Superintendent Registrar's DistrictAshton Under Lyne
Enumeration District, No.3
Registrar's Sub-DistrictHartshead
Name of Enumerator, Mr.James Greenwood


[This description is to be written by the Enumerator from the Copy supplied to him by the Registrar. Any explanatory notes or observations calculated to the make the description cleareror more complete may be made by the Enumerator].

Col. 1.Col. 2.

All that other part of the Lancashire Ward of the said
Borough commencing in Woodall Street with a house
occupied by Sarah Hadfield taking both sides of the
said street then with a House in Church Street numbered
1 taking both sides of the said street ending with a house
numbered 42* then taking both sides of George Street and
Adshead Street and the Westerly side of Thornton Street
then Montague Street taking both sides and the cottages in yard
off the said street then three old cottages at Glent then
near Souracre, Derby Street and Primrose Bank and the cottages at
Higher Mill and up to the boundary of the river Tame and then Both
sides of Cocker Hill Williamsons Yard and Back Avon Street Avon St

Eagle street, Hall street, Heaps yard off said street
Heaps Buildings also off said street then the yard opposite
Heaps Buildings off Cocker Hill ending with No 13 Ayton Street
in a Yard and oe cottage opposite Ayton Street
and I have described them as such
* And 1 cottage in a Yard off Church Street
Adshead St Both side numbered the same. I have distinguished
them by Johnsons Buildings

In Blandford Street which is below Montague Street there is 2
Cottages and a Presbyterian Church—not on my plan
but I have enumerated them.
The whole of Williamsons Yard is now in the Braſs works

©Antony Lambert