County And Parliamentary Division of

Within the limits of the Parliamentary
Boundary of the City or Borough of

Within the Municipal Boundary of

Superintendent Registrar's District

Registrar's District

No. of

South Lancashire ———— The Town ofStalybridge AshtonUnder Lyne Hartshead 1f

Description of Enumeration District

All that part of the Parish of Ashton Under Lyne which comprises
part of the proposed Ecclesiastical District of Old St George's Chapel Cocker Hill
Stalybridge bounded on the north and north east by the Stalybridge
Police Boundary line, on the East by the river Tame, on the South by
Stamford Street and on the West by the Ecclesiastical District of New
St George's Church Stalybridge and including such part of the North
side of Stamford Street aforesaid as lies between the footpath which leads
from opposite the top of King Street over the Haigh into Wakefield Road
and the extremity of the County of Lancaster at the bridge over the
river Tame near the Eagle Inn; Cocker Hill, Bohemia, Ayton Street,
Blandford Street, the East side of Church Street as far as the gate
entering new St George's Church, but no further, such part of Wakefield
Road (on both sides) as lies between th east side of Church Street and
the top of Cocker Hill, Higher Mill, Millwood Cottage, Glent, nearer
Souracre, such part of Ridghill Farm Fold as lies on the east side of the
lane leading from Thompson Cross up to Ridghill called Ridghill
Lane and all the houses at the top of Ridghill (but not Claylish Farm)

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