Private W Morton Lyndenburg
16th Nov 1900 Private J Munden Standerton
16th Nov 1900 Private J Percival Standerton
27th Nov 1900 Private W Powers Standerton
8th Jan 1902 Corporal S Price Heidelberg
20th Dec 1901 Private R Redford Eland's Spruit
8th Nov 1900 Private J Salt Lyndenburg
18th Dec 1900 Private W Schofield Pretoria
30th Mar 1901 Private R Stewart Witklip
12th Nov 1900 Private J Sutcliffe Schonman's Kloof
19th Mar 1901 Private S Taylor Elandsfontein
18th Jul 1901 Private Toy Jacobsdal
15th Sept 1900 Private J Turnbull Pretoria
29th May 1901 Private J Welsh Lyndenburg
10th Oct 1900 Corporal W Woodsock (Sic) Near Elandshoek
13th Jan 1902 Private J Yates Standerton
2nd Aug 1900 Private T Carter Charleston Iron Cross Erected
8th Aug 1900 Private W Caton Charleston Iron Cross Erected
17th May 1900 Sergeant F Sharples Chieveley Iron Cross Erected
4th May 1900 Private W Kelly Chieveley Iron Cross Erected
24th Mar 1900 Lance-Corporal H James Chieveley
24th Mar 1900 Private W Burgess Chieveley
11th Apr 1900 Private F Thompson Chieveley
11th Apr 1900 Lance-Corporal F Ladkin Durban
14th July 1900 Private F Birtles Estcourt
15th Aug 1900 Private K Ball Howick
4th Feb 1901 Private G Bird Howick
14th Feb 1901 Private F Howe Howick
19th Feb 1901 Private J Hill Howick
4th Feb 1900 Private Almeida Intombi Cemetery
26th Dec 1899 Private R Beamish Intombi Cemetery
13th Feb 1900 Private E Bland Intombi Cemetery
28th Dec 1899 Private F Bottom Intombi Cemetery
13th Jan 1900 Private J Bowie Intombi Cemetery
1st Mar 1900 Private F Bree Intombi Cemetery
16th Jan 1900 Private T Cluer Intombi Cemetery
17th Feb 1900 Private R Cooper Intombi Cemetery
9th Jan 1900 Private T Crinion Intombi Cemetery
30th Dec 1899 Private P Cronin Intombi Cemetery
7th Mar 1900 Colour-Sergeant T Curtiss Intombi Cemetery
18th Feb 1900 Private R Emfrey Intombi Cemetery
14th Feb 1900 Private A Fincher Intombi Cemetery
4th Mar 1900 Private R Gough Intombi Cemetery
16th Feb 1900 Private R Greaves Intombi Cemetery
26th Feb 1900 Private W Hastie Intombi Cemetery
11th Feb 1900 Private R Jarvis Intombi Cemetery
4th Mar 1900 Private J Kenyon Intombi Cemetery
19th Dec 1899 Private C Kirkwood Intombi Cemetery
18th Feb 1900 Private T Neal Intombi Cemetery
16th Feb 1900 Private C Payne Intombi Cemetery
24th Jan 1900 Private W Ryan Intombi Cemetery
20th Feb 1900 Drummer A Saville Intombi Cemetery
8th Feb 1900 Private M Smith Intombi Cemetery
22nd Jan 1900 Private J Stewart Intombi Cemetery
22nd Jan 1900 Private E Stone Intombi Cemetery
26th Jan 1900 Private A Taylor Intombi Cemetery
9th Feb 1900 Private C Toomey Intombi Cemetery
21st Feb 1900 Private A White Intombi Cemetery
7th Feb 1900 Private J Yates Intombi Cemetery
29th Mar 1900 Private Bent Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
4th Apr 1900 Private Banks Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
16th Mar 1900 Private Carey Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
11th Apr 1900 Private Cook Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
13th Apr 1900 Private Coleman Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
23rd Oct 1899 Sergeant J Delaney Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
16th Mar 1900 Private Davies Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
29th Mar 1900 Lance-Corporal Dickson Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
10th Apr 1900 Private Dousten ( Vol) Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
16th Mar 1900 Private Feaher Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
12th Apr 1900 Private Gildet Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
24th Oct 1899 Private Heath Ladysmith Marble Cross
13th Mar 1900 Private Holden Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
10th Nov 1899 Bandsman Jackson Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
1st Apr 1900 Private Mackay Ladysmith Cross Erected
10th Nov 1899 Bandsman McCabe Ladysmith Cross Erected
8th Jun 1900 Private W Nadin Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
5th Nov 1899 Private G Powzer Ladysmith Cross Erected
28th April 1900 Lance-Corporal Pollock Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
20th Jan 1900 Private Stafford Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
8th Feb 1900 Private Sharpe Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
9th Apr 1900 Private Scott Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
15th May 1900 Private Varley Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
3rd Jun 1900 Private Unsworth Ladysmith Iron Cross Erected
8th Jun 1900 Private W Bowen Modder Spruit
28th Jun 1900 Private J Finningan Modder Spruit
29th Jun 1900 Lance-Corporal J Lloyd Modder Spruit
26th Apr 1900 Corporal J Beery Mooi River
30th May 1900 Private C Matthews Mooi River
1st Dec 1900 Private J Lilley Mooi River
20th Nov 1899 Private J Berry Pietermaritzburg
29th Jun 1900 Private F Bunn Pietermaritzburg
15th Nov 1899 Private F Johnson Pietermaritzburg
21st Nov 1899 Private W Lee Pietermaritzburg
28th Jun 1900 Private J Rush Pietermaritzburg
15th May 1900 Private F Turpin Pietermaritzburg
26th Oct 1900 Private G Williams Pietermaritzburg
31st May 1900 Lieutenant C G Davied Wounded at Elandsgate
20th Dec 1901 Major A T P Hudson Wounded at Elands Spruit
14th Feb 1901 Captain J E T Crichton Wounded in action to the West of Helvetia
22nd Jan 1902 Captain A Menzie Wounded in action at Paardeplatz
3rd Feb 1901 Private A Baker Bethlehem
26th Jan 1900 Private W Bennett Bloemfontaine
9th Nov 1900 Private H Bigg Verde Cemetery
12th Jun 1900 Private J H Blaker Bloemfontaine
2nd Mar 1902 Private W Borrow Wynburg Grave 177
1st Jan 1902 Private J Brindle Wynburg Grave 143
1st Nov 1900 Private J Brown Harrismith
4th Jan 1900 Private W Buckett Wynburg
12th Jun 1902 Private D Burke Norval's Pont Grave 128
31st Jan 1900 Private M Caine Harrismith
5th Mar 1901 Private H Clarke Bethlehem
9th Apr 1901 Private J Crowe Harrismith
12th Feb 1901 Private G Crossland Harrismith
16th Jun 1900 Private R Doyle Senekal
23rd Mar 1901 Private T Edmunds Harrismith
27th Dec 1900 TCR W Farrell Harrismith
20th Nov 1901 Lance-Corporal J Greaves Harrismith
4th Jun 1901 Private F Greenwood Harrismith
30th Sept 1900 Private W Greenwood Bethlehem
27th Feb 1901 Private J Heaton Bloemfontaine
10th Oct 1900 Private T Hines Not Known
28th May 1902 Private W Hopkins Noval's Pont
12th Oct 1901 Corporal J Hunt Bethulie
10th Feb 1901 Private W Hutchinson Bethlehem
18th Jul 1901 Private E Joy Jacobsdal
1st Sept 1901 Private P Kavanagh Bethlehem
3rd Jan 1902 Lance-Corporal J Kilroy Winburg
26th Apr 1902 Private J Lea Winburg
20th Jun 1901 Private W Mills Bethulie
14th Feb 1901 Private H Mitchell Winburg
25th Jan 1902 Sergeant H Monkhouse Harrismith
19th Mar 1901 Private T Mulvaney Bloemfontaine
7th Feb 1901 Private J Nunn Winburg
8th Sep 1900 Private J O'Connor Ladybrand
2nd Jan 1901 Private J Parker Winburg
24th Jan 1901 Corporal C Pearce Winburg
16th Nov 1900 Private J Percival Verde
24th Dec 1901 Private J Potts Winburg
23rd Aug 1901 Private E Reid Four Miles West of Fauresmith
20th Dec 1901 Private J Richards Winburg
10th Dec 1900 Private C Ridgway Harrismith
6th Jan 1902 Lance-Corporal A Rogerson Winburg
26th Dec 1900 Private E Sellars Winburg
6th Jan 1901 Private J Shawcross Riethan
15th Jul 1900 Private R Shore Winburg
7th Mar 1901 Private J Skinner Bethlehem
8th Feb 1902 Private C Stott Winburg
15th Jan 1902 Private R Taylor Winburg
17th Nov 1901 Private J Tierney Jammerburg Bridge
5th April 1902 Lance-Corporal J Walker Norval's Pont
18th Apr 1901 Private F Walton Bethlehem
28th Sep 1900 Private P O Ward Bethlehem
26th Feb 1901 Private P Watson Bethlehem
15th Aug 1901 Private A Welsh Norval's Pont
28th May 1902 Lieutenant J A Whitehead Heilbronn
4th July 1902 Private R Whitworth Winburg
21st Aug 1901 Lance-Corporal J A Wilkinson Leeuw Road Farm
11thJun 1902 Private S L Williams Norval's Pont
1st Oct 1900 Private J Willighan Harrisburg
9th Nov 1900 2nd Lieutenant J G Woodhouse Near Verde
9th Mar 1902 Private J Wullett Winsburg
22nd Dec 1901 Private G Ashinford Winsburg
5th Feb 1902 Sergeant H Ashton Middle Fontein
20th Dec 1901 Private P Bohm Eland's Spruit
20th Dec 1901 Captain G F A Brindley Holland Middleburg
14th Mar 1901 Private F Browning (VCO) Elland's Fontain
20th Dec 1901 Private R Brundritt Elland's Spruit
4th April 1901 Private C Buckingham Pretoria
5th Feb 1902 Private H Burton Elland's Fontain
1st Sep 1901 Private J Crane Johannesburg
4th May 1902 Sergeant H Chandlers Driefontein
1st Feb 1902 Private J Connell Middleburg
24th Nov 1901 Private J Conroy Middleburg
7th Mar 1902 Corporal J Cox Klipdrift
22nd Feb 1902 Sergeant J Croasdale Lydenburg
19th Dec 1901 Sergeant A Davies Eland's Spruit
7th Jan 1902 Private W Fleet Eland's Spruit
19th Dec 1901 Sergeant F Ford Eland's Spruit
20th Dec 1901 Sergeant W Frost Eland's Spruit
30th Mar 1901 Private A Gilligan Witklip
30th Sept 1901 Private J Gilligan Mooimeisjerust
25th Feb 1901 Private T Green Machadodorp
12th May 1900 Private W Harris Paardevlei
20th Dec 1901 Private H Holmes Eland's Spruit
19th Nov 1901 Private J Horrock Pretoria

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