Queen Street Chapel

These Entries were written on the Back Page of the Register.

25th Dec 1840 13th Dec 1840 James Second Child of Samuel Ogden & Betty his Wife Hurst Nook The Daughter of James Clayton of Mossley Woollen Weaver
28th Apr

May 3rd

13th Apr 1839 Jane Seventh Child of Peter Roebuck and Jane his Wife Coal Miner Hurst Nook The Daughter of John Nall of Castleton Lead Miner
6th Sep 1839 15th Jun 1839 James Fourth Child of John Sykes & Mary his Wife Spinner Ashton Under Lyne The Daughter of James Knott of Hazlehurst Dresser
29th Mar 1857 27th Feb 1857 Bardsley Sixth Child of William Elson & Martha his Wife Hurst The Daughter of John Bardsley of America
1st Oct 1860 3rd Sep 1860 Isaiah Second Child of Henry Dyson & Elizabeth his Wife Hurst The Daughter of James Moss of Hurst
10th Jul 1889 28th Feb 1889 George Bentley Fourth Child of Joseph & Alice Kenworthy Hurst Nook
6th Feb 1890 26th Dec 1889 Bertha Fourth Child of William Walter Myers & Sarah Annie his Wife Oxford Ashton The Daughter of James Partington of Hope St Hurst
14th Feb 1890 14th Nov 1889 Robert Seventh Child of Cyrus Wallwork & Esther his Wife 11 Queen St The Daughter of George Gordon Now in America
6th Mar 1890 16th Jan 1890 Annie Third Child of Alfred Miller & Mary his Wife 103 Hope St Hurst The Daughter of James Goodall Hurst
6th Mar 1890 14th Dec 1889 Arthur Cecil First Child of Arthur Robert Hirst & Bertha his Wife Salford The Daughter of Josiah Wallwork of Hurst
6th Mar 1890 3rd Feb 1890 Eliza Ann Fifth Child of John Joseph Garforth & Annie his Wife 138 Hope Street The Daughter of Robert Newton of Ashton
6th Mar 1890 4th Jan 1890 Fred Fourth Child of George Carr & Emily his Wife 141 Hope St The Daughter of George Morris of Newton Moor

IMPORTANT NOTE: Around the turn of each year the dates of birth appear to be after the date of the baptism. I have transcribed the entries as stated.

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