County And Parliamentary Division of

Within the limits of the Parliamentary
Boundary of the City or Borough of

Within the Municipal Boundary of

Superintendent Registrar's District

Registrar's District

No. of

Southern Division
Ashton Under Lyne Ashton Under Lyne Ashton Under Lyne Ashton Town 1 m

Description of Enumeration District

All that part of Portland Place Ward and Ecclesiastical District of St Peters which
is comprised within the South side of Stockport Road from Bradgate Street
to and the houses at Oxford Mill thence Eastward by Canal boundary to and
West side of William Street to Bollington Street from the East side of the Broad Arrow
Mark upon Winstanley's Houses in Bollington Street following the boundary through the
Houses to the East end of the Houses built by Handforth and Mellor in a southeasterly
direction to the Back of the house inhabited by John Derbyshire near the bottom of
West side of Bradgate Street thence by Boundary to the Broad Arrow Mark in direct to the east
into Margaret Street West side thence to and South side of Victoria Street to and
including East side of Bradgate Street to Stockport Road.
Including Mount, Bradgate, Hamilton, Oxford, Ann and Bollington Streets.

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