These photographs were taken by me in either 2002 or 2003. There are also one or two old photpgraphs of Ashton which you may find interesting. Just click on the relevant photo for an enlarged version.

The Colliers Hurst Nook Hurst Nook
The Colliers Arms Hurst Nook Sunday School The Lord Nelson
Hurst Village Odd Whim The Tithestone
Hurst Village Club The Odd Whim The Tithestone
Luzley The Colliers Hartshead Pike
A View over Luzley The Colliers Arms from the Front Hartshead Pike
The Clough Knott Hill Reservoir The Big Back
A View of the Clough The Waterworks - Knott Hill The Big Back
Prospect House Donaldson's Grave Hartshead Hall
Prospect House Constable Donaldson's Grave in St Johns Hartshead Hall
Big Back 235 KingS Road Albion School
Another View of the Big Back 235 Kings Road Albion School
Gorsey Farm The Library The Moss de Lee
Gorsey Farm Ashton Library Moss de Lee
Lambert Grave It's 8.25 The Chapel of Rest
My Great Grandparents' Grave in Hurst Cemetery The Clock at Hurst Cross. It's been 8.25 for almost 40 years Hurst Cemetery Chapel:-demlolished by the Council in 2005
The Junction The Hare & Hounds Hurst War Memorial
The Junction Inn on Mossley Road The Hare & Hounds at Hurst Cross Hurst War Memorial
Dirt Farm Hurst Hall The Baths
Dirk Farm originally Dirt Farm Hartshead Hall from below on Lilley Lanes The rather dilapidated old swimming baths
Junction Mill The Boundary Stone Whitelands Mill
Junction Mill in Portland Basin The Border: Hartshead and Mossley Whitelands Leather Works:- another building demolished by the Council in 2003
Dukinfield Bridge The Cemetery 1910 The Red School
Dukinfield Bridge: The Lancashire and Cheshire Boundary Hurst Cemetery circa 1910: from Prospect Road The Red School
The Black Scool Hurst House Council Babes
The Black School Hurst House; the home of Joseph Pleasants The future of Hurst: Council Babes 1927
Cake A Pie The Barracks Ada Sykes
The Cake-a-Pie Clock Ladysmith Barracks Ada Sykes & Family
Ashton Technical School The Infirmary The Boating Lake
Ashton Technical School c 1905 The Infirmary The Boating Lake c1905
The Golf Course The Barracks Regimental Pay Office
A view across the Golf Course c 1954 Ladysmith Barracks in the late 1960s The Regimental Pay Office 1955
The Golf Course The Infirmary Stamford FC
Hurst Lodge c 1950 (my estimation) Inside the Children's Ward Stamford School FC 1949-50
The Paddling Pool The Flower Garden The Dingle
The Paddling Pool circa 1955 Stamford Park Flower Garden Stamford Park The Dingle

©Antony Lambert