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Within the limits of the Parliamentary
Boundary of the City or Borough of

Within the Municipal Boundary of

Superintendent Registrar's District

Registrar's District

No. of

South Lancashire ———— ———— Ashtonunder Lyne Hartshead 1l

Description of Enumeration District

All that part of the Parish of Ashton Under Lyne which comprises
part of the Ecclesiastical District of St John's Church Hurst including
Lilley Lanes, Fir Trees, the Hollows, Cock Bank, all houses, if any,
at Lockingates which are on the north east side of the road leading
from the Hollows towards Lower Fold and Alt Hill. The houses at
Smallshaw Green occupied by Fletcher and Ogden, Beswick Fold,
Timperley, Holebottom, Broad Oak, Cocks 'o th'Oak, Dog Dungeon,
Greenhurst, Knott Hill, the houses occupied by William Radcliffe
Newton and another, Waterworks, such part of Hazlehurst as is on
the west and north west sides of the Stockport and Ashton Turnpike
road, Highfield Cottage, Moſs de Lee, Higher Fold and Dry Roads.

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